Tuesday, August 12, 2008

R.I.P. Kodak Camera

It was coming and I knew it. The LCD went black two weeks ago, the shutter button was sticking, and the on/off switch was worn and loose. I put it through the ringer but didn’t mean to kill it in twenty months. Averaging thirty photos a day, sometimes one hundred or only five, it’s no wonder my Kodak EasyShare died on Saturday evening after I bumped it on an outside deck end table.

“Michael, my camera died. Did you hear me?”

No response. He needed to process the real meaning of what I said and what it meant to him… dreading the moody woman fretting about her best friend, right arm...whatever.

“Do you understand what I’m saying here? What would you do without your four sets of golf clubs, huh? Huh? Huh?”

I didn’t tell him I bumped it.

I’ve bumped it before and thought nothing of it until I snapped a hummingbird and saw this in the preview,


Shocked. I sank into my chair and mumbled,

“Oh, f u u u u u dge.”

Held Kodak to my ear, gently shook it, and heard a tiny rattle somewhere inside…

“Oh, f u u u u u dge. It's busted.”

That hummingbird photo should have looked like this.


My wild internet search for a new camera began that night. After all, the new class of police cadets started this week, there’s another brood of baby bluebirds on campus, my dogs expect to be photographed, and the birds… A hummingbird extravaganza is in full swing here and I believe I might be the only bird lady within a quarter mile that offers fresh nectar.



Always on guard for invaders.


Photos of them swarming on the gigantic water hibiscus need to be taken


and photos of finches on the pond.

I ordered a new and different camera that I’ll have in a week. Is it the right choice for me? I certainly hope so!

In honor of that small and mighty little camera that wowed me often, these are the last two photos taken - a few minutes before the unfortunate bump.



You might wonder if I cried. Oh yes, I have - it’s been one heck of a summer and I didn’t need another drama. Those who habitually wear wristwatches and forget to wear it one day keep glancing at a bare wrist. Same here. I’m missing it a hundred times a day.

I’ll fess up here. It wasn’t a small bump on a deck end table. It was my short swing of the camera by the strap to the edge of the table, crack, and a two-foot drop to the floor of the deck, plunk. Ouch. That’s what could happen when you watch your dog chase a bunny instead of being careful with your camera. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ack! Now this is a true emergency! You'd asked about other cameras to consider some weeks ago. Did you have one in mind? A while ago, a photographer I admire recommended the Canon G7 (http://stilllifewith.com/2007/07/10/the-dslr-lovers-point-shoot/). I hope you find something you like, Mary.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oh, fu u u u u dge!!
One of my all time favorite movie lines!!

Sorry about the camera, so, in the spirit of moving on, what are you going to get?

I have some hummer pix to post but yours are so OSSUM they put mine to shame...

I won't tell Michael!

jane augenstein said...

Oh, Mary so sorry about your Kodak... sniff, sniff! I too dropped my Kodak a few years ago but thank goodness it didn't break, I still use it but not as much since I got my Canon Rebel XT. I LOVE it, Julie uses one like it too!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

BTW- I lovelovelovelove my Canon Rebel XTi. Love it.

Mary said...

Sorry, guys. Nope. No SLR for me. I'm a point & shoot gal. I love the Nikon, Canon Rebel, too, but I REFUSE to carry excess baggage. No lens changing for this grasshopper photographer and blogger. You'll see what I chose. Makes me nervous, though :o)

Anonymous said...

OH! Mary, I feel your pain- I am so fearful that my own kodak z612 might very well be on its last legs as well! It will be a hard act to follow- I will be glued to your blog to see what you have chosen to replace it- whatever you get will be magic in your hands, I'm sure!! Keep us all "posted"!
hugs, gretchen

jane augenstein said...

Mary, you are so right. The Canon is a pretty bulky camera but.......I still take it with me almost everywhere I go. The Kodak will fit in my purse so sometimes it goes along also. But I take the Kodak with me when I ride Gilly, much smaller and easier to handle on horseback!!!

KGMom said...

Well, you did the research a while back, asking everyone for camera recommendations. We'll just have to wait and see.
As for a whack and a clunk, are you sure that subliminally you didn't secretly WANT this to happen? Hmmmm?
BTW--the first photo makes the hummingbird look like it's made of glass. A cool effect.

beckie said...

Mary, we will keep your secret-mum's the word! I'll say it did a wonderful job of taking pictures while it lived. You and it are to be commended for always providing up with oh's and ah's shots. Hope you get your new one soon and enjoy it.

Heidi said...

*moment of silence*

Sorry Mary :( I have a Kodak EasyShare that I hardly ever use anymore. It's taken a similar bump as yours, but only once so far and luckily nothing happened. Probably on the next bump it'll die.

