Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pillow Crushers and Diggers


It’s a weekend for staying indoors and hanging out in the kitchen. Yep, that’s me lately ;-)

Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s our fourth and coldest winter here.


Perfect timing to have made a double batch of Zick dough and to stock up on seed. I’ll be sharing my Craisins, too.


Hold on, Forsythia.


My blood is too thin. I sit here bundled in layers, watching the flooding rains turn to ice and snow.

I have some very important decisions to make this weekend.

Life altering decisions.


Life altering, indeed. I need some real color on the walls that surround us. The four-year-old-builders’-choice-off-white – be gone! Rich, warm shades will do. I’m choosing some timeless, traditional colors and letting go of my previous conservative, neutral color-picking self. Michael is taking part in the decision-making process also. Ha. Ha. Gosh, he’s weird with paint. Ha. Ha.

We’ll have pizzazz and surprises around a few corners in this house. Our painter will have a ball this week! He'll paint while I'm at work. Yeah. Perfect arrangement.

Ugh. Five days of mess. It’s a lot of work. I’m uncovering some eyesores around the house while cleaning, clearing out lighted cabinets, and taking a real good look around…


For instance, take a look at what’s left of our two-year-old bedroom ensemble. The embroidered king comforter was already packed up and sent away months ago. Sigh…



We can’t have anything nice around here.

It’s our own fault.

Why? I’ll admit it.


Chloe and Bella love the bed.

They are pillow crushers and diggers.

Every night we lift the covers for the Bostons. Bella slinks under the covers to the end of the bed near our feet, licks herself for two minutes, inhales a three-second snort, then an exhale. Out like a light.

Chloe stays against my chest with covers up to her neck. Her head rests between our pillows or she’ll share mine. Nice to wake up to Boston Terrier morning breath on my cheek. Actually, I like the old girl close to me…

And, let’s not forget what happens when either of them eats too many human treats during the day. It’s called the “green cloud” at my house. It follows us, and sometimes the cloud wakes me and my burning eyes at 2:30 a.m. I roll over and curse.


We can’t (or won't) say no.



Does anyone know where I can buy an attractive canvas comforter?


possumlady said...

Oh I'm laughing here. I thought only cat owners had to deal with all the blanket pulls. No expensive bedcovers for me. It has to be machine washable and in a pattern so it won't show throw up and pee stains.

I think the mantra of multiple pet households is "I can never have anything nice around here!"

Looks like you are on the same weather pattern as my area!! I know so many folks are itching for spring but for me...let it snow!!!

Vickie said...

The joys and tribulations. Your comforter might last a little longer, but oh what you would miss without your babies. Besides, now you get to use all those creative juices indoors for a while.

Kim said...

Love the chipmunk picture! I was laughing out loud reading your post, especially the green cloud! HA!

I can't have anything nice in my house either. My cats make a mess of everything. When I bought my house 4 years ago it had wall to wall carpeting. It lasted 3 years before I had to rip it all out! Our fur babies are worth it though. Your two doggies look quite comfy on your bed!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I know about that builder's beige paint! The master bedroom is my next project. Let us see the end results.

I've been lamenting the same sentiments myself because I can't seem to keep things as clean as I'd like. Between the cat and the dog I feel like I'm swimming in pet hair right now. Lilly has taken to getting on the furniture this week and that is a huge no-no! I don't know what has gotten in to her!

Corey said...

Canvas . . you need burlap! Enjoy the new colors, I can't stand white walls.

KGMom said...

Yes, I do. ORVIS! They actually make bed covers for dog owners that are claw-resistant (my term, not theirs). Check it out!

Mary said...

Thanks, Donna. It's a good website and I think the king duvet cover might be a good bet!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Mary, Good luck with all of your snow!!!! Maybe you'll get some days off!!! The snow went totally around us and we didn't get much, maybe a dusting. This has been a very cold year for us also--but not much snow. Oh Well!!! I'm ready for spring...

Looks like your two babies rule the roost there. Have you asked them what colors they'd like??????? ha


Sherri said...

Loved the squirrel pick--cute as the dickens. We jave a red-shouldered hawk and an eagle in the neighborhood who are reducing our squirrel and chipmunk population...I hope they are also going after citrus rats. I don't see them, but I know they are around.

