Friday, May 29, 2009

May Slipped Away

Where did it go? May, one of the best months of my year, slipped right through my fingers. I didn't even get to hold it.


Only seven dry May days. Unusual and nicely saturated, but I still complain.


Under clouds for many days and weeks affects my spirit.

And life is tiring, complicated
when most of it goes on inside a windowless office.

There’s much to tell but it will have to wait.


Until August, eleven-hour work days away from home will be a way of life. The wait is too long so I spend my short lunch break driving home to allow them a business trip. Old Chloe appreciates it. We’ll adjust to our prize at the end of the week - Fridays off.


There’s a bit of hummer action to cheer me up. When I’m ready to call it a day, they remind me to bring out the camera.


The occasional male or two I see are busy with courtship rituals and guarding nectar. I love that 180 loop.


Visited the large pond to find a Belted Kingfisher, but no


Growing. Been busy planting between rain showers.




Backyard and pond are very alive.


All of the above saves me. Every day.

Looking forward to June!

Perhaps I’ll find time to slow down and sit on the porch.


Iced tea.


jalynn01 said...

I know how you feel..The NR trip came and then all the editing and blogging and then catching up at home and in the yard and now it's almost June! Where or where did it go. And yes, I have a few visions in my head too...porch, coffee, sunshine, silence....peace!! Blessings to you Mary. Loved your dragonfly picture.

jason said...

I envy you all the rain, Mary. The drought here is killing wildlife and plants in great numbers. If you could, send some our way.

The photos are marvelous as always. The dragonfly is stunning! But the attitude and action in the Canada goose wins me over.

Keep your chin up!

possumlady said...

Our ground is saturated up here in the DC area too and we are expecting more severe thunderstorms later today.

I joke to friends that my home looks like it's in foreclosure due to the high grass but I'm sure my neighbors don't think it's funny!

The first cloud photo was breathtaking...

RuthieJ said...

Hang in there Mary! I hope June will be better for you. Your pictures are wonderful as usual -- especially the dragonfly!
Have a good weekend!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

So strange, this year you have the rain and we're dry up here.

Love your view through your camera May. I think now I could look at a group of photos and pick out yours. They are truly Mary's View."

Smooch Bella's gray nose for me and relax when you can.

word verification: shmenell!

Vickie said...

Lovely images. I'm glad all those beautiful living things lured you outside to enjoy them through your lens and share them with us. Hopefully, June will welcome in some lazy, sunny days for all of us.

jane augenstein said...

Oh, Mary! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pictures!!! The dragonfly is my favorite also; right where the heck did May go????
~Jane and Gilly~

KGMom said...

We've had lots of rain too.
And amen to pedicure--though I think I will substitute gin & tonic for iced tea.

Anonymous said...

You, Sunshine Lady, in a windowless office 11 hrs. a day? Sacrilege! I could scrounge up a posse with sledgehammers...maybe a skylight at least!? ;<)

We still have to get you to Wing Haven.

The cloud picture is awesome.

Wendy said...

Funny, I was sitting on the examining table in my gyne's office, staring at my toes, thinking it was high time I had a pedicure. Pink nailpolish all chipped and gross looking. Oh well, my gyne won't be looking at my toes!

I agree - where did May go??? The good months always slip by. And the cold ones take forever!!

I love the dragonfly! You can see through its' wings. And that canada goose in flight. Your pics are truly amazing.
Hugs - hope the rain ends soon. It's so dull here! Yuk!

Heidi said...

Rain? what's that?

It'll be a long time before we see it again. Things are brown already and it's not even June. Oh well... I get by with pretending the brown hills are the golden of "Golden California"

Dawn Fine said...

Really Beautiful Photos, Mary!
I could feel that looking your photos. that these are the things that make you at peace..that bring you your hectic schedule.
Truly beauteous.

Susan Ellis said...

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny in the Ottawa Valley. But I'm not sure if we'll be able to deal with it! Bright, cheerful, yellow?? We'll be brave and try to be friendly! (tongue firmly in cheek) Love the photos!!

Angie said...

Gorgeous photos, Mary! I often wonder how so much time can pass in such a blur---want to reach out and grab it, make it slow down a bit, but when you are working away from home for so many hours, then you REALLY lose all grasp on your time. Hurry August! Just for our dear Mary! Hug the girls. :)

BJ said...

Oh Mary....May did slip away. It seems like all of the month's slip away as I get older.

Your pictures are just beautiful! I too, love that dragonfly. I am fascinated by them.

Sounds like you've been busy....reflecting....thinking...
Stop doing that! Go get a pedicure! I feel like a queen as I sit there getting mine! Oh...what joy one of those brings me!

Peg Silloway said...

Mary, your exquisite photos are exactly the balm I need this morning. Been a long week in a good way with a conference in the Big Apple. Now I'm brain-fried and bone weary, but your honking flying goose, glistening hummer, and delicate dragonfly all added zest to my day. Thank you so much for sharing your spectacular photographic gifts.

Julie Zickefoose said...

OH, I wish I could be there to give you a hug, Mare. I want you to be a freelance photographer/writer, that's what I want for you. That shot of Chloe tugs my heart. Give the sweet, ornery girl a kiss on the stop for me.And the Canada goose photo is my favorite bird pic I have seen for a long, long time. Fan---tastic. And it loaded right away, even better...I have to try your blog five times usually to get it to load. Ol' country DSL!



JeanMac said...

Mary, take care of yourself. I love your pictures. They are so beautiful.

Kerri Farley said...

I know what you mean Mary! I feel like March, April and May just whizzed right by me!

These are lovely shots!

nikkipolani said...

Mary Mary. I've missed you and these gorgeously saturated images around your life. Hurray for rain and dramatic clouds and shiny dragonflies and stunning irises and fantastic feathers-in-flight shots.

A New England Life said...

Guess you don't have the summer off. What a bummer : (

Look at that great shot of the Canadian Goose! Very nice! Are you sure we have the same cameras? I swear your pictures are much nicer than mine.

The dreary weather drains me also. It can leave me feeling exhausted and depressed. Funny how it doesn't affect the dogs one bit though! It's great for the Hosta's too!

SaraG said...

WOW, wonderful wonderful photo's!!