Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Kiss for Luck and We're On Our Way...


Through laughter, joy, grief, and tears, we made it.

Through harmony and discontent, we made it.

Through dreams that came true and those that were shattered, we made it.

Through thirty-two years of living as one, we made it.

Through compromise, we made it.

Through a love that has evolved to a deeper one, we have become true friends and companions. We made it.


On April 12, 1975, we were so young and I couldn’t even imagine what my life would be like thirty-two years later. I don’t even think I thought about it. Today, here we are, still together, and I wonder, when I look back at a flash of memories, where did the time go?


Does anyone remember 6-inch clogs, polyester Leisure Suits, fat ties, and sideburns?

For some of us, a successful marriage is a work in progress. An on-going effort in remembering to have compassion and a little selfless caring will get you there.

It’s been a wild ride and we’re still hanging on!


dmmgmfm said...

Congratulations Mary! You were a beautiful bride and you are still beautiful after 32 years.

Cuppa said...

Congratulations from me too.

Ruth said...

You look so beautiful and happy! We were married on April 26, 1975 and I think my husband wore the same bow tie. It doesn't seem like 32 years...

Julie Zickefoose said...

Gorrr-geous. You seem to have totally escaped bad 70's hair. Michael, I'm not so sure. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Reminds me of Laura in NJ's lovely wedding photos.

Beth said...

What a beauty you were (and are!)!

Love those glasses....

And love this story, though it makes my heart hurt...three cheers for ANYBODY who makes it through life together. Congratulations!

LauraHinNJ said...

You've been married like forever!

Just kidding, Mary.

You look so beautiful and happy. It's funny how brides never seem to look out of style, but the grooms are another story. I guess because there isn't much that changes about a wedding gown through the years, but tie styles and sideburns, like you mentioned, make the passing of years more obvious.

It's impolite to ask, but how old were you? 21+ or younger?

Congrats to you both - hope you're celebrating!

Cathy said...

Oh congratulations, Mary! You are glowing in those pictures. The beauty is that you've carried that light across the years. I can feel the warmth of your love all the way up here in cold blustery Ohio.

Mary said...

Laurie, thanks, but the years include GRAVITY all over...

Cuppa, thank you.

Ruth, don't you think the men at wedding looked a little like clowns?

Julie, not to disappoint but we both had Afros a few years later! GUFFAW!!! It was the RAGE.

Beth, don't hurt. You are on your own way and on a good path ;0)

Laura, it does seem like forever, LOL! I was 19, four days away from my 20th birthday and Michael was 25. Babies.

Cathy, thanks! Michael left for a business golf outing in Myrtle Beach this afternoon for a few days and I'm doing a happy dance. No cooking! Real romantic, huh? LOL!

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, check YOU out!
And I totally dig the righteous tux on Michael.

Annie in Austin said...

Mary, you look like Mia Farrow at the same age, but with better hair. [since you didn't have the afro yet]
Congratulations and virtual anniversary hugs to you & Michael! The quote from We've Only Just Begun was so sweet.

Here's a little coincidence... while you were doing that wedding dance on April 12, 1975, I was in Chicago, dancing at the wedding of my cousin, also a 19-year old bride. Funny, huh?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

LostRoses said...

Mary, congratulations! And I can't imagine you in an afro, are you going to show us? Loved the wedding photos!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Mary- you were such a babe!! and Michael- such a hottie!!

Congratulations to you both.

Jayne said...

A belated Happy Anniversary!! Just look at the joy on your faces. Lots of hard work indeed. Congratulations. ;c)

Ruth said...

So your birthday is April 16th!

Mary said...

Susan, tuxedos in the 70s looked like costumes.

Annie, that *is* a coincidence!

Lost Roses, Afros were hot back then (I called them curly perms). I hated mine but Michael kept his for a number of years. I'll have to dig up a photo.

Lynne, I was a babe and Michael would fall over if someone called him a hottie :o)

Jayne, thanks. We had a blast at our wedding. I cried through the vows, though.

Ruth, yes, although I don't acknowledge by birthday the way I used to...hmmmmph!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Bride you made Mary! You are still so very pretty!! Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!
Loved the pictures of your walk down Memory Lane.
Hope to see your "curly" photos soon!

Melsie14 said...

Mary I'm glad that you still have that love and joy in your lives together! congeatulations to both of you! I'm only coming up on 3 years but am loving every minute of it.

entoto said...

WOW! Good job. You look resplendent.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I've had that Carpenters song in my head all day!!

Jess Riley said...

Wow, you could have been in Charlie's Angels, you gorgeous thang! :-)

Congratulations on 32 years together. That's awesome.

Mary said...

Lynne, sorry... Me, too! My goodness, we've heard it at least two thousand times since the 70's!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Congratulations Mary! You look so gorgeous and so happy! And your husband, too! Love all photos!
Love also the beautiful words! Thanks for sharing your memories!

KGMom said...

Mary--I missed this anniversary post--what fun. Oh, love the long hair. And you were lovely (and still are).
32 for you--this year will be 40 for me!

Q said...

Happy Anniversary!
It is a tribute to you and your husband that you are growing older together with the happy memories of yesterday.
As I approach my 35th I think about being 19 years old and all the ups and downs of life with my mate. Each line on my face and each extra pound I carry are my gifts. I have earned them. I am thinking about creating a blog for us ladies over 50. We can share our times past and hopes of tomorrow. We can share our changing bodies and laugh together. Would you be interested in such a spot?
You are beatiful just the way you are!

Mary said...

Sherry, thank you. Yes, I would share in your blog! There is lots to tell after 50. E-mail me when you are ready!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mary! We also were married in 1975! I knew we had a lot in common besides our daughters being good friends.