Sunday, April 01, 2007

Living Ordinarily Ain't Too Bad

This morning I received a comment on my last post from Sandy at Garden Path. At the end of her comment she questioned, “Do you ever have an ordinary day?”

In response to that, I thought, “Wow, that’s a loaded question!” Staring at the monitor with my chin cupped in my hand for several minutes, I was thinking of a reply. Instead of replying, I picked up my dusting cloth and continued to wipe the layer of pollen and little black dog hairs that look like human eyelashes off the furniture and thought more about it.

All of my days are ordinary and some of them are quite painfully ordinary, if the truth be known. My husband and I aren’t jetsetters or travelers. We live simple and ordinary lives as working stiffs. We’ve moved a few times during the past five years and haven’t taken a vacation for a long while because of the job-changing that goes with the moves. The relocations have been exciting, but, oh, how I would enjoy a vacation away from the ordinary! I dream of me one evening: on a vacation far away in an exotic place, with a glass of wine on the nightstand in our hotel room, my lap top on my lap, cursing the keyboard like I am now, and sharing the wondrous views of the world on my blog ~ unlike the ordinary views of my backyard.

We will vacation soon but until then, I’ll rely on myself to make life a little extraordinary, like I have done for most of my life. Shall we have lean chicken and tossed salad for dinner? Or shall we have lean pork or fish with a tossed salad for dinner? Will I have time to make a stew tonight? No, we’ll have DiGiorno’s frozen pizza since AI airs. But maybe I should just heat the leftovers. Yes, that’s quick and easy.

Since childhood, I’ve been more observant than most people. My sarcastic and humorous nature allows me to view the ordinary in an enhanced sort of way… My knowledge of nature surrounding me is quite limited and I very much appreciate the patience of my blogging community when I write about my silly musings. I don’t have much time for research but I love running around and finding things that makes my heart beat a little faster. It’s the observant, sarcastic, and humorous attributes I own that feed my soul. sarcasm an attribute?

So, now I'll talk about a few things I noticed over the weekend. And, thank you, Sandy, for making me think about my life in general.


Splashing color.


"Use your best aim. I'll catch it."


The sprinklers were running on the bank last night and I sat and watched a pair of Doves enjoying a shower. It's a community rule to have your fence erected ten feet inside your property lines. I don't agree with that and a few other rules imposed on us.


With every hit of the spray, this dove lifted a wing. I laughed the whole time. Right armpit: check. Left armpit: check,


Mr. Biggins: "Let's take a drink break, Bel Bel. Wanna?" Bella: "Ok, Mr. a Biggins. I'll b-b-beat ya to it!"


Here's another type of lizard we live with. I like them. It's a Southeastern Five-line Skink. It's very young and only about two inches long. I love the color of its tail and it brightens when it nears foliage.


Last night I couldn't resist another moon shot. The full zoom focus is on the leaves of the river birch which I think is a bit eerie.


This reminds me of a circle view of an Idaho baking potato in the sky.


We had surf and turf for dinner tonight and Michael surprised me with tickets for a long weekend in the Barbados!!!



entoto said...

So, Mary, which is the April Fool? The tickets to Barbados or the surf and turf? ;-)

Lovely color with the fish. Here I am ignorant (and lots of other places) are they Koi?

Ruth said...

You have a gift for appreciating the exceptional events that happen in every ordinary day. Nice to have a vacation to look forward to!

Cathy said...

Mary, This is really a touching post. I think your self-awareness - your acceptance of your life and your unique gifts is . . . well - lovely.

You'll never have an ordinary day because as you know - an observant person is curious about this place we've been set down in and always finds something to wonder about. Even pollen and dog hair have their story. Right?

Anonymous said...

Love the moon shot and hope you have fun on vacation! No Mary blogs?? But, then we will have many long post getting us updated (for sure)! Happy April 1st!

LauraHinNJ said...

You're anything but ordinary, Mary.

Love the fish pics.

Susan Gets Native said...

I also have uncanny, annoying observation skills. It's nice when I want to notice things, but I also see things on and about people that can get distracting.
I love your fish.
I love your dogs.
I love your moon.
And I wasn't able to think of a good April Fool's joke for my blog. Dang.

Mary said...

Trixie, both were a joke, of course! LOL! They are Koi, mixed with shubunkins and other goldfish offspring.

Ruth, we don't have one planned yet but I'd like to get away to the beach this summer.

Cathy, thanks - you are so kind. And yes, everything has a story according to me :o)

Mon@rch, YOU are not ordinary. When I finally get to my destination vacation (don't know when or where), I'll take the laptop.

Laura, how are your Koi doing?

Susan, you do have quirky observation skills, just like me. I think it's quite special, ey?

Jayne said...

It's why I love you and your blog Mary... you have a way to point out the extraordinary in the ordinary. You make me smile every single day. Wonderful shots!

KGMom said...

Mary--you are the best combination: someone who is "ordinary" in your living, and "extraordinary" in your life. Your being observant helps explain why you take such good photos--you see the beauty in what you are shooting. For example--the first photo of fish, complete with bubbles!
I hope you get your vacation to an exotic place sometime very soon!

Unknown said...

You are wonderful Mary and I hope that SOMEDAY you get that long weekend in the Barbados! Or better yet a long WEEK in the Barbados! Keep on observing!

dmmgmfm said...

What a wonderful post and most wonderful photos! The moon pictures are incredible. You have me longing to be out taking nature photos...

You are extraordinary, Mary. (And I'm a poet, don't ya know it?

Chrissie said...

Hello Mary. Thanks for visiting my blog :-) The thing I like most about blogging is that what is ordinary to one person is new and uplifting to someone else (especially when they are in another part of the world). Its great to see and read how people live their lives. You have a great blog and pics. And if its ok with you I will call again :-)

Mary said...

Jayne, you are my first stop in the morning and I look foward to it!

Donna, thanks. I never knew how much I'd love this new camera ;O)

Liza, hey, I'd take a weekend on an Atlantic beach right now!

Laurie, if you aren't photographing nature, I can count on you photographing gas stations and windshields... ;O)

Chris, I enjoyed the view of Wales. You are most certainly welcome, any time!

Anonymous said...

Told ya, Mary! You definitely get the most out of every day. And, you have the knack of telling a story just right.
I love your moon shots and the the ones of the fish. How about trying to get a shot of the moon reflecting in the fish pond?? Wouldn' that be neat?

Mary said...

Sandy, great suggestion! Now you know where I'll be at dusk.

Verena said...

Mary, I don´t think that it is so good and desirable to have an extraordinary live! Live itself is stressing enough and makes us very often to lose the important things out of sight. So I´m happy and days and weekends are ordinary! Greetings from Austria, Verena

Cathy said...

Just me again. I've been leisurely enjoying the photos and just had to remark about the quality, the beauty, the merriment. Dang! These are just great. That business with the dove lifting its wing to the water sprinkler - :0D !

Anonymous said...

Me again - forgot to mention that when I worked at National Aviary that we would watch the doves and other birds do this with the waterfowls!! Was soo cute!

Melsie14 said...

I love the pictures of your Kois. Me and my husband are in love with our fish. It is our ultimate goal to have a fish pond in our backyard one day.

But your typical day sounds a bit like mine....what should we have for supper today? What haven't we had for awhile?

Love your blog and plan on visiting it more!

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