Saturday, November 08, 2008

Motorized Mascara?

Elbows leaning on the Lancôme counter with a huge grin on my face, I asked the blonde pixie sales rep with big brown eyes, “What? Vibrating Mascara? Are you kidding?” I giggled and she smiled widely in return, “You must try it. It’s fabulous. I wear it all the time.”

Press a button on the wand and you get 7,000 oscillations per minute. Powermascara! How ludicrous.

I kindly told her I didn’t need mascara, especially the kind that costs $34, and that I’d browse a little more. I really wanted to spend just $29.50 to get the free gift which included a large black sack to carry my walking shoes and socks, bottled water, food, and other junk to work. So I circled the shiny counters about three or four times but didn’t see anything I needed or wanted besides a $95 jar of night cream for old skin which is completely out of the question. I could have purchased pressed powder…

That mascara tube with a mysterious little motor inside really intrigued me but I am a sensible person. Maybelline is just fine. For $6.99, it works. I lingered at the Oscillation Mascara display and for an instant, considered buying that new, high-tech mascara that reminded me of an electric toothbrush. Push a button and it does all the work for you! No sweat!

What happened next was an out-of-body/mind experience. From somewhere above, I watched myself hold the silver box in my hand and heard myself ask the pixie chick in a mechanical tone, “Can you ring me up, please?”


Who can drop $34 plus tax for mascara? A lady who drives a Mercedes SUV and wears sandals lined with colorful gemstones to her weekly spa and pedicure, that’s who. Not someone like Mary, who drives a 4-cylinder Honda, wears tennis shoes, loves sweatshirts, and sings loudly to Lou Bega’s Mambo No. 5 on her way to Wild Birds Unlimited, with precious coupons in her pocket.

I must be nuts. And, my oscillating, vibrating, mechanical, motorized mascara didn’t make a bit of difference. I do NOT look like that Lancôme model – yet. I’ll keep practicing. :-)

I’ll end this silly story with the last of autumn color. With a good breeze, it’s raining leaves here, post-peak.


Morning view at work.

Dusk, at the home of the lonely Muscovy duck.

Because of the recent drought conditions in the Carolinas, I haven’t seen color like this in at least four years!

On the other side of my street, there are Maples on the easement. My favorite color is red but Maples wear shades of red much better than I do.

We have Pin Oaks on our side of the street. They turned from green to brown this year. Ugh.

I still love the Oaks


and the sun beginning to set in early November.


Laurie and company said...

man, your pix are absolutely are my new favorite blog!

and I love your motorized mascara...I mean, really, what will they think of next? (those eyelashes are killer, huh?)...amazing.

do you take pictures professionally?

have a wonderful weekend, Mary!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mambo No. 5!! I think you deserve to pamper yourself with motorized mascara if you want to..LOL


Debbie said...

Mary, stunning photographs. I just love them.

Don't even get me going on people spending $34 on motorized mascara when children are starving! Geesh!

Unknown said...

That's peak leaf season if I ever saw it. And about the purchase: it sounds like you were the "Manchurian Consumer." But that's alright ... and as long as you didn't have too bad a case of "buyer's remorse," no harm no foul.

Mary said...

Debbie, you are absolutely right! I agree with your sentiments on frivolous spending when nations are hungry. I walked out of that department store knowing I had lost my mind. How could I lose my penny-pinching sense and spend my hard-earned $34 on a toy that I don't need on something so frivolous? I can't remember the last time I did something so unwise...

Anonymous said...

I totally relate you your vibrating mascara ... alright, I confess: I once spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 for a single candle at Bond 07 on Bleecker Street during my lunch break. I say "somewhere in the neighborhood" because I blanked out whatever the actual obscene price was. But ohmygod it was delicious: called "Little Italy" and redolent of blood oranges and maybe jasmine and made me feel fabulous while toiling away in my office. Totally, totally worth it.

Just promise not to tell Josh!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, it was $85! And at Bond No. 9, a totally different store--that's how much in denial I've been about it all this time. So my point is don't feel too bad about your vibescara. It could have been much worse!