My DSLR has also only taken one, but it was a doozie! Not long after I had it - maybe a month - I somehow lost my grip (i think a dog helped me) and it tumbled and luckily did not land on the lens, but rather on the flash portion and the only issue it has is that the flash doesn't open as it originally did. I have to help it or the camera shuts down.

Whatever you end up with, I hope it takes as amazing photos of those hummers as your last one did!

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh what a shame! It's hard to imagine Mary without a camera. I have no doubt that you will see several "once in a lifetime" shots while you are without a camera.

Hope the new one is perfect.

Beth said...

oh Mary! I can't wait to see what you can do with a new camera--you certainly found great beauty with your old one.

Mary said...

Anne, Ack is right. That little affordable camera did a great job...

Lynne, f u u u u dge... What movie? I remember it in A Christmas Story? Where else?

Jane, I want to have my Kodak fixed so I can have a back-up. You're right - it fits easily in a pocket! Riding with Gilly is easy with a Kodak.

Gretchen, I plain wore it out. I carried it with me during waking hours for a long time... Go easy on it :o)

Donna, you're too funny. No, I didn't intend to kill it, by any means. It would have been a nice back-up camera behind a new one... I understand you're asking. LOL!

Beckie, it's OK, dear. Michael reads my blog on occasion... The camera was dying before I blew it anyway :o)

Red: "moment of silence" FUNNY! I'm worried that I won't be able to get the photos I have now. It might take me a while to learn how to use this new camera... My fingers are crossed. Pray for me.

Carolyn, I'm avoiding my regular stops like the grocery store pond. Chances are I'll see a Bald Eagle. I'd scream.

Annie in Austin said...

My old EasyShare broke a while back, too Mary... after some research we thought we bought a winner but it didn't work out.

I hope your new camera will be just right for your wonderful talents. Maybe I'll just wait one more week and copy your purchase!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

I sure hope your husband doesn't read your blog!

Also, Woot.com occasionally has a refurb Kodak EasyShare (10x optical zoom!) for around $100 or so. Almost snagged one during the last WootOff to have as a backup. Just gotta be patient for 'em to show up.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

May- A Christmas Story is what I was thinking of. I love that movie- it's a classic.

JeanMac said...

Ha! I love your true confession!

Susan Gets Native said...

We gather here today to mourn the loss of Mary's Camera.
This small but powerful eye into Mary's world dazzled us, awed us, and gave us hope and joy when we were in need.

Let's bring on the NEW ONE!

Mary, you without a camera is a day without sunshine.


The back view of the h-bird - exquisite. Sorry about your camera, though.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Sorry about your camera. You certainly mastered it and took fabulous pictures with it. I can't wait to see what you have selected!

Cheryl said...

Well dear Mary, your camera served you well....you produced wonderful photographs for us all to see....showing us wildlife around you....the joys and sadness in your life......BUT I feel the best is yet to come.......look forward to new camera and the work of a genius......

Mary C said...

Mary, I'm so sorry to hear about your Easy Share. I sure feel for you. I still enjoy my little point and shoot Easy Share, but I'm getting "restless" and thinking about a new one -- one that can take closer shots -- my Easy Share is a 10x zoom, and I'd love to have something a bit "stronger." I mentioned it to my kids recently about a Christmas present. But, like you, I won't give up my Easy Share. It still takes decent pix, and I really like the "video" mode which is something I probably won't have on my next camera.

Jayne said...

I was going to say... I have a Rebel XT body just sitting in the camera bag now...

I know what you mean in terms of having a readily available point and shoot and your photos look like they are taken with a nice SLR anyhow. :c) So sorry to hear about the Easy Share and can't wait to see what you chose Mary.

Anonymous said...

Mary, that was one good camera, and it lived a full and happy life. It died in the line of duty, not from wasting away on the shelf.

When I got my last Nikon, my grandson thought for sure he would get the old one. But no, I kept it for a back up, and to do close-up shots. Good thing, too. The d200 had to go to the Nikon hospital for five weeks last summer!

Anxious to see your next set of photos!

possumlady said...

Just when I was getting up the nerve to buy a souped-up Kodak like yours, you go ahead and buy a different brand!!

I still might get it though. Did your deceased Kodak have a video function? Like Mary C, I really enjoy having that on my very primitive Kodak ES

Can't wait to see the new photos!

Mary said...

Ya'll are cracking me up! A eulogy is very appropriate :o)

Christine, yes, my Kodak has a video function that I rarely used. My new camera will have one, also. I'd buy another Kodak but I've been wanting to upgrade a bit.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to try to get it repaired.

The Quacks of Life said...

well it has done you right proud Mary.

what are you getting?

Mary said...

Pete, you'll find out when I get it. Sometime next week, I hope.

