Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Early Spring Tease


You can feel it, smell it, and hear it. It happened so quickly! Bird song, flies, moths, gnats, bees, lizards, and light-weight jackets. It’s a wonderful time of year, but today, my arse is dragging and I can’t stop yawning. Spring fever, perhaps?


I wore my spring raincoat yesterday. Horrible photo, but my beloved camera was getting wet! Yes, it rained very well - a nice, steady, soaking rain. Not enough to lift water restrictions and we are all counting on a few tropical depressions or a mild hurricane to help out. It’s the worst drought in North Carolina history and I have a feeling it’s not an accident. The climates are changing and drought conditions might be an unwanted trend.


For everyone up north who are still under ice and snow, I wish you the inevitable Spring. Soon. March is the month of surprises when blizzards bury blooming Daffodils. Ya’ll have long, severe winters but we in the south have long, blistering hot summers. Today I winced when I remembered the previous summer and felt a little sweat on my brow…

Are we ever happy with the weather?


We’ve lost so much. Many businesses that rely on water have closed their doors and I wonder how it has affected their families. The recent rain and warmer temperatures have made a small difference at my house. I had fun leaving the coat inside today, getting on my hands and knees to photograph some life around the pond.


They're propelling themselves out of the water when they see me. Although the nights are still quite cold, the daytime is warm enough to feed them.







A definite sign of Spring is the showing of the fat, pink tongue. Bella’s hula hoop slipped through the fence for the fifth time tonight and I had enough. I needed some bird time, alone – without my black and white girlfriends.


Ok, Dove, I’m filling the feeders as quickly as I can.

Flocks of Red-Winged Blackbirds landed in my Delaware yard and cleaned out feeders in minutes. Here, there are few and they're mild-mannered. I like them.

Notice my yellow molt, seed lady. Please, take my picture.

Then, I was alone.

Cooper, help yourself to some House Sparrows. I’ll go inside and wish you well tonight.

On March 15th, I’ll be making hummingbird nectar. They are due on March 21st. I'd be so disappointed if they forgot my address!


beckie said...

Okay Mary, we get it! You have glorius spring and we don't!

Your pictures are beautiful. What is the pink flower? Loos familar, but...our pond look wonderful. I imagine it gives you a great deal of calming pleasure. Poor Bella, looks so ready to pllay more.

Mary said...

Beckie, it's a Camelia Japonica, heavy with buds that takes weeks to bloom. We had a nice, warm, tease today :o)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your Magnolia is about to burst open too you lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

I love all your colors in your photos and makes me almost feel like I am living in a Black and White world right now! Thanks for your spring tease and colorful cheer!

Anonymous said...

Your spring pics are beautiful, I looked longingly at them 3 times and then sighed. Melt the snow slowly so we don't have floods and send us sunshine to dry up the mud. I guess I'm expecting a lot. I just need to have patience spring will come, but I've had enuf of snow [2 1/2 in today] and cold weather [going to -5 tonite].
Have to look at the pics again.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

Carol Michel said...

We had a "teaser day" on Sunday and then the "slap down" with an ice storm and some snow yesterday. Now it is mostly melted but it is still "darn cold". Love the buds on the trees!

Wishing you lots of rain!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Oh wow!! This is sooooooooo great!! I love all of your pictures. Cute pose of the RWBB and nice catchlights on the eye of the hawk. I used to have those camellias along my sidewalk when I lived in Charleston. I had ones like the one in your picture and another lighter pink one that dropped its petals in December. When people in the north were having their white Christmas, we had our pink Christmas, and we didn't have to shovel our "snow"! ;-)

Mary said...

Lisa, it's all happening so fast. We are aware of possible spring freezes :o/

Tom, in a few weeks, you'll be seeing some color. Count on it.

Betty, oh my. I've never lived so far north but I do remember March blizzards...I wish you sunshine real soon :o) Really, I do.

Carol, dang. I know you are itching to get started...hang in there. Have your hoes ready to go. Won't be long now.

Mary said...

Lin, those camellias are very young and I never know what to expect from them. They're heavy with buds but they're not popping! You lived in Charleston, rated one of the most beautiful cities in the nation?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mare,
Thanks for the "Birds & Blooms" least someone's having spring!

Hey, Hummingbirds were seen in southern Georgia and Alabama today! Follow their progress here:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics as always Mary! So colorful...I can't wait for warmer weather. Thanks so much for the hummingbird reminder. I bought a new one for this year and I hope they like it.


Anonymous said...

Oops...that should be hummingbird feeder...


LauraHinNJ said...

That magnolia is delicious!

(waiting with held breath for something to bloom here!)

JeanMac said...

