Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Gagger and the Beauty Queen

Pardon these very rotten photos. They were my first attempt at taking evening indoor pictures and I needed to work quickly.
Here's young Bella,


I like it when you put ch-cheese in our chewies.


Yummy. I'm making cheese flavored chewing gum.

Young Bella is allowed to chew rawhide doggie bones under close supervision. I can tell when a small piece of slimy rawhide is lodged in the back of her throat and I need to reach inside with my fingers and retrieve it. When she is still and quiet, that’s my cue. She does of a lot of ack-kack-kacking but just can’t gag with enough force to spit it up and out. Willingly, she lets me save her.


But it wasn’t s-s-stuck! Pwease, don’t take it away!

The piece was getting small enough to make me worry. Before I made it to the kitchen can, the Beauty Queen came up on me from behind and snatched it from my hand with split second speed (and I think her eyesight is poor...).


You know she’s a weak gagger so I have it now and don’t try to take it from me. Why do you cater to dumb Bell?

Oh, Chloe. I know you are gifted enough to regurgitate an entire shoe, but you are so not a beauty queen. Ewww.

Give! Give the chewie.


Not a chance.


How about a chase around the house? You’ve never caught me before and never will, but I’m up for a game. Let’s Cha-Cha. The chewie is mine, woman.

No dancing tonight, Mugsy. I can’t take my eyes off your face. Ewww.


Woman, open the door and turn the outside light on. Let me out. I must bury this outdoors in a muddy place.

Meanwhile, nervous Bella found another form of entertainment.


Fie can’t have my chewie, I’m gonna f-finish killing my pink p-p-piggie.



Poor Bell.


Mission complete. Now what?


What are we gonna do for fun? Got any cookies?

(Chloe’s eye is much better with ointment from the vet. Applying ointment to her eye is another show…)


Anonymous said...

Indoor shots of moving dogs are really tough - you did quite well :-) I love the expression you capture on those girls' faces.

possumlady said...

Such cuties!! I must admit though, that first photo of Chloe with the chewie, I gave out a little yelp! I couldn't tell that she was holding something in her mouth. What happened to her nose?? She looked a a Voldemort dog!

Trying to keep them entertained seems like a full time job.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

OMG May, you slay me! I wish I could be there hearing the Licker Sisters talk. I'm running on 3 hours of sleep- you made my day.

Heidi said...

LOL! Great story :D I love hearing their point of view. "dumb Bell" ha ha! If they could truly talk, surely that's something Chloe would say. Sisters are like that I'm sure you know :D

Unknown said...

"I can tell when a small piece of slimy rawhide is lodged in the back of her throat and I need to reach inside with my fingers and retrieve it"

I am sorry , but that line made me gag Mary!! I am sure glad cat's don't chew on those rawhides. YUCK!

But I love the pictures!

Donna said...

Mary, this is so funny! My dogs do the same thing with their rawhide and their stuffed toys!

Thanks for the laugh!

Kathi said...

Glad you're back. Love the doggy photos. I can see that you are a well-trained dog servant. I am hiding this post from my dogs, before they get any ideas.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your girls are precious Mary. They are great entertainment, not only for you but me. You are a great intrepreter.

NCmountainwoman said...

I LOVED THIS POST!!! The Licker Sisters are as different from each other as the Golden Girls are.

Dog_geek said...

Ah, I can SO relate to this post! ;o) When it is chewie time over here, we bring out one chewie per dog, but the number being chewed at any given time is always n-1, with one dog choosing to covet someone else's chewie rather than chew the remaining free chewie.

Kathi said...

No "rawhide lectures" from me, Mare. You are doing it right - watching and waiting for the moment you need to swoop in and clear Bella's airway. That is all I can ask.

Now, about adding cheese spread to the rawhides .....

:-) Kathi

Wendy said...

What fun! Loved your pics - and the doggie antics!

Susan Gets Native said...

LOL! Big time LOL!

KGMom said...

Oh my, you and the dogs. What fun.
Even the blurred photos convey the action of this entire scene.

BJ said...

The Licker Sisters are the best! Great post!


Bostons sure do have my heart. And they're not giving it back. :o)

JeanMac said...

Mary, what would I do without you and your fun posts?

beckie said...

Love, love, love those girls!!I remember the days of the rawhide bones and having to watch for gagging. Also remember stepping on the cold slimy things to-UGH! You evidently understand doggie talk very well. Thanks for the hoot!

Kerri Farley said...

What fun it is to read about the antics of the pups!! I think they should write a book....with you doing the translating of course :)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I am doing a study on intelligence in nature...your girls are the smartest pups I know! They not only rule the roost but they have crossed the species barrier and speak fluent English!
Thanks for a Licker Sister update. Glad all is well withthem.

dguzman said...

Those Licker Sisters--so demanding! What a fun post, Mary. Give 'em kisses for me!

Annie in Austin said...

I looked at the photos before reading the text and thought the big white rawhide thing was her tongue at first - and wondered why it was so pale. Duh.

Mary, I love seeing the Licker Sisters on my monitor, where they can cavort and make adorable puppy eyes, but with only virtual drool.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Rose said...

So good to see both Chloe and Bella playing once again! Only a Mom would be willing to reach down their throats to retrieve a lodged piece of treat:)