Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sunday Morning

At daybreak I heard commotion.


Carolina Wren left her nest, hopped across the front porch and flew away to my neighbor’s Dogwood tree where


she joined two Song Sparrows and made some noise




but not as loudly as a few Tufted Titmice. They didn’t sit still on Sunday morning but a little tart sat for me today.

It was a morning song fest of pent up energy that ended too quickly. If I could, I’d spend every daybreak on the porch. Beginning the day with a smile sets the tone. To see a few birds residing here without feeders is encouraging! However, I do miss those close-up photos.

If this entertainment wasn’t enough, I found a bird haven during my walk.


When the fire ants stop attacking I can walk one-half mile around the pond, close to its edge, and near the foliage that attracts a few birds I don’t often see in my backyard.




A young Weeping Willow stood firmly on Sunday, holding up two Eastern Bluebirds. On Monday, not. A second one fell today.


Do beavers work in still ponds? I want to find that beaver.

I heard Feeee-Beeee before I saw it.


Phoebe posed so nicely but far so away…



I wouldn’t ordinarily show this Sparrow as the photo isn't very good. The liquid background makes it a keeper for me.

Looking up,




We fell back an hour but I still wander in darkness. Do you?


Cheryl said...

Do I, of course I do......I wander whenever I can and I love the night garden....soooooo creepy......

that tree, what a shame.....would it be beavers??

Love the bird shots.....always do.......

Beth said...

It's hard not to wander in darkness in Maine this time of year. Dark at 7:00 a.m., dark at 4:00 p.m. I love the beaver tree, I guess they can be pesky sometimes. But I still love them.

Nicky said...

I stumbled onto your blog from Sherry's Zoo and Garden. Your photography is beautiful. What do you shoot with? The tuffed-titmouse is my favorite bird. We get a few throughout the summer at our feeders.


beckie said...

Mary, that's a beaver for sure. Is there a small creek nearby? Your wren looks so lovely, no wonder you enjoy her so. What a great area to walk. The scenery and the birds-it must be heaven.I am more of a night person so am used to wandering in the dark. Have a great weekend!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That pond is a sure bird magnet. Lovely photos of fall foliage. It sure looks like beaver gnawing to me. Amazing what they can do.

Anonymous said...

A friend who lives up near Roanoke has beaver issues on her creekside property. She says a pack of beavers is like a teenage boy with his first chainsaw. There's nary a young tree to be seen on her property these days.

Dog_geek said...

Oooooh! Beavers are so bad! I hope that whatever beaver mowed down that tree doesn't stick around, or pretty soon it won't be such a good place to find birds anymore!

KGMom said...

Sunset earlier, daylight leaving.
Great time of year--my fav.

My word verificatio--laterso!

Kathleen said...

We are wanderers. Do you wonder as you wander? Last night I was out until just after dark and it reminded me of playing outside as a kid. There is something special about autumn nights. Probably because we know they will soon be gone and it will be COLD.

I love your bird photos. Joyful!

Mary said...


Ruth said...

Beavers will be beavers. We have taken their habitat. Looks like our summer birds are all in your neighbourhood!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Mary! Yes you do have to find that beaver. You have a beautiful area for your walks.

I would walk at night, except for the past several days, we have had nothing but damp-rainy weather. Lisa

Wendy said...

What a shame that beaver destroyed that poor willow! There must be a beaver dam nearby.
Loved your birdies.
I too would like to wake up every morning and sit on the porch. Too cold now, of course.
And yes, I do wander in darkness.
But hey - only 6 weeks until the days start getting longer!

Mary said...

That's right, Ruth. There's an overwhelming amount of building and destruction of habitats nearby - they're misplaced - the poor beavers.

NCmountainwoman said...

The bird life there is looking up, Mary. Great photographs of some great little songsters.

I have no preference for standard time or daylight time...I just want us to have one time and stay on it year round. Let nature blanket us in darkness more gradually. That hour all at once messes up my little brain.

