Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wet and Wild Night

First, a nest update.


Yesterday there was one egg splattered under the nest. Today there are two. I don’t know what to think about this.


When the alarm rang this morning at 5:15 a.m., I didn’t budge. I almost decided to get up, send an e-mail to work stating I am sick today, and head back to bed but my conscience wouldn’t allow me to do it. Everyone feels that way at times but I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately. There is just so much to do! It's Spring! Being away from home for nine hours, then coming home to caring for dogs, fish, birds, home, and a husband is sapping me. Add a blog to the list, too, and my obsession with the camera outdoors!

Whenever I think I’m too busy, I often think about Beth at Look What Love Has Done. She’s a loving mother of five, athlete, church minister, and musician, who slowed down lately to photograph some flowers and bees, and, “by George, I think she liked it!” Her faith and strength is amazing. I should never complain about being "too busy and tired" when I think of her.

The ice maker in the frig acted up last night (which resulted in a minor flood a few months ago). I used my lunch hour today to drive home to check on it. Thankfully, I found it’s working like it should so I decided to sit in the sunroom for my allotted ten minutes while I leafed through a hummingbird pamphlet. I only needed ten minutes of peace and quiet, but this is what distracted me:


Bella loves me (and all of her hula hoops).

She sneezed on my camera lens. That's Chloe, for ya. Do I need to lock myself behind closed doors to have ten minutes of quiet?

Why am I tired? I am tired because I lack self discipline. When you are stuck in a windowless office all day, the urges build and your goals and expectations get out of control. I need to get some sleep.

My target bedtime is 10:30 p.m. Where was I at 11:00 p.m. last night? Wearing a nightshirt, jacket, and my R (right) and L (left) slippers at the pond. The frogs were mating louder than ever. We've needed to turn up the volume on the TV recently… I was grateful that my neighbors had their windows closed and with their air conditioners running; otherwise, I would have expected a knock on the door or a phone call. But what could I do? Tell the frogs to “shut up”?

Camera in right hand and flashlight in left hand, slippers on the correct feet:

Oh, my! I scooped three from the skimmer. Here’s one of about twenty.

Let's see what's going on here... None of them cared about my flashlight. He was hot for the ladies.

It was a sex night, wild with humping and jumping all over each other. And there was curious me, wearing my bedtime clothes and lurking. Hey, I’m not a pervert – they are exhibitionists!

Need a cigarette, dude?


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

LOLOLOL!!! Tears squirting from my eyes! Funny frog porn!

I LOVE the picture of your two dogs watching you intently, Chloe front and center and Bella through the door with all her hula hoops lined up and ready for action. I think you should frame that one

LauraHinNJ said...

I think this blog is becoming a little too X-rated for my sensibilities.

LauraHinNJ said...


I love that pic too. Do all dogs like hula hoops or just Bostons? I might have to get one for Buddy they look like such fun.

Mary said...

Lynne, I think it's good for framing, too. The story of my life in one photo!

Laura, oh, we need a little x-rated now and than :o) Mr.Biggins loves the hula hoop and so does the lab across the street! Dollar Store sells them for a dollar!

LauraHinNJ said...

Will have to try one for Buddy. He'll have to stay awake long enough, though!

What is up with those eggs? Are you finding them beneath where the nest used to be? The nest is gone right?

Could there be a nest of another bird in one of your hanging plants that the eggs are being tossed out of?

Anonymous said...

I also think their might be another bird doing this! Might want to check for cowbird eggs!! My egg book is at work but maybe the bird is kicking out the cowbird eggs? So many questions on what is happening? I hear you with days like you are having today! I get this way from time to time and only have half the things you mentioned! Love your frog shots but bet you knew that already!

Mary said...

Laura, Tom: My post on Sunda I'y tells the story of the barn swallows' return. On Monday, there was an egg splattered directly below the place where the swallows nested last spring. Today, there's a second egg splattered. It looks like a swallow egg. Confusing, I know but my Sunday post might give some insight. Thanks! BTH - I haven't seen cowbirds here in over a month.

