Monday, October 04, 2010

All Butterflies


From a few hundred butterfly photos, I offer a few of my favorites today.


It’s all about the butterflies.




When summer became a drag

and I was snarky

I waited for hummingbirds

and butterflies to entertain me.



I’m missing the Zebra Swallowtail.

It’s the one that got away from me a few dozen times.

A Tiger Swallowtail

rested on my shoulder


Now that’s a good reason to lose

the crankitude.

A small puff of air brushed my cheek when he took flight

and I heard a gentle wing flap or two.

Or, maybe I only imagined I heard a flap.




I’m sorry to unload so many photos

at once. Sorry for myself, actually.

This is a job and frankly, I've had quite enough of butterflies!



It’s October already

and my lazy self has been a procrastinator

all summer long.

It would be a sin to keep these photographs

all to myself.


Butterfly wing art,

so intricate and stunning!

Wings look perfectly painted with a tiny brush.

Look closely at the detail of


dots, stripes, and colors so brilliant.

All you need is a little Lantana,

a Butterfly Bush or two,

and a few Zinnias.


A hummingbird feeder

would be delightful.



Julie Zickefoose said...

Oh Mare,

I'm so glad you finally wound up and hit some butterflies out of the park. The psychedelic Buckeye is my sentimental favorite, but I don't think I've seen a better photo of a female Horace's Duskywing (on the yellow coreopsis), or mating Sachems on dark buddleia. Can't get over the level of detail you capture. Are you right on top of these little critters? Do you speak butterfly? Because these are just splendid, magnificent.

And I agree...I've had quite enough of butterflies. Time for them to go away for a long, long winter.



Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

You've taken photos of jewels, May!

Anonymous said...

Great butterfly shots. Love photographing them too, but I've only seen two varieties in our yard this past summer.


SouthernSass said...

Oh, I am in butterfly heaven! Thank you for posting those pics - they are beautiful and how lucky for you to be able to get so many great shots!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Mary! Butterflies one of my favorite subject. But I'm ready for the winter birds to arrive.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Oh, don't wish the butterflies away just yet! There's nothing prettier than their light steps just at the edge of a delicate flower.
Mine have all flown--except for the Buckeyes. But you've inspired me to dip waaaaay back into the days of summer and retrieve them!

Anonymous said...

Your butterfly photos are beautiful Mary. Thanks for sharing.
Lynda in Michigan.

Bill said...

You must live in butterfly heaven! Absolutely beautiful photographs and images. Thanks, brightened my morning in more than one way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marry, now I know where all the butterflies have gone! Great photos! Do they stay around long in the fall?

Mary said...

Thanks...glad you enjoyed them!

Sandy, they're still here but fewer in numbers. Most of them seem to be passing by... We're back into the high 80's again but the nights are chilly.

Anonymous said...

My dear Mary, As always, splendid photography! Hope all is well. Think of you often. Lizard

Rose said...

So glad you didn't keep these beautiful photos to yourself, Mary! It was a banner year for butterflies here, as well; in fact, as hot as it was, the butterflies were about the only thing that could get me out of the house in the heat of the day. Most of ours have moved on for warmer climes, but I have still seen a few lingering Buckeyes the last few days.

Ruth said...

The pictures were certainly worth waiting for. Your macros are stunning.

Wendy said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos! Our butterflies have all gone. I miss them already.

p.s. I like Julie's comment "do you speak butterfly?" Sounds like a title of a good book. LOL!

Anonymous said...

You're darned right you've been a procrastinator and I've missed you!!!!

Bee-YOU--tiful as usual!!!

PS. Want some swamp (perennial) sunflowers?

Murr Brewster said...

A buckeye on eighteen different colors? Haven't either of you any shame? Whoa.

BJ said...

Wow! So beautiful! Fantastic photography! Keep it coming!

Kerri Farley said...

I LOVE them all!!

Shelly Cox said...

Ohhhhh what gorgeous butterflies! They really do improve a persons mood don't they? Who can look at the butterfly and not feel instantly better about the day, or even life in general? Thanks for sharing just gorgeous pictures!

JeanMac said...

reAll I can say is thank you!

dguzman said...

WOW WOW WOW. You really must speak butterfly, not only because you were so close but because Science Chimp says you do!

I'm already missing you tomorrow at Cape May. I'm just gonna have to go down to New River next year!

Bill said...

Some very nice butterfly pictures. I especially like the closeups of the wings, so full of texture, almost three dimensional. Thanks.

Rusty said...

Beautiful work! Great subjects too. I saw far too few butterflies in our area this year - reason unkown. ATB! Oh yes, photos of toads or frogs will bring me back anytime - grin.

PJ said...

natures canvas. Photos absolutely usual :)

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