Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Postcard from Spring Break


Since my last post a week ago I’ve been laying around a lot. (Is it laying around or lying around, or none of the above?) Lying around, literally, on my front porch, eye to eye with this cute little lizard. Look into its eyes. It was waiting for sunshine, too.

Eleven days without sunshine is a shock to North Carolinians. We’re just stunned about it all. The rain is welcome and we did receive about six soaking days of it. Dark clouds, winds whipping our hair into an outrageous ghostly look, and temps fifteen degrees below normal gives us a case of the sleepies and a taste of seasonal affective disorder. Wimps, we are. Coats, sweats, and boots are back out of the closet while our spring-like winter has progressed to a winter-like spring.


A small roadside nursery I enjoy opened last week. I thought of driving by and not stopping in pouring rain. I’m glad I did walk with my umbrella because the Verbena baskets are the best I’ve seen.

My plans for a spring-like break from blogging to be outdoors were busted. I did not weed the gardens or take walks in rain and wind. I did take a few naps, bedded down early every night, and enjoyed some nice chill’in.

Honestly, I missed my blog, my blogroll, and my blogging friends but the fatigue summoned me to log off early in the evenings.

What else am I missing? Can anyone guess?


Two feeders have been waiting in the same locations they served last summer and I couldn’t resist purchasing two new ones. This little flower pot feeder near the pond is just too cute.

For a long time, there was a black hole of hummingbird migration inactivity around Charlotte. I still have not heard of any reports of sightings nearby. Along the coast, they’ve been seen in New England, for goodness sakes!


My hummingbird welcome gift. It's a potted Hibiscus tree and I don't know how to take care of it. This photo is not complete, in my eyes.

So, if the hummingbirds don’t come back after all of my efforts, I’ll be just about blown away with grief, dammit. A failure on my part or a freak of nature? This could happen: Out in the yard one day in mid-May I’ll have an out-of-body experience, lose all self control, curse to the sky, rip the feeders down, and stomp them in sort of a savage way, crying until I laugh. After all, I lost Barn Swallows because I screwed up royally, and I still entertain HOSP, Starlings, Grackles and fat-ass pigeons…I mean, how much can I take?


Somebody put the sun up today! My irritating day job (the cause of my irascible nature lately) is easing on my nerves a bit and I’m trying to pull myself out of this early spring funk. I’m still simplifying my life for a while but I plan to resume my blogging habits sooner than later! I’m working on myself. Thanks for bearing with me.


The Queen of Attitude.


Beth said...

I missed you. The hibiscus is beautiful, I'm sure the hummingbirds will find it and you will provide us still frozen New Englanders with beautiful pictures of them.

RuthieJ said...

All Hail the Queen!

Don't worry Mary, those hummingbirds WILL come back. They will remember your hospitality (I go through the same thing every spring until I actually spot the first one)

P.S. Your little lizard is quite handsome...I would let him hang out on my front porch too....especially if they like to eat box elder and asian lady bugs!

Anonymous said...

"Is it laying around or lying around, or none of the above?"

Well . . . it kinda depends on what you been doing -- were you getting busy or getting lazy? :)

Just trying to help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!! Missed you much!!

I have not seen a hummingbird yet so please don't think that they skipped only you so far...LOL...They'll be there soon!

Also...I finally saw a TUFTED TITMOUSE at my bird feeders. I am sooo excited!! There were several of them.


JeanMac said...

How big is that lizard? If he's small, he's cute:)

Mary said...

Hi Angie! I'm giving advice that I should listen to: be patient? LOL! Let me know ASAP when you see one. Jayne at Journey Through Grace had her first visitor over the weekend. So, we'll just wait.

Jean, that lizard was only two inches long from nose to tip of tail.

Anonymous said...

It is great hearing about your time off and love your photos! Things will be better as spring continues! Good seeing ya blogging pal!

Carol Michel said...

Hail to the Queen! Should I be putting up some hummingbird feeders soon? I want some of them to come to my garden, too.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Susan Gets Native said...

Despair not, Oh Mighty Queen.
They are just late. If you look at the maps for 2007 and this year, it seems that there is just a lag by about a week in some areas. It's okay....but I understand how you feel. My TRES are overdue, too.

Unknown said...

Mary take all the time you need to rest. The hummers will be there I know they will.

beckie said...

Mary, Good to have you back! I've missed your wit and your pictures. We, too, are experiencing a delay in spring. I keep checking the map to see if any one in your area has spotted a hummer...hang in there.

Jayne said...

They will soon come, and won't they be greeted by some cute feeders!! What a shot of your lizard! Sending hugs and smiles your way. :c)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

HRM, I dare say that there will be a hummer taking over your offerings in no time.

I just love the photo of the lizard. What a marvelous shot. They are so difficult to photograph I do appreciate your efforts.

Just think that all this rain is going to benefit your area. Maybe one of these fronts will blow in some hummers.

Kerri Farley said...

OH Mary, the HUMMERS will come back, I'm sure of it!! I LOVE those flower pot feeders....where did you find those??

And I love that Hibiscus....I want one....but I'm afraid it would die immediately...I am TERRIBLE with plants!

Your lizard is FAB too!

Stop by when you get a chance...yesterday I posted a shot of a Nuthatch eating out of my hubby's hand :)

Anonymous said...

