Thursday, August 07, 2008

Writing Styles and a Pupdate


Isn’t this the cutest bug posing nicely on a feeder hook? Can anyone ID it? It flew off, smacked into the siding, and disappeared.

A few months ago I was talking to a dear blogger friend about writing and the many fabulous styles we read every day. I remember her saying that a few words can be more meaningful, if you can do it. I know that less is more and for a moment I wondered if she was suggesting I work on a little condensing... I thought, "Well, gee, are my posts that lengthy? Yes, but I have been trying to work on my run-on sentences, whenever I think about it.” Then I smiled and was certain she wasn’t suggesting anything. She’s too kind. With every post I’ve written since then, I remember that conversation for a fleeting moment and continue to ramble and babble.

One of the most poetic writers is Nina at Nature Remains. Nina can tell a story in ten lines or less, expressed so beautifully. The words she chooses pulls you in and takes you there, leaving bits and pieces of information left to your own imagination. Now, that’s a gift. You can’t learn to do what Nina does. One of her recent posts tells a heartbreaking story about a hummingbird nest. It must have been painful for Nina to write but she offered a few lines of her standard poetic grace. Without her mentioning, we knew the sadness she felt and could imagine the chain of events in our minds. If I had to write the same story, it would be written as a chapter book with no less than ten thousand words. …and then…, and then, …and then…, and then… ;-)

I’ve already inflicted more than 280 words here, so the rest will be a brief update on Bella who is almost off drugs. After more than a month, there are only three doses of Prednisone left in the bottle and I think she’s much better. Notice I said “I think” she’s much better. A Mom is never too certain.


Bella: It’s been so l-l-long, Mommy. I think we n-n-need to play. Right now.

I’ve been gently easing her into action since last week.


She is allowed one throw and chase a day as opposed to thirty. Doesn’t she look charged?

Once in a while, I see her hang the head low and I worry. It might not be pain she’s feeling - a little steroid psychosis instead.


A gentle roll of a ball is all she gets a few times a day. Circus acrobatics are not allowed.


Both Bella and Chloe have been bored for too long.


Dear old Chloe misses action, too. I need to be sure she sees the ball before I throw it.


Bella: If you scratch my arm p-p-pits I will like it.


Do it s’more.


jason said...

Your insect is a robber fly if I'm not mistaken, although the exact species is difficult to tell from that angle.

I have to say this: I absolutely love the photo with the golf ball. Such intent, such focus, such a beautiful capture of the moment. Very nice!

And you don't ramble and babble, dearest Mary. On the contrary... It's about the passion, not the delivery. Your heart comes through just fine in your writing style, replete with tears and laughs, smiles and frowns, and most of all, beauty.

NCmountainwoman said...

Mary, please don't change a thing about your writing style. It suits you perfectly and we always come back for more.

You're like a good friend who shares my morning coffee or evening wine. I have had good laughs and good cries reading your blog. It's unlike any others, and it's always a great read.

Wendy said...

Oh, I love those pics of Bella - such a sweetheart! I hope she's feeling better soon.
And I love your writing style too. I feel I am actually in your back yard or kitchen or wherever when I read your posts.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like those bottom two photos. They show a dog who likes to have a good time.

Beth said...

I love your writing style and I love Nina's too--we should all do what is right for us, that's what makes it so much fun to read all the different blogs. It would be boring if they were all alike. I know personally whenever I see a new post from Mary's View I make sure I have time to enjoy it because I always do enjoy it.

Mary said...

Jason! I have not heard from you in ages and I'm so glad you came by. I MUST scurry to visit you...

Thanks for your note.

Mary said...

To all,

I guess we covet the gifts others possess. Nina shares great stuff - seemingly effortlessly. She's one of numerous bloggers out there I love and I chose to honor her tonight. With that being said, you're all tremendous...


Kathi said...


Glad to hear Bella is doing better. I can see the improvement - it shows in her face.

I've always meant to ask you - Why does she stutter?

~Kathi, who likes Mary's style and Nina's, too - Too much of the same thing wouldn't be good. We need diversity.

KGMom said...

Oh those Bostons. They are SOOO expressive.
BTW-I totally agree on Nina being the master of poetic word.
I do love your bug--can't ID it--but love it anyway. Those iridescent compound eyes!

KGMom said...

By the way--this English teacher meant to add (on the subject of writing): finding one's own authentic voice is a critical step in good writing.
Mary, you have done that. If I had a red pen, I'd give you an A+!

Mary said...

