Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dreary? Yes.

Weather. You just gotta accept it, but it has a mood altering affect on me.

Dark and wet on the way to work. All day pouring, non-stop. No wind. Always pouring, sometimes gentle, then gearing to hard downpours, crashing on the metal roof of the college so loudly that you needed to shout above it. All...day...long.

Arrived home and stopped at the end of the driveway to pick up the mail while rivers of rain drained from the hill I live on and rush down the street. Rushing fast, inches of water. The mesh tops of my sneakers I wore for protection allowed water to fill them and saturate my feet. So I slosh into the house.

Chilly inside...dogs awaken from the warm nests they made on my bed and are not eager to relieve themselves outside. Can't blame them much.

Chloe makes her way to the door, runs outside, eyes squinting, squats quickly. Good girl.

Bella took two steps onto the deck and made a U-turn.
Slid past me. Still sloshing in my shoes, I followed her. And she is escaping...trying to find a hiding place, jumping like a chimp in a cage from sofa to chair and back, over and over again, until I catch her and lift her meaty body into my arms, not knowing her stress caused a stream of pee to leak from one side of the sofa to the other, onto the same blanket I washed the night before, after an upchuck session she had. I almost laughed.

I carry her outside and stand in the pouring rain until she relieves herself, thinking, "My God! She's not a teacup Chihauha, for goodness sakes!" I am drenched. But she was good and I'm grateful. I still look like I fell into a lake. Sigh...

Back inside, I'm shivering. Started the oven for the pork roast dinner. Flipped on the fireplace. Flipped on some lights inside this dim house and changed into some cozy sweats. Lit a Yankee candle.

Donned a raincoat and filled the bird feeder while the doves watched me and fed the Koi.

Dinner was good and now may day is nearly done.

Played ball with Chloe and Bella inside the house several times until they crashed. And oh, washed the blanket again.

In his chair, Michael is snoring (at 8:26) with the remote control in his hand...tuned in to the History Channel.

This is all I can muster today. I think I'll pull the bed down now.


Jess Riley said...

The weather is equally poor here in Wisconsin...(but we've already had some snow; boo!!!) Hang in there; I hear mulled wine, garlic mashed potatoes, homemade macaroni and cheese, and dark chocolate help. ;)

Oh, and your dogs are adorable!

Mary said...

The phrase "Carolina Blue Skys" holds true. One dark and dreary day a month shouldn't matter...but sometimes it does.

Thanks, Jess.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Days like these are what haiku is for.

Five syllables
over seven syllables
over five.

Plus picture.
Voila, post. It's OK to have nothing days, and you're entertaining even on an off day.

Mr. Biggins is toooo cute.