Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 10th, A National Holiday?

She always thought her Birthday should be a National Holiday. Being born on a late Spring day has its drawbacks when you are a child in school. She witnessed nine months of birthday celebrations in the classroom and she longed for the same recognition but unfortunately, she was born too late. Oh, we had parties for her but I think she always thought her birthday would be more complete with a classroom full of “Happy Birthday” wishes.

When she turned Sweet 16 she passed her driving test. After her victory, I went off to work and she went home since school had ended a week prior. She called me on the phone from home later that day, in tears and sobbing, as all of her friends were either on vacation or not at home to share her birthday and driving victory. No one answered her calls. That's tough for a sixteen year-old. I felt very sad for her but I kept a positive and encouraging attitude, like Moms do. Early evening, I watched her dry her eyes then drive away for swim practice without me in the car. That’s when I cried. I wanted to run down the driveway and shout to her, “Bean! Be careful and call me when you get there! Happy Birthday...”, one last time. Her friend Kourtney made her feel better later that night.


During all of those years and through college, teammates on her swim teams celebrated with her. She would give everyone at least one week notice that her birthday was approaching (right, Allison?). We all laughed about it!


Gina, around four years old with Chicklet teeth.

Today she’s 25! I know this is a worn out question, but, “Where does the time go?”

Gina always loved special, self indulgent gifts but this year is different. She and Billy are moving into their new house and they will complete their move next weekend. When asked what she would like for her birthday, she replied, “A Lowe’s Home Store gift card!” Not the usual “Coach” handbag (please?), new shoes, or expensive perfume. So, a gift card is what she received, plus Mom on her hands and knees painting woodwork and Dad taking Billy to Lowe’s for window blinds while she unpacked boxes. It was a good Birthday.

Ok, she's not a child anymore, but I would still prefer to buy her a new pair of earrings, coloring books, cool shoes, and roller skates.

Happy Birthday, Bean
You are loved.


NatureWoman said...

Happy 25th Birthday to Gina!!

Cathy said...

Awww, Mary - this is so sweet. Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. What a cutie!
My husband and I went through a family picture album today. It got a little painful.
Where did the time go?

LauraHinNJ said...

Send along birthday wishes from me!

A memorable (but sad) quote:

"Time stays... we go."

Anonymous said...

You are a very proud mother for sure! Happy Birthday and I agree that your birthday should be a holiday!

KGMom said...

Mary--happy birthday to your baby. And she is growing up--the most conclusive evidence--asking for something for the home not for her wardrobe!
When my daughter was a teen, I wanted to go to a kitchen store with my DIL. My daughter said she would be bored & didn't go along. Now, all grown, she loves to shop in home & kitchen stores.

dmmgmfm said...

What a sweet birthday tribute.

Happy Birthday, Gina!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Gina! And, congratulations, Mary, you raised a grown woman. THat is a feat worth celebrating! Hurray!

Alyssa said...

Mary, It sounds like you all had a wonderful birthday celebration. It's interesting how people change over time - and we react to those changes by changing ourselves. I guess that's what makes the world go 'round.

Oh yes, my daughter turned 37 yesterday and do I feel old!

Take care,

Susie said...

I think it's a question we ask ourselves more and more as we age. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!

Susan Gets Native said...

Happy birthday, Gina!
That's the age that I realized I had not been the perfect daughter, and immediately called my Mom and apologized for anything and everything I ever did.

Chrissie said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter :-) I guess they will always be our babies even though we know they have grown up :-)

Jayne said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Gina! What a great gift...Lowe's knows! :c) Can't wait to hear how their move and settling into their new home goes.

Ruth said...

My twins will be 25 this October. Time has gone quickly here too. Why, I was just 25 yesterday! Best wishes for your daughter. You are lucky to have her so close.

Naturegirl said...

~Happy birthday to your daughter~
and what a wonderful tribute to her day!I like that ~chicklet teeth~ and BTW will name my chipmunk ~chipper~ thanks to you Mary! hugs NG

kate said...

That was a special tribute to your daughter. Gina sounds like a beautiful person. Happy Birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been on your site in awhile, but something made me stop by today and I was so touched by your words...I cried. You're so right about time flying...Lindsay will celebrate her 4 year wedding anniversary in August and Kaleigh is off running around to swim practice and swim meets without me these days. Miss you!

Mary said...

Hey Sandy, I'll shoot you an e-mail :o)

Dorothy said...

Aw Mary, what a little doll Gina is! Sweet memories...time're right..where does it go?
Happy Birthday to your sweet Gina, there will be many many more happy memories to look forward to in her new home.

sonia a. mascaro said...

A Very Happy 25th Birthday to Gina!
All the best to your lovely daughter, Mary!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

My daughter will turn 25 this fall--and the times I enjoy most are seeing bits and pieces of me and her dad in who she has become, even though we are just on the edge of her life now.
Isn't it the neatest thing to watch someone evolve--and as they "mature", know that those bits and pieces are embedded and preserved, even as life takes them away.

Mary said...

Nina, that is exactly what I wanted to say. You said it so well! Thank you.

Q said...

Happy Birthday!
They do grow up (as we hoped they would) How fun to spend the special day together.
Your daughter is so very pretty.
May she enjoy her new home and many birthdays with her Mom!