KGMom said...

Oh Mary--this is a tee hee post! As for motorized mascara--well, at least you got the bag, right? Wasn't that worth it?
Keep practicing. . .any day now you will see your face morph in the mirror--presto--model Mary.

Mary said...

Oh, Iris! LOL! Haven't we all splurged, under cover?

Mary said...

Donna, yes! I got the bag I wanted! And rather ordinary mascara to boot!

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, Mary.

I will trade your $34 vibrating mascara for my $8 Loreal Turbo Volume`.

WTF? Do they think if something vibrates, we women will just run out to get it? Are we all looking sex-deprived or something?
: )

TR Ryan said...

Sweetheart - first thing you do is block blogger Debbie. Those kind of comments miss the whole point of your delightful, heartwarming post. Second, remember all the enormous good you do in the world uniquely qualifies you for two questionable purchases a year. You've got one more to go -- what will it be!!

Do you know how many starving children I have worked with this week? Hundreds, every day for ten days and I am offended at Debbie's comment. She should spend less time pointing fingers and get down here to the most impoverished country in the world and see what happens to Nicaragua when the USA's economy goes in the tank. I am reminded time and again that when we stop spending much of the world stops eating. Its wrong but its the way the world is wired at the moment. Do not apologize!!!!

Mary said...

Love you, Tim.

LauraHinNJ said...

(I'm sort of with TR on the get off pointing fingers and DO something instead, but that's just the social worker in me talking.)


That being said, I'd never spend that amount on mascara. A nice perfume is another story!

Did it make you at least feel like that Lancome model, Mary?

Beth said...

As the Loreal ads say - "you're worth it". You're worth $34! Tee, hee. Enjoy the vibrating mascara - we all need some silliness in our lives.


Unknown said...

Mary I also agree with Tim but I'm sure Debbie wasn't finger pointing just making a point.

All that aside I miss coming here and finally feel things getting back to normal.

I did giggle over your mascara and it doesn't hurt to pamper ourselves at times. I don't think any amount of money would make my natural lashes look lushes. Ha maybe fake ones. :)

Our fall color all fell this past week so I enjoyed seeing yours. Lovely photos.

Kerri Farley said...

Love your shots Mary!
Motorized mascara....what will they think of next??

A New England Life said...


We're all entitled to our brief moments of insanity. lol!

Love the fall pictures too. The colors are incredible this year, aren't they? Here too. The reflection picture is so pretty!


Jayne said...

LOL... I can just see me trying to motorize that on my lashes at 5:45 in the morning... it would be all over my cheeks! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Beautiful fall colors there. We also lost most of our leaves after Friday's rain. :c)

Dog_geek said...

Motorized mascara *snort*! That kind of reminds me of the "Power Scoop" - a vibrating kitty litter scoop, because we all know how hard it is to sift kitty litter through the scoop ourselves, without the help of technology and motors. Hee hee. (And I hope you don't start looking like that model - she's a little scary!)

NatureWoman said...

Motorized mascara? Wow! I'd probably accidentally poke it into my eye and that would be that.

I *love* your photos, Mary!

jane augenstein said...

Oh, my God, Mary..........tooo darned funny!! Don't put you eye out with that thing!!! (like the kid in Christmas Story who wanted the Red Rider BB gun...."You'll shoot you eye out!")
Love the photos of the tree colors.

Rose said...

Well, you may not look like the Lancome model, Mary, but you have the best-looking photographs:) It's been a beautiful fall, and I am sad to see all these bright colors slowly leave us.

My girls and I used to sing along to "Mambo No. 5" because he sings my daughter's name:)

BTW, I never go out of the house without mascara, but Maybelleine or Cover Girl work just fine for me, too.

beckie said...

Mary, I think your point is-we all do impulsive things that we later smack our heads and say, "DUH!!". But hey, we're human and entitled. And it made a wonderful story! :) Wow! you are having a lovely fall there too. That's your reward for having the drought. Good thought to you Mary.