Anonymous said...

What a great walk. Being on my feet all day, it's hard to make myself take a walk but, of course, I need to do so. Sanity is a good thing.

Susan Gets Native said...

That "?" bird is a starling. But a pretty one.

I love your optimism, Mary. Tones of boredom, upcoming winter, whatever it is, you still find beauty wherever you go.
You rock.

Unknown said...

Great photos Mary. I'm particularly intrigued by the beaver felled tree. And I forgot to tell you, there was one family having a picnic up on King and Queen's Seat ... it was a little on the cold side. It's a great park.

Mary said...

Susan, NO! Say it ain't so! :o)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Mary, Beautiful pictures---I love your birds.. They can make beautiful music, can't they?

George and I sometimes take a night walk on the golf course path. We have those little lights that we wear on our heads (makes me feel like a coal miner --ha). BUT--if the moon is out, we can see without our lights. NEAT!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful series of images. The images of the birds look like they have a nice natural frame (made of those branches)...Thomas

Corey said...

Yeah, sorry Mary, Susan's right. Bummer, eh?

It's got to be a little creek nearby that's housing the beavers . . those little buggers are relentless.

Your pictures remind me that I really need a walk. Perhaps there will be time for that tomorrow, if the rain holds off!

jason said...

That night garden shot is very enticing. I want to sit there and chat and enjoy the weather and see the wildlife and... Well, just sit back and enjoy the surroundings.

Carolina wrens! I love them. Being this far south, I have plenty who show up and overwinter here. They march in groups of six or more under the bushes surrounding my patio, chatting all the way like a bunch of ol' gossips shopping while spilling the latest tale of neighborhood intrigue. That's very entertaining to watch!

I really love the beaver tree. There are some around here like that, although few of them fall over completely since the parks department wires up the tree as soon as they see beaver sign. Out in East Texas where my parents live, however, the beavers are allowed to do their business without interference--and that's always something I enjoy seeing (since I enjoy seeing nature at work without our interference).

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mare, I love that little tufted titmouse. I'm hoping some will show up in my backyard again this winter.
I'm guessing somebody's going to be royally pissed off when they see that a beaver's taken that willow down. I hope the beaver's get it for themselves before someone comes and removes it.
I am a nocturnal wanderer also, but usually 4 AM'ish....a great time to hear owls and migrating birds!

Rose said...

Oh, I'm a night wanderer, too, especially when the moon is full! I always enjoy your bird photos, Mary; to me, they're still close-ups. I've been spending some time each morning watching the different birds enjoy the berries on my flowering crab tree.
That beaver certainly did a number on the tree!

Naturegirl said...

Mary I always enjoy my birding walks when I come by! Oh my a beaver has been busy getting ready...well at least they are wise enough to know which way the tree must fall!
I want you to view some different birds that I saw while in Belgium and in particular stole my heart.
Love the glow in your pond area!Mine is covered and closed up for the season ahead..Brrrr.

Kim said...

I found this place last week and couldn't remember where it was so I am very happy to have found it again.

Your photos are wonderful! You must be the master of the zoom feature of your camera because the close ups are fantastic.

I LOVE your pond. You probably get a lot of water birds in your yard?

Tina said...

Mary, What a nice walk through your photos, and the music just added that nice touch to the quiet here in my house. Love your variety of photos..all very nice shots! Thank you!

Tina said...

lol..sorry, thought the music I was hearing came from your blog actually traveled with my laptop from another site. dah!! :(

Julie Zickefoose said...

Mary, can you send me a cropped hi-res version of that mystery bird photo? I can't see the bird well enough on your blog, so I went to your Flickr site, but I can't blow it up...I'll say that when I looked at it, I had the same question mark you did. I don't know what it is.

Was it blue??? Because it looks blue in the photo. Aggh! Hurry!

Science Chimp, jumping from foot to foot and scratching nervously

Kathie Brown said...

What a nice walk you had. I always love to see titmice. They are so cute!