Monday, October 12, 2009

Worth Mentioning


A Ruby-throated Hummingbird perched for a long time at the nectar feeder around dinnertime yesterday. A week earlier, there were occasionally more than two in combat about the nectar. I probably won’t see another until spring and yep, that’s the way it is.


All plumped up, they’re on their way. Now every time I walk out back onto the deck, the dreary quiet reminds me they're gone. Tiny avian noisemakers, they were.

In my last post where I was very bugged about stuff, I forgot to mention it was my third blogging anniversary. Truthfully, I didn’t remember it until it was three days passed. My blogging career started quietly and slowly, picked up speed first year, reached its peak in the second year, and let’s just say the third year had room for improvement.

A look back at archived posts this weekend had me thinking,

Did I really say that?

Oh, God, I said that.

Did I really think these photos were worth showing?

Did I ever proofread anything?

How do I continue to write about nothing, post after post after post?

My blog is like the Jerry Seinfeld show – the show about nothing. I remember writing most of my 479 posts and returning to some of them again on a brief tour of Mary’s View left me with a smile or a teary eye. A few of them made me laugh out loud. Again. Others were downright embarrassing. Overall, I think I’ve grown and improved a bit. A tad. Maybe.

Have you ever been afraid to click Publish because you weren’t certain your post was sane? A quirky post is a direct reflection of your character, you know. Did you ever worry that no one would get your point? What an adrenaline rush to click publish knowing the entire world might conclude you are a geniune fruitcake! The courage and thrill! That sick stomach feeling…

It’s been fulfilling, fun, and a privilege to meet and befriend so many like-minded, incredibly great people. I think you get me or at least I hope you do.

More backyard stuff is on the way.

Sunny days and chilly nights. Koi love it like this.



Murr Brewster said...

479 posts? I have some catchin' up to do with your archives. I'm new at all this and now you've got me ALL NERVOUS.

Susan Ellis said...

Amazing isn't it, how the click of a little button can cause so much genuine angst! And I for one am very glad to have found your blog! Here's to 479 more (and then some).

Angie said...

Hey woman, we are SO GLAD we DO get you!!! :) You have a truly bright spot in my life the last year or so. :) Here's hoping there will more many more posts from you in the future. Hugs to Bella and Chloe from Dewey, Bayley and Marlee.

beckie said...

Mary, the quirky, fruitcakeness is what we all love about you. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is or at least how she sees it. :)

Congrats on your 3 year blogeversary! And keep them coming.

As always your photos are stunning! I am sure the hummer was grateful to find nectar still around to help him on his way.

Take care keep those gorgeous photos coming.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Congrats on your 3rd year. I think your photos are marvelous and it is fun to see what the narative will be. Keep up the good work.

Susan Gets Native said...

You're right, Mary. I don't get you at all.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

The hummingbird shots are wonderful! Happy belated blog anniversary!

Wendy said...

Congrats! Three years already! I've only been at it for 2 and I also see the peaks and flows. I can fully relate to the "did I really say that??" and all the angst at pressing the publish button (and sometimes deleting it 2 minutes later.)
Lovely photos of the hummer. Sad to see them go. Will miss those little flying jewels.

jason said...

So you still have hummingbirds, too? I've been surprised to see so many staying so far north. Well, they certainly gave you some absolutely stunning views!

Happy blogging anniversary, Mary! I'm glad you're still around. And I think every blogger has gone through those same questions (I certainly know I have--many times!). Here's hoping you're around for another three years--and then many, many more.

JeanMac said...

I always love your posts and pictures - but you know I'm quirky:)

Take comfort in that the little hummers will be back in the spring, Mary.

Jayne said...

Happy belated Blogiversary Mary!! We love you and "get" you fully. :c)

The Quacks of Life said...

Mary Mary Mary

I've written over 1600 posts of drivel. Worry not. just look at all the comments you get to see you are appreciated

Heather said...

Mary, I've never met ya, but I feel like I know you a little teeny bit (if for no other reason than b/c we are only separated by a few blogging acquaintances). Happy blog anniversary, and keep on talking 'bout "nothin'" - I enjoy it.

Word verification: undes... for a minute I thought it said undies. (Are there parental controls on these things?)

Beth said...

Happy Blogiversary, Mare. Glad I got to read you and finally meet you.


Caroline said...

From one possibly quirky fruitcake to another, I love reading blogs like yours and seeing what is going on in the world that is not South Dakota. Mini-vacations all over and the neatest people to know as cyberfriends.
I sure know what you mean about your look back! I have only been blogging since June, but those thoughts sure cross my mind every time I hit publish! Looking back, I can see my skill with the camera is getting better, and I am pleased with how writing on a blog has made me fine tune my words, I like how they are evolving.
Hurray for your 3 years of writing!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd. Keep blogging Mary. I enjoy reading your ramblings.

Annie in Austin said...

Congratulations on your third anniversary of blogging, Mary - and on those 479 posts full of stunning photos illustrating your individual voice.

I'm just catching up with the last few posts and hope you don't find it too trivial a question - did you ever figure out who Dorothy and Henry were?
Dorothy Gale and Uncle Henry from the Wizard of Oz immediately sprang to mind, making me wonder if your dad is a Judy Garland fan.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

sonia a. mascaro said...

Congratulations on your 3th years, Mary! Your photos always amaze me and I am glad I found your blog.

Crayons said...

Hi Mary,
Yes, I can relate to that. And the spelling errors always get me because I write in longhand.

The thing that strikes me about your blog is that you have devoted yourself mind and soul to this bird thing. I'm a Jill-of-all-trades, so I rarely get a sense of fulfillment like you must get.

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, if you get to missing the hummingbirds too much you can always come and visit me! I have them all winter! Happy blogaversary! You are a very good writer and photographer and I am so glad I got to meet you in person last year at New River! LOVE YOU!

Minerva said...

I have definitely paused over that publish button. I'm glad that you are continuing the blog. Your photos are amazing and your prose is inspiring.

Dawn Fine said...

congrats on sooo many posts! I have to say when u say still say everything...if you know what I mean..
you must be a least that is what I am getting from this..let me know if i am wrong..I pretty much say nothing in my just show shots and scenery...I dont have much to say...LOL..
you on the other had...say lots..with few words..

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous photos of the Hummingbird.

gretchen said...

We get you, Mary! And we love you! Congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary of Blogging and 479 BIG thank-yous for each and every wonderful post!

Kathie Brown said...

Dear friend, come see what I have for you!

RuthieJ said...

Here's to quirky! I love fruitcake!
Hugs from Minnesota