Monday, October 09, 2006

Calm After Work

It will be a delicious weeknight! Michael left for Charleston this morning and won't return until Wednesday at dinnertime. Not that I want him out of the house. That's not the case at all. But instead of the usual evening being filled with clacking in the kitchen and my scurrying around to beat the clock, I can relax a little. Eat a slab of cheese and yogurt for dinner. Wahooo! Pour a glass of wine or two, depending on my energy level. Run the vac at 9pm if I have it in me. Ahhhh, life is good in the evenings without deadlines, and to be cherished, since there are too few of them for those who, like me, spend nine hours a day away from home.

I work at a very large community college in the Charlotte area and support public safety training. This arena is filled with military and law enforcement instructors, recruits and police cadets. We provide in-service training for correction officers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMT, flight crews - all first responders. I commend them all for their bravery and commitment; however, this is not a touchy-feely nor artsy group of people. So, when I arrive home from work I am ready for shoulder rubs and warm fuzzies in the form of some of my favorite things.

Lovely Bella..."When are you going to throw a ball? Now? Please, now?"

Bella lives for the moment. Not the brightest tool in the shed but knows when she wants action. A short and portly, gassy dog but we don't mind. A three-year old sweetheart. And if I knew how to post a link to Jane, I would. I'll learn how to do this, Jane! This is my second post and I need to educate myself!

"Throw that Ball! I"m ready!"

That's Chloe in the background, THE DIGGER. I am wondering if she has a mineral deficiency since she devours red clay like it's a delicacy.

Chloe: "Just turn around, Mom. I have some things to do."

Chloe is a whip. Constantly testing my IQ vs. hers. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. The digger extraordinaire, especially in her early years. She dug holes large enough to lay in them while I ran around the yard (my neighbors hooted), sprinkling tabasco sauce in her holes. Of course, it didn't work! I love her deeply and appreciate her tenacious spirit at the age of 10!

The pond. Tranquility. Serenity. This time of year, no screaming frogs - only the sound of the waterfall. There's nothing more soothing than this. My hummingbirds have fled, I think. They hung out near the pond for the past few months. I miss watching them.

Hungry Koi and goldfish offspring. They're not mixing with a million tadpoles anymore. The season is cooling and the pond will become still soon. But, for now, the sun is still shining, giving them strength, and they are growing beautifully. Gotta beware of those Great Blue Herons!!!!

All of this is my therapy. I would have loved to expound a little more tonight, but Blogger didn't help. I lost 3/4 of an entire post an hour ago and this process is a slow one. Maybe it's me or maybe it's my computer wherein lies the problem. But I had fun trying working this one out and life is good tonight. Will I push the vacuum at 8:15? Let me think about it.


Anonymous said...

Mary - this is great! I miss reading your stories so this is a wonderful way to keep in touch and hear all about Chloe and Bella and what mischevious things they've been up to. I can't wait to read your next blog! Keep it up. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

I agree with Sandy...I miss reading and hearing all your stories about your family and life in general. Keep up the good work and I bet we will be buying some of your stories in the future. I tell you one thing, you know how to keep my attention and give me a good laugh. P.S. I truly miss you!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Dear Mary,

You would be testing the blogging waters while Blogger is in a funk. It's a Slow Eater, Tiny Bite Taker these last few days. Tips: Give your jpegs names all runtogetherlikethis.jpg No capitals. No numbers or puntuation of any kind. Post one at a time for now. Make sure each one has .jpg after its name. If Blogger keeps refusing to post a particular image, just rename it. I had to do that twice last night. Call it screwyoublogger.jpg. See if it helps.
Glad to find you and the puppies on the Web. Shooting stars gotta shoot, writers gotta write. I'll be checking!