Great posts and I sympathize. Our "Beau" is pretty good...not a chewer and good on housebreaking, but rubs himself all over everything. My carpet shampooer gets a regular workout. :)


Oh those gorgeous girls. They have such dignified faces, don't they? I love them.

Charlie is an under-the-cover guy and takes advantage of us every morning after he gets up from his crate and has his morning outdoor constitutional. Eric said today that the middle blanket was Boston-scented. :O)

Tina said...

You know my mother used to have a saying...if you own pets you will always understand other pet owners if you never owned a pet..don't bother trying to explain...
We pet people seem to put up with a lot from our furry children..but what you get back in return is priceless!
cute post...good luck with the painting...and smile..spring is getting closer to arriving in your area than it is in mine!! We are expecting 8-10 inches of snow tonight :(

JeanMac said...

Can't use "attractive" and "canvas" in same sentence - sorry:) They do deserve the best Mary. Crazy what we tolerate fr our pets, eh?

A New England Life said...

So much going on in your post Mary! Cheeky chipmunks, cold weather, paint choices, askewed bedding . . . I hear you!

No Chipmunks in our yard yet, but I can certainly understand the stuffing my face part as I'm going to do just that shortly with a Pumpkin pie I'm making.

Darned this cold weather! Will it never end? So cruel of Mother Nature to play such a nasty trick on us all. Hope your Forsythia pulls through!

You have to email me with your paint colors Mary! I'm dying to know! I just painted white walls this past week in a huge beach house. She wasn't very daring in her color choices but it came out nice. I'll be going back in a month or two. Yippee!

Ahh, the bedding. Maybe put a sheet over the top of your blanket to protect it from pulls? I have a sheet or blanket on the end of the bed where Lily sleeps, that way I can wash it frequently and it saves our bedding. One thing about having dogs/cats sleep with you is that it can be hard to sleep! Or anything else ; )


Wendy said...

Oh you make me laugh! Doggy breath? Yuk - well could be worse. The green cloud, aromatic.

Love forsythia. Can't wait to see all the yellow bushes lighting up the yards.
Hope you get your canvas bed cover.
Oh, we have "funky" colours in our home. Our bathroom is a bright sea blue, kitchen a warm green. Hmmm, I guess the rest are just pastel. Oh well - have fun. It will be nice when it's all done.

Minerva said...

Thanks for that laugh! You are SO preaching to the choir! It's like you're talking about my house, right down to the green cloud! Only difference is the other snorty snorer is a pug.

Heidi said...

So that's what your big decision is! I sure don't envy you. Oh, to find that perfect shade that all agree on AND goes with what furniture you've already got. Fun fun fun. Good luck to ya!

RuthieJ said...

How could those innocent looking little puppehs have done all that damage??

This post cracked me up -- starting with that chubby-cheeked chipmunk!

I'm sorry to hear about your snowstorm--8 inches in one storm would be a lot even for us here in the north country.

Unknown said...

We were in transition all day: the weather couldn't decide what to do or which way to blow. Right now its cold and gusty, a stout wind from the north. It finally decided.

Diane AZ said...

It was 80 degrees in my neck of the woods today, sorry about your cold weather. I like the expression on your chipmunk's face, wonder what he's hiding in his cheeks. Your bedding looks so cozy with Chloe and Bella on it.

Susan Gets Native said...

You know, Mary...if you make some more snags on that blanket all over in a regular pattern, it will look intentional!
There. Problem solved.

Go with color, girlfriend!
Geoff is wary of colored walls, so to appease both of us, I tend to paint just one wall. Like in our bedroom: Three walls are white, one is bright sunny yellow. It works for us.

We have more problems with sofas than blankets. "Off the couch!" doesn't work with Nellie and Hooper. Doesn't work on the kids, either.

Jayne said...

Have fun picking out color Mary! Once you paint one wall, it won't do until ALL the walls have color. It's as if there is something in the paint fumes that makes you like a zombie... "Must paint walls... must add color." Can't wait to see what you all choose.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

They are worth it is all I can say. You will feel so spiffy when your house is painted. We did that a couple of years ago. I took the opportunity to take out all pictures and do dads that were clutter to me. Funny how objects of interest become clutter after awhile.

Anonymous said...

It was 7 degress here in Southwest Michigan this morning. No snow on the ground right now. Supposed to be 50 degrees by the end of the week. I have extreme envy over the forsythia. You will have to show us pictures of the walls after they've been painted. I know what you mean about pets on the bed. I have three cats. Love your blog.

jason said...

