Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wild Weekend


The sunset on Friday looked like a warning. The storms didn’t arrive until Saturday night and dumped two inches of rain while we slept. That’s the way I like it. We need the rain but I’m glad I didn’t get blown away during all of my running around over the weekend. Gina and I went to the most beautiful bridal shower and the two days flew by. I did manage to schedule time for an hour nap each day. It was heavenly! Naps should be a requirement for healthy living.


Bella took a ride to the vet for a manicure. She’s the only dog I’ve owned that sits in the passenger seat quietly without standing at the window and watching the world go by. I encourage her to enjoy the scenery and savor the smells of fast food wafting through the air. No. She keeps her eye on me and the floor of the car. Sweet thang…


What a sissy man-dog. Mr. Biggins loves to visit and I don’t know why. My two girls play mind games with him and his treatment here is quite pathetic from a guy’s point of view. They tease him with toys and rip them away before he knows what happened. He just loves the females, no matter what!

Chloe is missing from this post. I’ll be sure to include my lovely old girl next time (as if she knows it…). Sorry, Chloe!


Gina and Billy bought a house and will go to settlement early June! One of the highlights in my lifetime was buying “our first house”. As to be expected, they are feeling overwhelmed and scared but they are very excited at the same time. I wonder how many hours they've spent in the home stores and furniture stores, dreaming of what they will do to make this house into their first home and castle.

I met them at the house this morning with their agent while they took window measurements and signed the final contract. Gina contracted ME to help do a thorough cleaning and put some paint on the walls before they move in. Billy and Michael will take care of the garage stuff, fence, and lighting things… I’m anxious to help them with some landscaping and…perhaps…a bird feeder station as her first housewarming gift. She said, “Mom! No feeders! I need blinds on the bathroom and bedroom windows first!” I understand that, but how can they resist seeing this from their kitchen window?


Or how about this view of an overweight Mourning Dove and a Red Winged Blackbird sucking the feeders dry? Ugh.


She’s getting a feeder from me and she’ll like it. My rule.

This morning the weather seemed calm and warm despite heavy storm clouds passing through. Later in the afternoon, the temperature dropped twenty-five degrees in one hour and we were pelted with heavy rain, wind, and hail. Very strange.


KGMom said...

Mary--first, the photo of the storm sky is WONDERFUL--so luminous.
Now, how exciting--the kids getting their first home. Of course a bird feeder is in order!
Bella looks quite the lady. So well-behaved.

Susan Gets Native said...

Damn skippy, Gina needs a feeder! She needs five! Everyone needs BIRD FEEDERS, for chrissakes.
Moving into a new place is so exciting and exhausting...all those blank walls and open space. I look back at the videos we took right after Geoff and I got married and bought this house and then I look around at the house now. Where did all this s*it come from????
Belle is a darling dog. (Nellie does the same thing.)
I miss my BT. Wonder if Geoff would have a conniption if I brought home a puppy?

entoto said...

Mary, your sky shot is beautiful. I hope Gina is happy in her new home. And I hope you enjoy helping her settle in.

LostRoses said...

Oh, definitely a birdfeeder for a housewarming gift! (She'll thank you for it later). How can she not want one? LOL

Unknown said...

Tell Gina we all voted that she NEEDS a bird feeder! :)

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm sorry, but I missed understanding how you got voted to do the cleaning and painting?

Couldn't they just have you over as their first dinner guest instead?


Jayne said...

Congratulations to Gina and Billy! How very exciting... your first house. Indeed, they need a feeder... well, along with those blinds.

We got the rain on Friday evening/Sat. morning, and then our temps dropped out too with a blustery breeze that made it feel like it was in the 30's. I keep thinking of the hummers that have already migrated and wonder if they'll survive this April here in the sunny South.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Blinds and shades will come but a feeding station is a true gift! Listening to the Gold Finches sing is so beautiful.
Blessings for your daughter and her first house.

Anonymous said...

I vote with the rest....I think bird feeders are a necessity, not a luxury. Congratulations to Gina and Billy on their first new home!
And that Bella is just so well behaved...what a cutie she is!
Oh...and the picture of the sky - beautiful and the finches are too Mary!

Annie in Austin said...

Oh, Mary, you are a good mother - doing all that work on the new nest. It sounds like fun to be part of the adventure. We had the opposite experience, since our daugher came to help us move in 2004.

If you need backup votes, here's mine - feeder first, window gewgaws later! Actually, I might put a Birdbath before the feeder... to establish a relationship with whatever nature is available in her new yard.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mary said...

Donna, the weekend storm was full of sky shots. I enjoy storms for that reason!

Susan, yes, they are worried about the open space. I told them it would fill up quickly! Geoff will probably at least roll his eyes at you...

Trixie, it will be fun for me to help out. I'm not fond of all the Lysol I'll use though!

Lost Roses, I caught her exclaim, "Hawk!" while she was driving a few weeks ago! LOL!

Liza, she knows she doesn't have a choice in the matter.

Laura, no, I'll help her clean the house and then I'll go home and make dinner for everyone. That's the way it is! She'll at least buy me lunch, though.

Jayne, I haven't seen hummers yet :o( It's so windy today the birds are struggling out there...

Sherry, thank for your wishes. You are right, the feeder will be the real gift.

Chrissie said...

Fantastic sky! We need rain too but we are all enjoying the warm weather :-) Lucky for you it rained at night.

Mary said...

Dorothy, thanks! The sights were beautiful over the weekend but I didn't take advantage of most of them.

Annie, good point. She'll need a water source.

Chris, we used to be warm...we're wearing heavy coats again.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Mary, first of all you look a lovely and caring mother! Love the new house of Gina and certainly she will love the fedder!
The sunset picture is stunning! Well done!
Last but not least, how cute is Bella! Sounds she adores you! I can see all that love in her eyes!

Thanks for your visit on my place and nice comment. Have a good week!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Sounds like a terrific weekend Mary. Your daughter is lucky to have such a wonderful Mom as you!

Heck yeah- a feeder!!

Anonymous said...

I know the location of my bird feeder is the first thing I think about when I moved into my last few apartments, houses, ect..

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B DAY-AND ANNIVERSARY!! Where did all these years go??? And Gina buying her first house?? how exciting!!!!! I will call sometime soon so we can catch up!!


Cathy said...

That's what we moms are for - helping our young'uns get their priorities right.
Bird feeder - #1 !
Bathroom blinds #2 !

You and Gina are so blessed to be sharing this adventure. I imagine they'll be lots of good-natured ribbing and paint-splattered hair as things get sparkly.

(Cover Chloe's ears) - That picture of Bella is still making me smile :0)