The Quacks of Life said...


patience is something I don't have?

whilst a way this weekend I was walking around with two cameras, one per shoulder :D saves lens changing :D

I reckon it'll be a fuji or a panasonic......

Appalachian Lady said...

You take great photos with the point and shoot--I would stick with that. I have the SLR but hardly ever do anything but point and shoot@

Q said...

Dear Mary,

Drum roll.
The bugle is raised.
Day is done.

Sweet little point and shoot,
Thank you for seeing exactly what Mary told you to see.
May your retirement be joyful.

Looking forward to the next generation im photography!

BJ said...

Mary - I feel your camera pain! I had a Kodak Easyshare too....took lovely shots. But I wanted something a little better, more MP's. Bought a Sony point & shoot and loved-loved-loved it! Then the awful dread happened.....I dropped it and the lens was projected...so you can imagine the damage done. It broke my heart. Couldn't repair it. So I now have another Sony - little bigger and a little bulkier....but it takes great pictures. Someday....oh someday I will own an SLR!

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! No matter what camera.....you have the touch....or click or whatever! You get my drift? They are always just gorgeous! Love the H-bird shots.

Debbie said...

OH, dear, Mary! I remember you posting about your camera a while back. I guess your little "bump" will amp up the search.

Hope you find a replacement soon...I would hate to miss your great pictures.

Rose said...

Your camera served you so well and deserves a proper retirement. If you can get it fixed, that's even better---a little part-time work in retirement is always nice.

Can't wait to see what kind of new camera you get; I can't imagine how your photos could get any better!

Nora said...

Ohhhhh nooooooo...not the camera busted..and yes I know exactly how you feel....mine had to go to the camera hospital so I know a bit about that..and it is so sad...it was a great camera Mary but what did you get now...come on tell tell...

Ruth said...

That camera deserves its own glass case. It did a great job. But it takes a good photographer to take good pictures no matter what camera is used.

TR Ryan said...

You need to immortalize that camera - to think you can take these fantastic photos with a damn point and shoot kodak -- and here I am lugging around all this heavy equipment and sophisticated computer programs and you take better pictures at every single turn. I shall never take another picture.

By now surely you have the shakes -- needing that camera fix -- I hope you are in therapy. I have sure enjoyed your posts -- but on three hours sleep a night -- you would think me a drunk if I replied regularly. I've introduced my Chinese staff to your blog -- they call you the beautiful lady with the pretty pictures. You're on your way to be a star here too at the Millennium Heights hotel in Beijing.

Thanks for all the smiles.

jason said...

I know it's not what you intended, Mary, but I rather like the "broken" photograph of the hummingbird. There's a unique artistry in it. If you're like me, I bet you wish that had been on purpose!

As for the broken camera, I'm with you: It nearly brought tears to my eyes when my last camera gave up the ghost. I felt much better when I realized it was a good excuse to upgrade!

Donna said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry about your camera, Mary.

I know you're waiting patiently for your new one. :)

RuthieJ said...

RIP EasyShare--you've served your owner (and her blog readers) well.
Looking forward to new pics, Mare.....are you going to even give us a hint on what you're getting???

Julie Zickefoose said...

I got news for you

It ain't the camera that's so good

It's Mary.

I bet you'd like the Lumix (Panasonic) with Leica lens--a point and shoot that acts like an SLR. Can't wait to see what you chose.

Your hummer head shot is worthy of any magazine I've seen. As are your bug shots. You're amazing.

Akkk! My word verification is wzbird!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I think my EasyShare just died too! I didn't bump it but it just won't turn on anymore...I've tried everything! Oh well, I've had it for a few years now and it has served me well.

I just wanted to mention that your hummingbird pics are superb! Can you please tell me what setting you used to get such amazing close-up shots? My EasyShare (I may have the same one you had) is good, and I'm an "okay" photographer but I can never seem to master the proper setting for what I'm trying to achieve. I had better luck when I borrowed my friend's Canon Rebel, but your amazing photos now have me convinced that I NEED to get my EasyShare repaired! And buy a new lens for it, perhaps?

Mary said...

Kristina, I was using a Kodak EasyShare Z612 camera. When taking the hummingbird photos, I used the macro function, zoomed in, and waited for focusing. Then, snap away.

It's a great camera, very easy to use. I'd have mine repaired but I could purchase another for the same amount of money.

I just love my Fuji now - had it for two months and I'm still on a learning curve with it. I think in about 6 mos. to a year, I will have it almost mastered.

Thanks for you nice compliments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Turns out I don't have the same camera you did, but it's similar. Mine is the Z740...it's been discontinued and I'd like to buy something MUCH better, but I JUST bought a new place, so unfortunately plans for a new camera will have to wait! I haven't figured out how much it would cost to get the Z740 repaired yet. We'll see!