Friday, March 28, 2008

Working hard for peanuts!


The peanuts win the popular vote when the Zick dough is gone. This inexpensive peanut feeder gets the best bang for the buck here. I took some photos this week and some of them made me laugh out loud, just when I needed some simple entertainment in the late afternoon and evening.


Carolina Chickadees watch each other, fearlessly.

If you’ve been following me, the week is over and my deadlines have been met. Now it’s the start of another two months of budget prep for 08-09. The worst is behind me, I hope.



It’s common, but very peculiar, that a task of high importance, i.e. budgets, is charged to upper management but invariably drifts down to the worker bees like me. I know the details of encumbrances and budgets but those I report to don’t have a clue about the b-word…because to them, it’s a hassle, it causes stress, and may cause eye-twitching. Oh, the bother!


I love watching nuthatches’ acrobatics. The brown-headed ones are very skilled.

The scissor-billed white-breasted one prefers Zick dough.

Overseeing and managing their budgets is expected of them, as stated in their job descriptions. The worker bees are asked to assume the responsibility, regardless of their low rank and wages. We should not be making decisions on behalf of those who are completely unaccountable.


The perfect shot of a Downy with a wad of Zick dough was incredibly out of focus. I really wanted that photo! So I got nuts.

Can the worker bees refuse to assume the bulk of the decision-making and work? Sure. Not a good idea, though, if you want peace in the workplace.


Tufted Titmouse was shocked, then

offered me another view.

There is always a temptation for me to botch up and screw up and mess up the whole damned process so badly that they’ll leave me alone next time. Hey, it works for some! It’s just not an option for me, unfortunately. My work is a reflection of who I am. No matter where you are located on the organizational chart, there is always someone above you dumping a bucket of crap into your office.

A good friend at the office made a nice comment to me today. We are about the same age and had a hilarious discussion about aging, facial hair, and wrinkles. He said sincerely, “You look like you’re in your forties.” Akkk! He didn’t say thirties! Ha! The last time I heard a compliment like that was when I was thirty-something and could pass for twenties. Seems like yesterday, you know…big, big, sigh… It wasn’t a realistic observation he made, but nice to hear all the same.

So I drove away from work feeling all chicky with my cool shades on. Got home and found dog vomit on the carpet. Got busy and made Zick dough – four times the recipe.



The other feeders attract some cuties, too.

Have a good weekend!


KGMom said...

Bird butts--great shot.
Oh nothing worse than coming home to critter throw-up.
Enjoy your weekend.

Larry said...

Nice photos! The heck with work-weekends are for fun things like birding!-I have good luck with that peanut feeder too.-It seeems to last pretty well.

Carol Michel said...

Nothing like starting the weekend with dog vomit to clean up. I don't have dogs, as you know, so I don't get that thrill.

I did fill my bird feeders this evening and look for flowers in bloom.

Congrats on surviving the week, and for being a great employee. Where I work, we'd give you a STAR card, signed by your boss, and a new pen or something.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Glad the budget work is behind you. You have to do a great job because that is who you are regardless of whoes work it really is! If you are involved it will be done right!
I love all the peanut feeder shots. My birds also like this feeder.
I just want to feel good as I age. I earned these gray highlights and laugh lines.
Enjoy your weekend. Hope you get some spring rains this year.

Alan Pulley said...

Great pics Mary!

Anonymous said...

So glad that your week is behind you. Your bird photos are great and the titmouse shot had me laughing. I love your comments with your pictures! I have a feeder just like that one but I've been putting sunflower seeds in it. What kind of peanuts do you use?


LauraHinNJ said...


Your sense of humor is so twisted - I love it!

Glad you ended the week with an almost smile.

Great birds pics, BTW - love the expressions you captured!

beckie said...

Mary, you can always make me laugh! Which one got sick? Well, at least this week's deadlines were met and you survived. Thabks for the great pics!

Cheryl said...

Love the birdie shots, great photography as always Mary.
Dog vomit....boy I know that one!!
Glad that your workload is getting better and the stress levels declining.
Age by the way is only a number. Its how we feel and who we are that is important. Being happy with ourselves, and cherishing that things that growing older has taught us.
I love getting older, no going back for me thanks, quite happy at where I'm at.

Have a great weekend lovely person.

