Sunday, December 09, 2012

Stinkin' Cute


Her default character is calm, content, and happy but Bella became eerily quiet last winter.   She knew she was missing something or someone. 

Who or what, and why?


She was missing Chloe, her Licker Sister of eight years.  I know it’s true.  And my heart was breaking for Bella as she was home alone too often.


But I was tired of dog work and

physically and emotionally exhausted after Chloe’s cancer.  

Nine months later,

I saw a Boston Terrier face on Facebook that made me giggle and swoon.


People made comments and suggestions that "maybe this is the one, Mary Moore Ferracci"…and so on.  Uh, shut up!

Aggravated by it all, I resisted for one day or three until

I lost my mind one afternoon in August.

Without thinking about it too much for fear that I would become reasonable and rational, I made a hasty and impulsive phone call.

I want!  (Do I? Really?)

Good grief, we’re having a baby boy in two weeks.

Jelly Belly Honey Pot will have a lil’ eight-week-old bro.

He shall be named RUDY.


Boston Terriers garner a multitude of nicknames based on their looks and characteristics during their lives and Rudy is no exception.




Mama, I'm having an awesome day!

Happy Gilmore!

Bella is playing with a Boston Terrier for the first time in four years.


She's getting lean and strong.



I guess you could say Rudy is a blessing...


He gets on my last nerve a lot.


That’s when I tell him, “You remind me of Chloe, your late sister!”

On the day we brought him home, we knew. 


She is with us again, in the body of a sweet little man who is

a gentler version of Our Dear Chloe.


How can anyone be angry at a face like this one?

He's Stinkin' Cute!


For several weeks, I felt like a new mother – always distracted and craving a nap. 

After all,

I am too old to be raising a goofy toddler.



Rudy is a good little man at five-and-a-half months, packaged in fourteen pounds of energy and happiness.


For him, every minute of his life has been a delightful surprise.

We laugh every day.  Looking for a good time with a dog that is low-shedding and smells like line-dried fresh linens?  Try a Boston Terrier - preferably TWO.



KathyW said...

Oooo, you did it! With lotsa pictures. Fabulous pictures! Rudy has grown so fast, yet that toddler stages seems to last soooo long, whic is why I have always resisted getting a puppy and opted for adult dogs to live with. 'Stinkin Cute' is right and it is a good thing, too!

Glad to see a post on your blog!
Kathy in Delray Beach

KGMom said...

Love it.
And, see, you didn't REALLY forget how to blog. Maybe you were just too tired.
Glad you're back, even if only for one blog.

Angie said...

Heart racing...full of delight...YESSSS she POSTED!!! Yeaaaaa!! And such a delightful post of her sweet Bella and her sweet new baby, Rudy---Oh dear, Mary dear, we have most definitely missed you and yours :D

Mary said...

Donna, Angie, Kathy ~~~ thank you. Posting on my blog is so different now, technically. I certainly DID forget! I'm rusty in everything, including writing and photography. Will practice!

Carol Michel said...

Hi Mary, Rudy is stinkin' cute, as you noted. Good to see you posting again, at least for today.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you!!
And so glad to see a post from you again!!

Murr Brewster said...

Hooray! Hooray! The stinking cuteness is their only defense against murder. When we got our Tater cat, we both wanted to take her back the first week. WAAAAY too much cat. But everyone settled down and now it's unthinkable.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Reading your writing and gazing at your photos is like climbing into a hot tub when you're been cold and sore all day. This is so beautiful and it makes me cry. I'm so glad you lost your mind that August day, Mary.

Wendy said...

OMG what a little heart-stealer! He's sweet, he's cute, he's adorable, he's simply awesome!!

I love those moments when we lose our minds. Heaven forbid rational thoughts come to steal our happiness! (I've had too many of those in my life).
Reminds me of the time you had an out-of-body experience. Somebody-who-was-not-Mary handed your charge card to the sales lady and you went home with vibrating mascara in your purse! LOL! Loved that post! Glad to see you're back.
And it's good that Bella has a brand-new little brother.

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, I know he is good for you...he has inspired you to write again! What a cutie! You (almost)make me want one! I love his face! (P.s. Rudy was the name of the first boy who ever (really) kissed me!)

The Quacks of Life said...


your post and the pics of Bella and the pup have put a big grin on my face!!


Rose said...

Oh, how could you resist?! Rudy is so darned adorable! So happy for you, Mary. Bella looks so happy, too, to have a new little brother. Your post put a smile on my face this morning:)

Jayne said...

So happy that Rudy came to you Mare and that he's brought such joy to Bella. :c)

PJ said...

OH MY...I've 'been away' and I'm coming back to my blogs this year and what do I see?...a PUPPYYYYYYY! OMgoodness, I'm so happy for your corner of the world! This has made my day!

JeanMac said...

ah, Mary, so glad I checked in! Much happiness for all of you.

Larry said...

Hi Mary,
Sorry about your loss but glad to see you have new joy in the family.My nana had a Boston Terrier and I thought it was an odd dog when I was a kid but these photos bring back memories. My grandmother was from Boston-an avid red Sox fan with the personality of Bette Davis so the Boston Terrier seemed the perfect fit.

Julie Zickefoose said...

That last photo and your words both KILL me. I'm reading this on a golden evening in North Dakota, because I cannot resist even with packing to do. Love you Mary, love your writing and your images and boy do I love those Boston beaners of yours. Bella. So sweet. Rudy. Adorable. Thank you. xoxoxo j.

bpadgett said...

Love seeing all those pictures of your two sweeties!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I was just cleaning up (looking for deleted blogs) while transferring from Google Reader to Feedly

OMG, Mary, he's adorable. And Bella looks so HAPPY.

It's weird and exciting how the energy from our furkids gets passed on to the next generation ... even when there's no genetic connection.

LostRoses said...

Mary, where are you? I'm sad to see my old blogger friends silent!

ZielonaMila said...

Fantastic post, fantastic dog:) Greetings

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Mother B said...

They are soo cute. Our son and daughter in law have a French bulldog. She doesn't much care for our German shepherd :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Rudy is six years old now! I was so excited when you brought him home as I thought there would be tons of pictures and stories about him to satisfy me for years. Having had two puppies myself recently I fully appreciate your words in this last post lol!

I still think of you often and miss you Mary, your blog, wonderful pictures, and stories of your life. I hope you and yours are well. Happy Thanksgiving :)