Susie said...

Your froggie story was hilarious. I was just telling my husband the other day we rarely hear them anymore. I am curious why!

Ruth said...

I would love to be your neighbour. Never a dull moment in your yard!

Susan Gets Native said...

You pervy thing. Can't you just let them get it on in peace????

I'm confused about the eggs too.
*going back to read the post about the nest.*

Jess Riley said...

Aw, poor smashed eggs...but your frogs were certainly amusing...and I LOVE the shots of Chloe & Bella!

Annie in Austin said...

You've convinced me Mary - I really need a pond. And some frogs.


LostRoses said...

I've got a pond, Mary, but no frogs! Wish I did, snakes are what come to my pond and I've never seen them acting amorous (not that I'd want to)!

Unknown said...

Frog Porn. Mary, you crack me up. Picturing you out in the dark in your jammies spying on the frogs.

That picture of Chloe and Bella is beyond priceless.

Your hula hoop loving dogs are so funny. Everytime you mention the hulas, I wonder if Ruby would like one. And, then I wonder if Ruby could lift one! :)

Jayne said...

Oh how funny Mary! Indeed, how does one tell the frogs to "tone it down a bit" when they are having so much fun? Tee hee hee!

Cathy said...

Mary - this time of year creates voyeurs of us all. Lordy - you're funny. I've gotta read this to my hubby before I race out the door.

It's pretty remarkable that you can work as you do and still create these immensely entertaining narratives about your life.

I love your nature photos, but am alway most smitten by the pup pictures. That hoola hoop/Bella photo - well . . . and then the sneeze on the lens pix - I just want to hug these pups soooo bad.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The smashed eggs are so sad!! Looks like the work of another bird.
Mating frogs, very cool.
I understand the "ten minutes" sometimes it becomes "ten MORE minutes.. and another ten???"
So many interests and so much to enjoy. Work can get in the way.
Get some rest and relax a bit. Dogs need play time too. They are darlings.

Dorothy said...

Oh no.. more bird eggs on the ground! How sad..hope you can figure out whodunnit! I understand your need for a few minutes of quiet R&R, and your pups are just too cute!! And then you go outside in your jammies to check out the frogs. Lordy me....I'm smiling today from ear to ear Mary!! You are da bomb!

Mary said...

Thanks, everyone for your concern over the eggs. Perhaps the most puzzling part is that there is no nest! The old swallow nest broke apart (my fault). There is only a nesting area with a flat rock that will hold a new nest. Does this mean she came and laid eggs on the rock, they rolled off and hit the ground? Oh, Lordy. Time will tell.

thailandchani said...

LOL!! That was great! Frog sex. Now I know I've seen every conceivable topic discussed on blogs!

Thanks for the chuckle. :)



dguzman said...

My eyes, my eyes!

I don't have a pond, so I don't have to live with a full-blown brothel in the yard--the peepers keep to the marsh. But they're awful busy out there!

Chrissie said...

It is sad about the eggs, but you should have plenty of spawn :-) The frog shots are great! I understand exactly how you feel about work being in the way and feeling tired! So many things to do :-) but the work will still be there tomorrow, the frogs might not be!

KGMom said...

Birds do it, bees do it, down at Mary's house frogs do it; let's do it. . .
New words to the old song!

dmmgmfm said...

OMIGOD, Mary. That is hysterical. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. You are so right, I needed a little frog porn today.

Susan Gets Native said...

I have found some broken egg shells, both here and at my Mom's house. And they are nowhere near a nest. I think we have a case of predators eating them. Raccoons, blue jays, squirrels, they all like fresh eggs.
And maybe, since the contents are still at the scene of the crime means that they were interrupted as they were carrying off the eggs.

Beth said...

I'm glad I can be an inspiration, Mary...not too sure how I feel about being part of your Frog Porn Post (just kidding!)

Great pictures and funny descriptors. I know why you're tired - with frogs and dogs and blogs, you have just (and rhyming) reasons!!!!