Anonymous said...


Your only as old as you feel. This age thing, its just a number really. Great shots.

JeanMac said...

Happy Friday, Mary. Oops, guess it's Sat. now. My cat "offers" the occasional hairball - just as gross. I always pray I won't "meet one under cover of darkness" some night.

Beth said...

I laughed all the way through your post. I've been writing a brief this week and have barely had time for anything--reading nature blogs has been the relaxing hour of the day. I hope that some day I have the bird activity out my window that you do--I'm into my 3rd weekend of making zick dough and putting out sunflower seeds and still nothing but starlings--I am getting kind of attached to the starlings though. Oh well, rambling. Congratulations on getting your project finished and on being the sort of person who would do it right.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mary, you should ask for a raise. At the least you should ask for a bonus. You deserve more if you are doing more than what is on your job description. I learned over the years that if you don't speak up they take advantage.

Love the shots of the birds working hard for peanuts. They must remind you of yourself. Working hard...for peanuts.

Enjoy the weekend.

Jayne said...

I know what you mean Mary. I could not do anything other than a great job either and that is a reflection of your work ethic. Hang in there.

Love your peanut feeder photos!

brucesc said...

What a fun post this was--terrific alternating between birds and budgets, bird expressions and exec ethics. You do the best writing of any blog! And such good pictures to go with it too! Where do you buy the shelled raw peanuts? I'm cracking pecans from our trees every morning, but I'll run out before the next crop falls.

Stacey Olson said...

NICE!!LOL..Thanks Mary

Chrissie said...

When I clicked onto your blog today my first thought was 'Yeah, me too!' :-) What a week, and now its raining again. Your photos are great, Mary, so many birds on your feeders! Your garden must be full of bird song. Enjoy your weekend!

Kerri Farley said...

Oh Thank God this week is over! Yippee!!!

Your bird shots are just the best, Mary....but wouldn't be the same without the words you put with them.

I think I'm going to have to get a peanut feeder!

Rose said...

My friend Beckie of Dragonflycorner recommended I check out your blog.I am glad I did--wow, amazing photos! And your narrative made me laugh. Boy, can I relate to this--I think the worker bees in every profession do all the work. But I've found the best revenge--I just retired!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I love those peek-a-boo glances they give you. And congratulations for finishing up a hectic week - always a good feeling to have that behind you. Hugs!

Cathy said...

Oh Mary. I hope you're having a good weekend. I just can't imagine the stress you've been dealing with.

But it's pretty obvious that it's those bird butts and dog puke that keep you on an even keel :0)Hugs!

Mary said...

Hi Angie, I buy peanuts from wild birds unlimited but I've seen them in other stores like Lowe's or Home Depot - the nuts they sell are usually a blend, though. Try some! The birds will love it.

Beckie, I think it was Chloe - my old girl. Even if Bella looks guilty - it's usually Chloe :o)

Brucesc - see my reply to Angie (also in SC!) No need to crack pecans!

Rose, welcome! Thanks for visiting and congratulations on your retirement. "Retirement" - what a wonderful word...

Anonymous said...

Mary, love these photos and so glad that you offer up peanuts to your birdies! Glad you had a wonderful complement!

Mel said...

You did it again, you made me laugh when I needed it!
Great pics, as usual ;)

Marvin said...

From bird butts to budgets, work ethic to dog barf... This post has cosmic significance -- and I loved it.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Just had to visit again!
I am so excited about the Tarheels!
Go North Carolina!
Do not tell my brother who is pulling for the Jayhawks...I put all my chips on the Tarheels! Roy deserves a trophy.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Wonderful pictures and post, as always, Mary. I've reached the age where if somebody said I looked like I'm in my forties, I would be grateful, but I would still want to smack them! ;-)

Donna said...

Glad to hear you met your deadline Mary and that's done.
Have a good weekend, despite the dog vomit! (you are so funny!)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Nice photos, Mary!
I hope you have a good weekend!

Dorothy said...

Hi Mary,

Peanut feeders rule when Zick dough is gone!
To answer your question, bad me...blogging is the last thing on my mind, we are down in Florida putting our new kitchen back together. Have been here for a week....we go home tomorrow...back to reality..(sigh).


Unknown said...

Very much enjoyed your photos!