Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Five Things Meme by Chloe & Bella


Kate invited me to participate in a Five Things Meme for pets. Her big, brown, beautiful dog, Lytton enjoyed his meme. I thought, now that’s a challenge for me! Interviewing your pet is much more difficult and interesting than arranging a post on Random Facts About Me which would rank high on the boring scale.

So if you are ready for silliness, brace yourself and read on. If not, click on your back button. Don’t think for a minute that the three of us don’t communicate, verbally. We speak to each other and communicate well through eye contact, body language, and tone of voice. I modified this meme and didn't list “five things” in each category to save time and reading. Here’s the result from some improvising on my part. An interview with two Boston Terriers…



When you sing Looney Tunes cartoon jingle and throw our little Air Dogs at the s-s-same time. I swoon when you sing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera to me and rub my b-b-belly.


Lady in Red. When you sing Witchy Woman, I feel evil. If I hear you sing the Wicked Witch of the West bicycle jingle, I get excited and run like the wind.



Hulie Hoops,


little queaky tennis balls, and my p-p-pink piggy.


And Hulie Hoops. I have a lot of Hulie Hoops.



Rawhide chewies when you put cheese in them and real, expensive golf balls. I like to decapitate Bella’s pink piggy when she annoys me.



Cookies, cheese, and Jello with fat-free Cool Whip on top. Daddy shares it with me. Don't like pretzels.


Cheese, lunch meat, red clay, ice cream, and a taste of dinner, even when you serve green beans and garlic. Hate pretzels.


October 20 - 6


Running, l-l-licking my feet, eating, scratching my back on the carpet, sleeping, and sitting on my Daddy’s lap every day.


And I like to watch you c-c-cooking in the kitchen when I sit on the top of the couch, even if you holler at me to get d-d-down.

I like when Chloe plays with me and lets me chew on her skinny n-n-neck.


When I run in the rain and get wet and c-c-cold you cover me. I feel warm and cozy.



Investigating and hunting is my forte. I am very proficient in the sports. I excel in agility. Would you like to know my IQ? I'll gladly look it up for you.


I hate the vacuum cleaner and will enjoy attacking it until the day I die.


Taking naps in the sun, watching cartoons and commercials, and cuddling against your neck and back at night, under the covers. I like when you let me share your pillow and snore in your ear, even when my feet smell like popcorn and I let gas pass. When I heave a big sigh, you do, too. Then we sleep.



I don’t h-h-have any. I’m a angel. (Ahem…)


You, silly woman, say I beg, steal,


tease, refuse to obey,


Are you talking to me? Just give me a few more minutes. Calm down.

dig too many holes, and I’m irritating as hell. I’m not irritating. You just say that because you are jealous of me. You really think I’m amusing because I’m smarter than you. Come closer, hold still, and let me lick that spot off your eyeglasses. By the way, I love you.


Bella chimes in: I love you more! Let me wash your f-f-face because


I’m your angel.

Do you want to interview your pet(s)? I invite you. Let's hear about it. Silly or not. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I love love love your blog dogs!!!!!!! Do they really eat ALL THAT? That is a wonderful experience. I would like to be writing a poem to your sweet canines but sadly, I cannot for reasons undisclosed (I am the Poet Laureate and my work is under Government Lockdown).
Jonas R. Dickinson

Anonymous said...

Mary, your girls are the best! And so articulate. You should let them do guest entries ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chloe and Bella, you did a great job with your first post! I hope we will be hearing more from you. Do you think Mom will let you use her camera??

RuthieJ said...

I love it! Those little B & W girls are pretty special, Mare!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Toot sweet May! I love your girls when they talk- especially that Chloe. This post brought a huge smile to my face after a long, cold, stupid day.

possumlady said...

Hey, didn't you leave out bunneh droppings as one of their favorite things to eat?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Beautiful Bella
and Charming Chloe,
this was a treat
for now we know,
two furry friends
we are happy to meet.
You are Daddy's Dearest
and Momma's Cuddle,
you melt our hearts
in a warm loving puddle.

LauraHinNJ said...

I think Luka might have to find some time to be interviewed.


Anonymous said...

Mary, this is soo funny! I am still smiling after reading this!

Susan Gets Native said...

Nellie and Hooper always have something to say , so I may have to interview them.
This sounds so much more fun than us boring humans blathering on and on....

Larry said...

Some great photos-I love the chasing the vacuum cleaner segment-classic!

Anonymous said...

Bella and Chloe, that's the best meme I've ever read. Too funny! I will try to pin Ruby down and see if she has anything to say. I'm sure your Mom will let you read it.