Kathi, she stutters because her voice sounds like Winnie the
P-P-Pooh's Piglet. Oh, it's a long story. Chloe sounds like Rabbit. This is embarrassing. LOL!

Mary said...

Donna, thank for the red pen.

Mary said...

Donna, I meant "thanks" for the red pen. Take a few points off.


I'm so glad to hear Bella's feeling better, and certainly Chloe will benefit from this too. Gorgeous faces.

Anonymous said...

mary, all I can say about your writing style is: "DO IT S'MORE!"
hugs, gretchen

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Gosh, Mary, I feel like I've walked into a surprise party---for me!
I'd have to echo the observations that so many have already said. What makes visiting blogs interesting is that, over time, we become familiar with each other's style and know where to expect it. I'm convinced that if we all observed the very same event, the accounts written would all be very different. And that's what keeps me reading--someone else's view in their own way.

So, of course, thanks for all your kind words. I'm thrilled that what puts a lump in my throat does the same for you.
And know that I, too, relish coming here to Mary's View--for Mary says what she says very well.

BTW--I have almost NO words in tonight's post--how's that for poetry?!

Mary said...

Nina - funny, I never mentioned how your photos speak. There are times when words aren't needed! But I add them, anyway. Lots of them ;-)

LauraHinNJ said...

Hi Mary,

A friend accused me of being too wordy also. I know it's true, but we do what we do!

We're all unique, just like everyone else.


Love your happy pup pics. They always make me smile.

Mary said...

Laura, NO. You are not too wordy. I love every single one of them, every time.

Anonymous said...

Those girls are adorable, Mary. I just want to plant a kiss right on their foreheads. I do hope dear Bella will be fully recovered. Two kisses for her. Well, okay, and another one for Chloe.

Cheryl said...

The insect is beautiful is amazing what we can find in our garden....

I always find your post perfect, they hold my attention (I have low concentration levels)....they are always interesting, sad, happy....absolutely great....

Beautiful photos of the licker sisters and hope that you are playing at top speed soon.....

beckie said...

'Variety is the spice of life'. In this case the different styles of writing give us more to enjoy. I love the chatty girlfriend way that some write. And, I also enjoy those who tell their stories with just a few words. But most of all, I enjoy those who write with a passion like you! So keep writing your sweet, wonderful, funny, sad, caring posts Mary. I will read each one and enjoy. Tell the girls they are lucky to have you for a Mom!

Donna said...

Oh how I love those two babies of yours! They are SO CUTE!

As for your writing, I love it. It's a pleasure to come over here and see what's going on and read your wonderful stories. Don't change a thing, Mary. I wish I had the gift of writing.

Have a great weekend!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I think your bug is a Robber Fly. Looks like the ones at my house.
I like the way you "talk" on your blog. Like all great humorist you use just enough words to draw us in. One word or a thousand; it is the heart expressing behind the words that captures my smile or my tears.
You have captured my heart.

Mary said...

Thanks for the ID. Now that I know it's a Robber Fly, I take back "cute". :o)

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, I am glad to see Bella improving. I know it hurts your heart when she hurts. I love Nina's writing also. She is a master! It's nice of you to share her blog with everyone. I second what Jason says about your writing. Nice close-up of the fly. What I want to know is, who did he rob?

Kerri Farley said...

OH Mary, don't change a thing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do and how you do it!! Everyone has their different gifts. You have yours and you use them well! I love all of your pictures, but the one with the pup on her back asking for a scratch...that takes the cake!

RuthieJ said...

Mary, you're a storyteller and I love reading your stories, so don't even think about changing your style because it just wouldn't be the same if you didn't share your stories in your own unique and humorous style.
Question about the pups: do they sneeze when they lay on their backs like that? Sometimes my dogs will.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Mary, don't change your writing style! You have a unique, interesting and fun style that is all your own. I'm glad that Bella is better

Mary C said...

I'm chiming in here with everyone else, Mary. We all love your style of writing. It is unique and special. You have a talent for writing the way you do. Love those photos of the licker sisters. I especially love the first one of Bella with the golf ball in her mouth, and the one of Chloe watching that golf ball so intently. Just as your dogs have expressive faces you also hold everyone's attention with your expressive writing. Kudos to you my friend!

Rose said...

Don't change your style at all, Mary! I enjoy the compact poetic style of some bloggers--will have to check out Nina's--but I like the longer, detailed posts of others too. Being a wordy person myself, I think there are merits to both styles. You are unique in your blend of humor and serious content.

Glad to know Bella is on the mend.

dmmgmfm said...

You pup pictures absolutely melt me every time, Mary.

Thank you for sharing your beloved dogs with me.