Sunday, September 26, 2010

When the grass was green


we commented on how lush and beautiful the gardens were. Late spring was perfectly peachy.



We had grass then. Since, the grass turned to dust and the weeds died and I’m not kidding. The native flowers and plants perished.

As I type away here, I’m thankful for a perfect day. It’s raining. It’s cloudy. Have you ever watched a hummingbird raise its little head to the heavens and flutter its wings in sheer delight of being showered with fresh rain?

The temperature dropped thirty degrees today and the windows are open. There is Italian food simmering on the stove. It hasn’t rained since before my last post on August 9 and those ninety degree days were damned relentless. Just three days ago, the thermometer in my car read 97 at five in the afternoon passing through Concord, North Carolina.

There’s more good stuff about today at the end of this post. Real good stuff.


For now, I want to record and share only a small bit of what I’ve seen.


I have so much to show and tell.


Finding time to be here is my issue. I’m alright, just busier than the bumbles.


I get lost. Fanny in the dirt, I sit.


Bumbles don’t mind if I’m eye level with them.




Here’s lookin’ atcha.

The birds have turned on me and it’s my fault.


Robin doesn’t care if I stopped feeding.

I had to close the feeding stations for many weeks.


Lately, I scrubbed the feeders and filled them all with the best I can offer. If you know me, you know I offer an abundance of the best food.

I’ve lost four very expensive feeders this summer. The raccoons and squirrels are on my last nerve. Feeders were carried away or rolled down a hill into prickly raspberry, never to be seen again. Black iron hangers were bent 180 degrees.

Fat-assed pigeons deserve a swinging broom, too. ( is over)


The grace of summer. I tend to them daily. My crowd of ten at the nectar feeders has diminished to only two and I pout.


The hours I worked on the overgrown pond in the scorching heat did not make a difference. The weather and excessive algae


on the pond beat me so I called my expert for help. I love my pond guys.


Butterflies. Oh my, oh my!


Silver-spotted Skippers and Tiger Swallowtails ruled this summer. The butterflies of NA held their convention here. Their abundance and beauty will require a few more posts. Perhaps I’ll save one of them for February when my Midwestern and Northeastern friends need some color on their monitors.

I have Licker Sisters stories to tell.

Bella has a new love.


The clouds, the rain, the relief.

It started to rain on my way to the mall today. Wet feet and flip flops a flippin’ and a floppin’ - I was on a mission.

I splurged for no particular reason. Subconsciously celebratory, I guess.

You see, I was overdue for a date with indulgence.


While I fumbled to organize my car keys and umbrella, the beautiful L’Occitane sales representative began wrapping my purchase in pretty boxes and I commented, “Oh, don’t bother wrapping. They’re only for me…”

She paused, our eyes met briefly, and she seemed puzzled.

I understood immediately and continued,

“On second thought. Yes. Please wrap them.”


TR Ryan said...

Ahhhh, I just love when you show up. You rock my world! Beautiful, beautiful. We're paddling the same boat, you and I. I miss my blogging self. Doesn't feel good when you can!

Catbird said...

I second T.R.'s motion. Just having you show up is a treat, so a bounteous post like this is a nourishing meal. So what's for dessert, Mare?

Cicero Sings said...

Always a treat when you turn up in the blogosphere.

Well that clerk got it right ... you deserved the presentation.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see through your lens again, Mary. I'm sorry the grass is brown and the birds have turned on you. But you still manage to find captivating things with your eye.

A New England Life said...

What a delight to see your post pop up Mary! It's been a long, hot summer, hasn't it? The rain will help to wash some of it away, and hopefully give you some green at the same time.

Lovin' the frog, and the dragonfly, as well as the flowers. The bumble not so much.

So glad you treated yourself! A lady deserves it every now and then ; )

How's Chloe?

Peg Wiggins said...

Happy Day, Mary returns w/photos to die for !
Thanks for your view thru the lens.
I truly wish I could have shared our excessively wet summer with you in your time of need.
Mother Nature is so terribly inconsistent!
Glad to know things are picking up.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It's been so hot and dry, you must have misted those beautiful blossoms to rid them of the dust.

Love the one of Bella.

I'm at the beach... you did say it RAINED there? Hooray! I hope it found my house, too.

Susan Ellis said...

I LOVE this post Sitting here in a hotel room in your state, and it rained here too...and the cicadas are rasping with earthly delight. Your photos are wonderful and you are the only woman I know who can make a bee look erotic!Kudos dear Mary!

Barb said...

Since you gave a gift of these fabulous photos, I'm glad you got a treat for yourself, too - and I'm glad it was wrapped properly.

LauraHinNJ said...

Ohh... La Occitane... their lemon verbena soap is heavenly!

Glad to see you back, Mary!

I'm curious about your hummer... is that a plain-old rubythroat or something more interesting?

: )

Susan Gets Native said...

There she is!
If you didn't notice, no one is yelling at you to blog more. We are just appreciative when you grace us with that wonderful, ranting, lovely charm that is Mary.

Jayne said...

Have missed you here and the smiles I get by seeing your beautiful views my friend.

Nina said...

Please wrap them, indeed!
Enjoy your rain.
It's so nice to find you here!

The Quacks of Life said...

welcome back

Julie Zickefoose said...

This was a gift, wrapped for all of us. How I wish you were here so I could cook you something and bring you your favorite drink. Killer photos as always. I's like a benediction when you allow yourself to treat us.

I'm going to apply Occam's Razor to that hummingbird ID and note that it has the tiny white postocular spot and proper body and bill proportions for an adult male ruby-throat. It may just be molting in the two central tail feathers, making it *look* like a fork-tailed wood nymph! Keep shooting, never know! and feel free to seek second and third and fourth opinions.

love ya, mean it

Anonymous said...

I was smiling as I read your post. Thanks for sharing. You deserve the gift wrapped.
Lynda in Michigan.

Cindie Ulreich said...

That daylily picture made my day. So glad you're back!

Rose said...

Your photos are such a treat for my tired eyes this morning, Mary! The abundance of butterflies was about the only good thing about this past summer...I'm celebrating that autumn is finally here.

And this is one Northerner who will certainly appreciate your infusion of color this winter:)

Q said...

Happy Autumn. So good to see a post from you. It was a long summer.
I am so happy you received some rain. If the hummers would stay around I think I would love Autumn the most. Having lots of bees and butterflies is grand. I know I will miss them.
Hugs to the girls,

Bill said...

Wow, I'm glad I found your website. There is so much to digest just in this one post! I particularly liked the photo of the frog looking out from between the leaves of the aquatic vegetation. Wonderful, I'll be back!

Dawn Fine said...

great post..I adore the little froggy peeking out from the leaves.
Always nice to see your posts!

Anonymous said...

Just lovely photos, you have a wonderful talent.