These photos of the sisters are absolutely fantastic, Mary! They're adorable. I do love the habits you explain--both human and canine alike.

I'm a bit surprised by the pulls in the bedding. Like possumlady, I thought that was the curse of feline homes only. Surprise! I guess not.

I hope you're surviving the latest winter blast. We missed all the snow and ice this time around, although the cold found us. It looks like most of the wintry precip headed in your direction. Stay warm and be careful!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Bill pointed out the pills on our gorgeous Guatemalan hand-pieced quilt the other day. Something having to do with chewing Nylabones on it...
I love these pictures of the sweet sweet girls. Oh, I just want to smooch them right on the lips!

It's pouring again on the third-to-last-day of my HOnduras trip. Which is why I'm reading blogs. Sigh. A world of fabulous birds awaits. Will we see any of them?

Anonymous said...

Color on the walls! Although, as you know, once you paint the walls, you notice how the carpet/wood floor looks ragged. So you replace the carpet/refinish the floor. Then the furniture looks drab. And on, and on.

Looks like you are getting snow as well. If you get snowed in, maybe you'll have a chance to write about your story with Kenn Kaufman. Lurking readers want to know!

Wayne, PA

NatureWoman said...

I wouldn't be able to say no to your dogs, either, Mary.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The girls are just being their wonderful selves. They are dear hearts.
Adding color will be will love it!
Did your forsythia survive the snows? I hope Spring comes gently this year. I can heart breaks please.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the things we do for our four-footed loved ones...

Anonymous said...

Mary, you have that nice new Ikea in Charlotte, and I've always bought groovy and very inexpensive duvet covers there. Our cat and two dogs are just as rough on our stuff, but it's no biggie with a $40 duvet cover that I can toss in the wash every week. Ikea is the pet owner's friend. Except on weekends, when it's a freaking nightmare.

We painted over the builder's white before we moved in. We chose green and brown, or chocolate brown and sky blue, depending on the room. I like to use two colors in a room; one wall is the accent wall. After 20-plus years of renting Navajo White apartments, I can't take white walls at all. De-press-ing! Go for it!

Mel said...

The girls are too cute to be mad at :)
I think you are taking a great decision, sometimes small changes like that make huge changes in our lives, our mood, and even our way to see life.
Ok, ok, maybe not HUGE, but big ;)
Have fun with the process! Reinvent it all!

Balisha said...

Hi Mary,
I'm here for my daily dose of humor. Love your posts about your furry kids. Aren't they the cutest? Anxiously waiting
your new colors.Just throw an old army blanket on the bed. LOL

amarkonmywall said...

Ha! Great post. I'm doing the chippy cheek overeating thing, too, lately. This is a wonderful series of photos with text leading up to the demise of the linens- and those cute as ever pups.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I hear ya, Mary!
With 5 cats flying to all corners of our bedroom, not only are our beds ratty, the woodwork takes a toll, too.

It's the price we pay for having animals in our life--I would do it all over agan, easily. A flawless house, I am not after--give me the well-loved look any day!

I toss a small polarfleece throw over our down comforter each morning. It gives just enough thickness to protect it from their slashing claws and catches and holds a lot of fur.

Plus, they're really pretty cheap, if they get horribly destroyed.

(my word's flowered...hmm?)

Rose said...

Mary, I can so relate to this! My bedroom hallway is currently strewn with chewed up pieces of newspaper. Why?--Because I got a new puppy over the weekend (post to come later). Looks like my redecorating, specifically replacing all the worn carpeting, will have to wait for a few months:)

I've decided I'd rather have the companionship of my animals than a house that could be in House and Garden:)

Congratulations on the bluebird visits, by the way!

Anonymous said...

TOO FUNNY! Mary, what would we do without you? We are all too familiar with the green cloud in this household, as well. And as for never being able to have anything nice? Well we can second that one, too! But I say, a house without dog hair (and/or cat hair, too), snagged furniture and breathable air quality is a house devoid of LOVE. As I pick yet another dog hair out of my cup of tea, and look down at the little b&w terrier face snorting sweetly in her sleep, I know I am blessed.

Cheryl said... big softie....I can't believe it....even I don't allow my dog on my bed, that is my space.
I can't stop smiling, you have made my day.....

Hope the decorating is gorgeous and you love it to bits......