Ok, Mary, I'm moving to your town. We still have snow and def. no flowers!

Marvin said...

It's looking much more like spring at your place than it is at mine. We enjoyed a few peeks at warmer weather, but now it's decided to be cold and messy again.

Jayne said...

I love all your "spring is coming" photos Mary! I just hope a big hard freeze stays away and does not kill everything once it's bloomed out like last year.

Cathy said...

Oh Mary!

Blue skies and pink blooms! Thank you for giving our snow-drifted hearts a dream of the real thing.

Oh - that sweet fat tongue.

And I LOVE the way you can channel birdie's thoughts. I've got to practice this some more.

Hugs, . . .

Mary said...

Beautiful...I love all these hopeful bits of spring!

Peg Silloway said...

You got me with that first photo, Mary - pale pink flowers shedding their furry coats for spring! I can smell the freshness from here. Thanks for my morning treat.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Sure- FINE!!! Rub our cold northern noses in it why don'tcha?


Annie in Austin said...

My camellia flowers are done but the neighbors' pink Saucer magnolia is open and we also have tiny purple flowers of henbit sprinkled in the lawn. It feels like spring here, with chances for frost the next couple of nights.

The photo that got me, Mary, was that pleading fish-face!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Kerri Farley said...

Oh How Exciting!! Lovely shots! I have seen the gold finches here...getting their "gold" feathers......and I actually saw some birds mating this morning....that was a first for this year. Soon they will be laying eggs. HOw exciting that you get hummers in the next few weeks....I think I recorded our first hummer here last year around April 15...I'll see if they come any sooner this year.

Glad you got some rain!!

Cheryl said...

Lovely post Mary. I didn't realise how serious your drought was. I would be so interested to know how its affected your garden, what has survived and what hasn't. Perhaps you could do a post on it? These sort of issues really interest me and I belong to charities that are studying world wide global warming. Something for you to think about?

Love your bird photos, they are so stunning. I can't wait to see your hummingbirds. I have only ever seen one when I was on holiday, so it would be a joy to see your.

The Quacks of Life said...

don't you just lurve Spring

dguzman said...

Oh Mary, I'm soooo jealous! I love camelias. So rose-like without all the persnickety-ness.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Oh...I love the koi! We have a very, very small pond and we used to have some very pretty little koi in it, but the raccoons went fishing and the fish are no more. Now we put cheap little feeder fish in the pond and aren't so upset when some other animal decides to dine there.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Mary, we lived in Charleston, SC for not quite 10 years, but moved back to CT to take care of elderly parents. Lee wants to go back there someday, but I want to move to the mountains and have lots of land. I don't know where we'll end up. We even talked about Charlotte at one point as a compromise - half way between mountains and sea. Who knows where we will end up?

Mel said...

Beautiful pictures :)
It's great to see how (green) life is slowly growing back.
That Camelia looks so delicate and pretty, lucky Mary!!!

NatureWoman said...

Ohhhhh, ahhhhhh, thank you for this boost, Mary! I needed this! Enjoy!

KGMom said...

Mary--spring is on the way.
And I will keep doing my rain dance here in PA--we are some 3 inches OVER normal. So you can have some of ours for awhile.

Stacey Olson said...

Beautiful photos, I would send some back but right now we still have snow and Ice lol.. Spring is still a ways off here in Wyoming.
Thanks for sharing

Sherry said...

Mary, glad to hear that you are getting this gorgeous spring weather too, and that you had some rain earlier this week. We had storms and lots of rain on Tuesday, but bright sunny skies today. Let's hope and pray we don't have another hot, dry summer like the last one.

I too noticed the goldfinches yesterday, they are getting brighter!

Beautiful, cheerful photos. Your posts always make me smile. :)

Heidi said...

i'm happy for you that you have spring... beautiful pictures... it's cool your koi are hopping up to see you, lol, almost like your dogs.

i've been pretty giddy over spring in the last couple weeks here... it's been gorgeous... the fog has receded for a couple of months, but will be back in May... but for now, the mornings are full of bright sun and blue skies.

Susan Gets Native said...

I'm sitting here staring at 5 inches of snow, with more coming.
You suck, Mary.

: )

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love the fishy pictures! I love all your pictures! This is the only time of year that I LONG to be in the south again.

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, I love the blossoming trees and the Cooper's hawk! Oh Spring! the joy it brings when we walk in it!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Spring tease and so beautiful!
I so enjoyed seeing all your birds and Cooper is back on the job.
Have fun getting ready for the Hummers!
Spring is exciting.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! They are so colorful and crisp. You also have a very fun sense of humor. I'm glad I found your blog. :)

Larry said...

Great pictures! I want to warn you though-I think there's a magic wizard in your picture window.