Kathi said...

I, too, have made frivolous purchases in moments of temporary "shopper's insanity." Who hasn't? I'll bet even the pious Debbie has slipped once in her life. No additional people starved because you splurged, and who knows? Maybe Lancome corporation made a donation to a worthwhile charity because of it.

So, you succumbed to the temptation of "vibrating mascara" - just goes to show how great American marketers are. If they mechanize it, buyers will come, LOL! Besides, I can rationalize that purchase - "But I got a free bag with it!" (Or was it free mascara with purchase of the bag, which is what you really wanted?)

Don't try to look like that model, just be our Mary. I'll bet SHE can't take beautiful fall photos like you can!

~Kathi, tittering throughout this post

PS: My verif word is FERSURE

Carol Michel said...

Oh, Mary, we all have our moments when we buy some "motorized mascara", whatever it may be. But don't forget you got a 'free gift with purchase' and now you have something to carry all your stuff to work, after you've put on your motorized mascara, which makes you look good, feel good, ready to face the world. Really, it might just be priceless, and a bargain at $34.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Seeing November through your lens is fantastic. Do watch those eyelashes! I would not want anything to happen to your ability to get the great photograph.
Stay warm.

Tina said...

What lovely pictures you posted for me to see today! thank you ...
I enjoyed reading all those posted opinions..but just remember as my Mother used to say, the only one you have to live with is your own. Enjoy the day through those beautiful mascaraed-lashed eyes!

Anonymous said...

First, this is LOL a great post - the humor and self-awareness are evident, and I both enjoyed and related to the moment. I, too, have returned home and said to myself "I bought WHAT?????" upon occasion.

A little frivolity is good for the soul, the world, and the readers of your blog. Trust me, no one likes humorless zealots - they do their causes more harm than good. You don't have to be perfect to be good.

Who was it that said "good is better than evil because it's nicer"? :)

Now, to go find Mambo No 5 and listen to it ....

Chrissy said...

I was wondering about that mascara. So did you like the "motorized" experience of the mascara? By the way fantastic photos.

NCmountainwoman said...

Another delightful post! Who among us (well, the honest ones among us) has not made a silly spur-of-the-moment frivolous purchase? It does a body good.

Great photographs. I agree that for whatever reason, the trees have been as gorgeous as I've ever seen.

Mary said...

Everyone, I appreciate your comments - all of them.

Hey, I used the vibrating wand this morning with better results and the mascara itself smells like roses. Now, isn't that worth it?

And, Jane, no I did not shoot my eye out. LOL!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Mary, Haven't you heard that "Splurging is good for the Soul" before????? The only problem is to stay grounded wearing those news lashes.. I hope they don't start whirling and send you into the air --like TinkerBell!!!! ha ha

Angie said...

ROFLOL, I continue to be a 'Mary-wannabe'---I love your wit---and your style (gotta have those sweatshirts, girl!!)---hmmmm, should we all rush out for that 'oscillator'? :) Your photos are absolutely breathtaking---again! :) Hope you are having a lovely weekend. :) Hugs to Bella and Chloe from Dew and Badger.

Kim said...

Mary, I can totally identify. I have been really good lately, but have been known to impulse shop, especially if there is a gimic behind it!

You are going to look stunning with those new lashes of yours. You should for that amount of money LOL!

As always, great photos.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I nearly cracked up at the oscillating mascara drama. Who would believe such a thing if they hadn't seen it?? You needed a treat Mary. I hope you enjoy it.
Those last colors are beautiful especially the Muscovy pond.

BJ said...

OMG! Mary - you just made my day.....again!!!!! How funny! Funny that you bought it and funnier that you posted about your buy. Honest to goodness, I haven't heard of the oscillating mascara. But it sure makes for a great post!! And for lots of laughs.

Haven't well all splurged on something that we didn't need? If someone says they didn't, I'd be inclined to call them fibbers!!!! It is good for a woman's soul to treat herself.....afterall, if she doesn't treat herself, who's gonna treat her????? LOL.

