Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sad Dog Face


I worried about the wildflower seeds. Thank goodness for garden hoses.

In advance, accept my apology for dwelling on Bella and Chloe once again. Bella seems to be pain-free on Prednisone. She’s on decreasing dosages now and for the next two weeks. Pain-free, I think, but also down-in-the-dumps. The poor little girl hasn’t played in twenty-four days! I assure her that she will play again but not today. This ordeal is breaking my heart.


Does she look happy? No. She’s depressed. Chloe’s depressed. I’m sad about it. You see, living with a Boston Terrier is a constant lively party. A sedentary, lackluster Boston Terrier is unnatural and strange.


So, the hours I enjoy working outdoors in the evenings are spent with them on my heels, wandering around the yard without their balls, hula-hoops, or tug-of-war socks. They dig holes for pleasure and help me trim around the gardens. By the time I’m finished and the sun begins to set, they’re almost tired but mostly bored.


In an attempt to liven things up, I bring cookies outside and announce a picnic. Yes, they know what a picnic is!

After the cookies are gobbled, they both look up to me and ask with sad dog faces,
“Is this all there is?”

I know it could be worse but I need to vent a little.

On a lighter note, the hummingbirds are getting wild.


He’s the Tactical Defense leader. No one sips nectar unless he’s sleeping. There are four feeders about ten feet apart and he doesn’t miss much action.



I prefer the female hummers. They aren’t shy and sometimes feel free to inspect me. We meet eye to eye, especially when I’m wearing a bright pink or red shirt.


I still have birds, yes I do. The woodpeckers, Chickadees, Titmice, are Cardinals are back in small numbers and every week I see more return for nuts and safflower seed. The Mocker never left its post, as I expected. I’ve seen a Bluebird perched on my mailbox and on the spot where the Mocker sits. They’re getting sips from the pond, I know.


If you look to the left in the photo above, there’s a seven-foot water hibiscus that’s grown so large that I had to tie it to the fence with fishing line. Last year, it only grew to two feet. Does this photo look like a pond? No, because I just dig and plant anywhere. My lack of pre-planning shows an overgrown mess.



This weekend I'll work on enthusiasm. It isn't Friday yet but right now, I’m consumed with visions of naps and a rainy weekend.
Enjoy yours!


KGMom said...

OOOO--that last photo makes it look hot--even at sunset.
Poor baby puppehs--minding the heat, hurting. At least Bella is--though, thankfully, a bit less.
My dog does very well on steroids--really perks her up. (And then she has to peee--I think I might have mentioned this!)
I keep doing my rain dance up here for you all in NC.


You can never have too many posts about the Bostons, Mary. :o)

Anonymous said...

Great post and beautiful pictures Mary!! Hope the licker sisters are back to their old selves real soon!


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Those are great shots of the hummingbirds! The males I had last year were vicious.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you for letting us know how sweet Bella is doing. We love her too!
Your "over grown" pond area looks lovely!
Hope you do get rain very soon.
The birds never were too far away.
Wonderful to see your Hummers.
Hope you can rest this weekend.

Susan Gets Native said...

Your dogs look....weird. Not wired and happy like they should. Poor babies.
I like your pond. If it was all planned and structured, it would look...structured.
See? I still have the dumb.
Too many programs and not enough brain cells.

Rose said...

I thought you said you weren't a gardener, Mary. If you can grow a 7-foot hibiscus, you're a gardener! I've found that even if you start out with a plan for your garden, plants often have a mind of their own. My main flowerbed looks like a jungle right now.

Glad Bella is feeling better; hope she and Chloe can play soon.

Anonymous said...

Prednisone is tough stuff. I have to take it if I get a bad asthma attack -- I call it a B*tch pill. No wonder your sweetie looks sad -- she doesn't want to be mean and grumpy but can't help it and that makes her meaner and grumpier and . . . well, you can see where this is going. She'll feel better soon!

Jayne said...

Hope Bella is back to her perky self, and soon. We're still woefully low on hummers here. I see only one or two at a time, and not even every day. Hope the weekend is full of rest and some nice rain.

NCmountainwoman said...

Sounds like this should be a veg-out weekend for you and for the Lickers. Relax, stay cool and do absolutely nothing.

JeanMac said...

Those doggies are human - I enjoy your stories. The other day I was pulling flowers from the veg. garden and my neighbor told me hummers were dive bombing me - behind my hat.We have lots of them this year.

Cheryl said...

HiMary....I love the pond area. I personally think it looks great.

Poor licker sisters, they do look sad. The thing is we can't explain to them, we just have to go with it. So hard. It will change have had a very rough patch all round....things will get better soon.

Hummers are beautiful, how I envy you having them in your garden.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor muttlies. They're lucky to have you to tag along with in the garden while Bella recouperates. And don't be so hard on yourself about the pond. You see a disorganized mess, but I see an amazing place to explore. Those super-organized gardens are a bore. Viva la messy!

Debbie said...

I'm sorry the L sisters are feeling so blue. Hmmm, maybe like the old days, a trip to the shore will help with thier meloncholy. Sorry, I don't mean to underplay their discomfort right now. I love dogs and it is hard when they are under the weather.

I love your photos...great hummers shots.

Oh, and I just love your iron regal looking...very nice.

TR Ryan said...

Beautiful post and magical pictures. You have an eye for beauty. My dog was on pred and when finally weaned off left with a low thyroid condition. She's pretty much back to normal now but has to take thyroid medication. The thought of your picnic with the licker sisters just makes my day.

BJ said...

Oh....hopefully your girls will be perky and up to their regular antics soon! We love our pets!

Thinking of you much. Have a wonderful week-end and try to stay cool. It's supposed to be 95 today! Ohhhhh.....gawd.....I hate the humidity. Summer in Maryland is hot-hot-hot! You know that one! Stay cool.

cookievf said...

Hi Mary!

I'm SO glad you found my blog & today I had the chance to discover YOURS!

I enjoyed reading all about Bella & Chloe and I'm sending a "puppy prayer" for Bella!

Such a pretty garden... it's PERFECT! And I'm especially enjoying your nature pics.

We've got lot's in common besides being about 2 mo apart in age! Aging parents, "random" gardeners, bird & pet lovers plus photography and R&B! lol

I will return again & again. And please be sure to check my latest post (by Sunday?) with pics of our 3-day-old bluebirds! Have a wonderful day!

- Vicki xo

Kerri Farley said...

Beautiful shots of the hummingbirds and the sunset! WOW!
Sorry Bella is depressed but GLAD she is pain free! Hopefully she'll be back to her normal frisky self soon!!

Crayons said...

You and the dogs make a great team. I'm glad you are there for them. The photos are just lovely. I like the one of the hummingbird in flight.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad to hear the meds are working. The girls will be back in routine in no time.

Your pond area looks exciting with all the plants looking so lush.

dmmgmfm said...

Your photos are wonderful, as always. I am sending perky Boston thoughts your way, dear Mary. I know how much you love your girls.


Wendy said...

Loved your pics. I like your pond anyway - nothing has to be perfect. Poor doggies - prednisone withdrawal isn't funny.
Didn't know there was such thing as a water hibiscus? Amazing!

Donna said...

Oh, your babies are so cute. I hope Chloe can play soon.

Love all the pics!


Larry said...

Nice dragonfly and sunset phots.The connection between our pets and us and us and our pets is amazing. They know when we aren't ourselves and we know the same about them.-How many ands did I use? is that too many ands?

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Your overgrown mess is what I'd call lovely!

Mel said...

I looove the dragonfly!!!