Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I can't even count the number of times I have driven past this horse farm and thought to myself, "Awww. I need to stop by and visit those little guys." I've driven past it at least twice a day for fifteen months. But, no, Mary is always in a hurry, running around like a mad woman as if someone is chasing her, and afraid of losing minutes out of her day that might cause her to be off schedule. After all, dinner is at 6pm! Can't be late!

My community college closed their doors yesterday at 5pm and won't reopen until January 2nd. I walked through the door at home yesterday, dropped my stuff and let out a much needed sigh of relief. I started working full-time in this new State of ours last February and haven't taken a vacation, except for a day here and there for travel to Maryland to visit my parents, attend my Mom's funeral, and take care of business here around the house. This time off is a blessing. Last night, I stayed up two hours past my bedtime just because I could.

What will I do until January 2nd? I'll be very busy until Christmas Day arrives. I'm looking around at a layer of dust that needs to be tended to and hardwood that needs a good cleaning. It will get done. But I'm making a promise to myself to go for walks, watch movies on TV from start to finish, carry my camera more often, and chill out.

Blogging has been therapeutic for me. It reinforces my desire to slow down, stop, and do something to make my heart feel lighter. Julie's blog was the first one I ever read and her philosophy has taken hold of me. I'm also thankful for so many other great people I visit through blogging. From afar, they keep me calm and reflective.

This little fellow was particulary interested in me. What a soft muzzle. And if you look closely, you can see my blue jeans and yellow jacket reflection in his eye.

Now I'm off to wrap some sparkly gifts!


Anonymous said...

Those ponies have such sweet, fuzzy looking muzzles! I hope you relax and totally enjoy your time off.

I find blogging to be therapeutic too. I so look foreward to reading what you all have to say. It's become quite a circle of friends.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful two weeks off. I will be working most days, but find that slowing down once and while, like you did to take these great photos, does energize me and makes me thankful that I can enjoy life's little pleasures.

Mary said...

Lynne and Ruth,

Since '73, holidays for me have always been a mad rush since I've been working full-time since then. I used to have annual leave accumulated to lengthen the holiday for me, but now I have little. This break, although a short one, will be great. But, before I know it, I'll be back to work, hopefully rested and ready for the second semester to begin. And, I'll have more time for posting! Thanks for your wishes.

LauraHinNJ said...

Happy vacation, Mary!

Isn't that just a wonderful feeling, being *done* for a little while?

I just have tomorrow at my day job and then a final meeting with my students tomorrow night - I'm literally counting down the hours!

My dear husband gets lots of vacation time and has been off since the beginning of last week - he's put up the tree, wrapped most all of the gifts, and cleaned the house too! I hope Santa will be good to him this year.

I pass by a farm with miniature horses like these on my way to work - yours are much cuter I think!

entoto said...

YIPPY! Enjoy your freedom. I am envious. Thursday is my last day off before Christmas. Sigh.....and not every thing is done. Oh well.

Thanks for the lovely pony pictures. My girls loved them, too.

Jayne said...

What sweet photos. I also pass by many animals on my trek out each day and keep meaning to just stop and visit with the camera. Glad you have some time to stop and smell the err... roses? :c) Visiting your blog each day lifts my spirits so much too Mary.