Mary, I live in NC, too; and I haven't seen any hummers yet. They usually show up on my husband's birthday, which is today; so I'll probably spend the day monitoring my three feeders and won't get anything else done. Love your pictures!

Mary said...

Cindy, I know what you mean about "monitoring feeders" - I can't keep my eyes away from them :o) Let's hope we both get lucky today!

Stacey Olson said...

Take all the time you need. No explanation needed..

NCmountainwoman said...

We were also in a "dark hole" of hummingbird migration. They seemed to want stay in Upstate SC and not cross the mountain to see us, preferring to head west or east.

On Sunday, we finally had our first viewing of a gorgeous male. It whet our appetites, but we haven't seen him or any other hummer since then. But we know they are coming.

Mary said...

Lovely hibiscus and that new hummingbird feeder is really cute! I know they will lure your favorite hummingbirds in soon :-)

Annie in Austin said...

A couple of sites give Archilochus
as the genus name for your hummingbirds, Mary. So when you get depressed or cranky you can blame it on an Archilochus addiction. Does that sound better than irascible?

Hope the cure comes flying in very soon!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jess Riley said...

hello darling!

Oh, it's been so dreary and rainy in Wisconsin lately, too. Unspringly, to say the least. I wish the local nurseries would open soon. I'm so, so wanting to plant things!!!

KGMom said...

English teacher to the rescue--chickens lay; people lie. So you were lying around. . .I think. Unless you were laying, in which case Laura in NJ (or Delia) might be interested in your product.
As for being Queen of Attitude--sorry, you can't be. You abdicated! HA!
And, I find a cup of tea is a good cure for attitude.

Mel said...

I miss your posts when you decide to take a break, but I do understand it IS something you need from time to time :)
That new feeder is so cute!! Great pics!
Kisses from Peru!

Cheryl said...

Missed you loads Mary, love your attitude to.
Hope you are feeling chilled out and relaxed, you deserve that well earned rest.

The hummingbirds will find you soon Mary, especially with the beautiful feeder. I'd fly to south carolina to use that, lol.

Have good free blogging time Mary.

Donna said...

Mary you are so funny! It never fails, whenever I come over here you make me laugh.
I've been feeling the same way about this weather ~ I was really cravin' some sunshine (and warmth)!
Love your new hummingbird feeder and the hibiscus is beautiful!

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, that would be quite a show, but I hope you don't go through with it. The birds will come and bring you a smile again.

kate smudges said...

Hi Mary,

It's good to see a post from you - I didn't want to come over because I thought I'd find you still on break. I'm glad I did. Your lizard shot is impressive as is your Hibiscus... that will attract the Hummingbirds, says Kate staring into her dust-covered imitation crystal ball. It sometimes works...

I hope you get some sunshine and work continues to be less tiring. Thinking of you!

Peg Silloway said...

Your Majesty, we are happy to wait until YOU are ready to take up the blogging again. With postcards like this it is well worth the wait, as we knew it would be. Amazing the lizard picture, and the hibiscus has me so envious. Our hibiscus has been inside all winter and looking quite unhappy. Can't wait to give her warmth and sunshine again.

Hope your hummers are there soon.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
You my dear, are The Goddess of The Endless Summer. With coldness and cloudy skies of course you would be irritable...a Queen of the Endless Winter is playing with you! We will wack her into the far corners of the South Pole.
The Hummers will worries...they are waiting for things to warm up some...
Lovely pictures. I have not had the energy to do many photos.
I am still under the weather....I have been down for over a week. Early to bed for me too.
I also am on Hummingbird watch.

LauraHinNJ said...

Gsoh I love that lizard pic!

Enjoy your break, Mary! We'll be here for you to check in with.


Chrissie said...

Hello Queenie :-) Welcome back, we all missed you! I have two weeks hols from school but it cold and rainy outside. I took a paint brush the other day and just started to paint (the decorating kind, not art! LOL) Now I have to finish it before I go back to work! I'm sure your hummingbirds will be along soon, how could they resist!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mary! Well, I "monitored" my feeders from my lounge chair on the deck yesterday and saw my first hummer. Life is good! Cindy

Mary said...

Cindy, SO DID I! One pretty male last night at 7:29 p.m. :o) Life IS good!

Dorothy said...

Dear dear needed that break and that you got some rest, but I'm sorry the sun didn't shine for you.
Thanks for re-visiting me....I'm getting my inspiration for blogging back little by little.
PS: Your photos, as always, are wonderful!

Sending you biggest hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Glorious glorious photos, Mary. That last one put a smile on my face. I hope the hibiscus will do well for you and bring on many hummingbirds! My neighbor has a wall of the plants, and the hummers come to my garden for a break from the orgy ;-)

Sherry said...

Hi Mary,

I haven't seen hummingbirds here yet -- but, they -will- come back.

Great lizard photo, he really is cute!

Enjoy your break :)

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

I love that you're posting again! I've missed you, Mary. Your pictures are wonderful. That lizard is fantastic! Sorry that your weather is acting so contrary to spring! It's been beautiful here in CT, in the 70s and I'm loving it!

Texas Travelers said...

Amazing Verbena shot. This is one of the hardest flower colors to capture and get right.

Great shot !

Nice shot of the mighty lizard

I always enjoy your posts.

Larry said...

I hear you about the day job thing.-I give it my best but sometimes office politics drag me down and I don't even work in an office! I consulted with one of my hummingbird friends and they mentioned that they would soon be visiting your yard.