JeanMac said...

I'm nearly rolling on the floor - thanks for the "interview" - very interesting, Mom

Mary said...


What beautiful doggies you have and of course I know they are angels and obey immediately. LOL I have Meeko and he professes to be an angel too. Ha! I catch him doing things all the time. Not long ago I posted a photo of him snoozing on the couch and looking guilty.

I enjoyed this very much. Love your babies.


Jayne said...

Who knew your girls had so much to say!! So enjoyed their "interview!" ;c)

Unknown said...

Mary I also am smiling and laughing.
thank you!

Janeyms said...

Oh Mary, once again your photos are spot on! You are so good at capturing the moment and in these you really have caught the Boston Terrier spirit. Both of your girls are so expressive. Don't you just love the way they snuggle under the covers?

Anonymous said...

Mary, thank you for the Bella and Chloe post, it is totally hilarious. I'm glad your "girls" share their thoughts with you, I thought my "kitties" were the only ones who talked. Our pets are so much of our lives. The cedar waxwing post was positively beautiful, enjoyed all the pics of the birds.
Nature Knitter's Mom [Betty K]

Mary said...

Love this Mary and made me laugh

Donna said...

Your dogs are SO cute! My dogs attack the vacuum cleaner too! Enjoyed the post and the pictures.

dguzman said...

Bella, red clay? Silly pup!

And Chloe is an a-a-angel.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Mary, I love the picture of Bella looking up at the pink piggy. Your girls are very photogenic.

KGMom said...

My oh my--I didn't realize they were famous. But after this interview, can People mag (make that Doggie mag) be far behind.

Alyssa said...

Mary, that was the cutest post! I always love to see the girls and you take such good pictures. I think they are such good girls and are extremely articulate! (Better than some people I know.) I'm glad I'm not the only person who carries on long,detailed conversations with their furry children...

Kathie Brown said...

What's Meme? As far as I know, it's the french word for grandmother.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The glamour girls speak so eloquently! They are princesses! You have raised two darlings.
I would not think a meme of your favorites would be boring at all. Perhaps the girls could interview you?
I too shiver when I hear the Wicked Witch of the West..."and your pretty little dog too."
This was very fun.
Thank you.
Hugs to the ladies,

Nora said...

That was so funny and well done Mary...everyone has a different way of doing a meme...I like your way!!! the photos to go along with each part.Thanks for visiting me. Cheers.

Naturegirl said...

Ahhh...Chloe and Bella I enjoyed getting to know you even better!You tell mommy that I really enjoyed this and that I surely will do a meme of my cats!!! ((((DOWN HEEL STOP))) don't even think about chasing my purrrrrrrrr-fect kitty cats!!!

Mary I was asked to do one when I had the shingles and just couln't so you have put the bug in my ear! Thank you! purzzzzzzzz NG xo

Julie Zickefoose said...

Love this x 1000. I'm all for bending memes into something you can work with (if not ignoring them altogether, a known Science Chimp strategy).
Bella and Chloe are so precious. I feel like I know them, like I could walk into your yard and know exactly how each one would respond.
We just washed Baker, because we did a 3 mile walk today and he was muddy. Before that, he smelled like a popcorn ferret.Now, his whites are whiter.
Mary, was there ever an incident with a body pillow and these two, or am I thinking of someone else's perfect angels?

Mary C said...

Oh, this was so precious, Mary. It was certainly enjoyable to read and get to know Bella and Chloe more intimately. While I was reading the meme I was also thinking of JZ's Chet Baker and how your girls would react to meeting him someday. Now that would be a real hoot! Boston Terriers are so expressive and photogenic. Well, now I'll have to figure out which of our six pets (4 cats and 2 dogs) would be best to interview. ;o)

Kathi said...

Fun idea, Mary! I will have to interview my girls some day. I didn't know Bella stuttered. Was she traumatized as a puppeh?

You have some really cute pictures of them. Boston Terriers are too photogenic!


Cathy said...

I love Lisa's poem. I guess that says it all. What precious, sweet, lucky pups.

TR Ryan said...

Fantastic meme - I love your own personal take and watching the personalities come out of the the photos.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh Mary! You really need to write a book! I could read your stories ALL DAY LONG! This is so cute!
And so are your Pups!

kate said...

Chloe and Bella made Lytton and me laugh. They are quite the team - we loved the way the two of them argued. Lytton thinks Chloe and Bella have the coolest toys. He also wishes he lived there. There isn't so much snow around and there's open water to swim in.

We are hoping you write more Chloe and Bella posts. This was fun!