Monday, December 04, 2006

Seasonal Poetry

Gee, for over a week I complained about unseasonably warm weather. It was in the mid seventies, for goodness sake! Mother Nature has taken care of that. Tonight we'll shiver in bed and don the heavy coats in the morning, as we are expecting low twenties in the early morning. Brrrrrr! I've endured more frigid weather farther up north, but this is a shock to us southern folk. The koi in my pond will just drift into a slumber and will be fine, but I always check on them and hope I never see fishsicles!

This is my second post attempting Haiku. I didn't spend time on this and it shows. If anyone reads this, feel free to laugh...
Watching breath rise
Biting the extremities
Waking to winter.
This is a poem I recently received embedded in an e-mail forward. I love it.
a poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre
"SHIT it's cold."


Anonymous said...

The weather has been strange here too. We had an unbelievably warm summer and fall without any rain. Then for no reason at all, the rain came down in buckets. Then, a few weeks ago, there was the biggest snow storm. I am starting to notice that every year, the weather changes a little. Maybe, we all should be a little worried about that.

LauraHinNJ said...

Now that's my kind of poem!

Susan Gets Native said...

LOL ! ! !

Anonymous said...

LauraH stole my line! I love it!