The pictures are stunning. You have an eye for taking some wonderful shots. And thanks for reassuring me that it's okay to give in to sudden impulses when shopping the Lancome counter!!!

jason said...

That's hysterical, Mary! Absolutely, gut-wrenchingly, uproariously hysterical! I laughed aloud as I envisioned you in this out-of-body experience with the motorized mascara in one hand and holding out your credit card in the other, all the while your inside voice asking vehemently: "What in the world is going on here!?!?"

And as always, very beguiling photos. You capture so well the spirit of your visions as much as the substance.

Nicky said...

I think every lady needs to buy something so silly as motorized mascara every once in a while!

Never forget the added bonus of having something cool to blog about. Hope your weekend is superb!


Balisha said...

Hi Mary,
Why don't you go on UTube and let us watch while you use this new contraption? I was going to say...Don't put your eye out, but everyone beat me to it. Do you have a steady hand?

Donna said...

Beautiful fall photos, Mary. Love the colors.

I've never heard of oscillation mascara. How funny!

Aim said...

motorized mascara?~! heh, that's a new one! Your photos are fabulous as usual.

Corey said...

You're a riot . . you know, I splurged on the "discount club" at WBU last week and to my surprise, I got a tote bag as my free gift! How oddly parallel . .

Wendy said...

Oh Mary - you do make me laugh! And I needed it tonight. I've just spent all day on this computer trying to figure out how to get that blasted pic off my header. I downloaded it just for fun from and now I can't delete it. It won't let me!!! And on top of that I locked myself out of Blogger somehow.

All that to say, I really needed this laugh! Oscillating mascara - how funny!!! How could you possibly resist? Of course you need some "mad" purchases once in a while. I once spent fifty dollars on a pair of panties. Fifty - 50 - why? Because they went with a bra that I paid probably way more for. A bra I can understand - it does a lot of work for the money, but panties????
Heavens, I usually buy the store brand at $2.99.
Once again - this post was a hoot!

Wendy said...

Oh yeah - I love Mambo #5 too!!


Mary, will they let you return the mascara but keep the free gift? ;o)

As always, breathtaking photos.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I guess this is one of those times I can be glad I'm allergic to most of that stuff!?
Your leaf pictures are wonderful--and the reflected pool, too.
I'm so glad you're finding pretty things, even with drought, HOSP,...

Anonymous said...

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JeanMac said...

I love Lancome - the way I look at it, lots of people buy $20. wine without a blink and in a blink, it's gone - you have your product for a long time and it makes you beautiful.As usual, pics are great.
Actually, I love their creams and pay mucho for them but - - -

Naturegirl said...

Ah..Mary you are always good for an early morning giggle..especially when I think about my days working at the counters as one of those Lancome pixies...way back when Mary!
Love love the photo with the reflection...stunning image!Good job!
Observing life's quiet rhythms.
hugs NG

Unknown said...

Mary : I know nothing about Mascara (I sure S will know). The autumn colors are just fabulous...Thomas

Peg Silloway said...

LOL! And I completely understand the logic of buying a ridiculous product to get the freebie that you really want. A little insanity now and then is good for...well..the sanity. And who's to say that spending $34 on mascara and feeling guilty won't encourage someone to do more for the vast needs of others? I believe we need to allow for the rare brainless indulgence lest we become thunderingly overbearing and self-righteous.

Getting down off my soap box now, and enjoying your magnificent photos.

Treehugger said...

you have me laughing out loud, with your "motorized mascara" story! thanx, as I really needed that today! :)

Cheryl said...

Motorized we need it....really do we??

Love the photos.....beautiful autumnal colour.....we to have had a stunning autumn show.......

Corey said...

What's the Viagra guy trying to say?

And 54 comments . . sheesh! We know what topics get the nature bloggers going, don't we! LOL

Julie Zickefoose said...

Let's go for 55. We all have our motorized mascaras. Mine happens to be Origins. I walk in there and my eyes roll back in my head like a bird sunbathing and just about any darn thing my smooth little sales handler suggests, I buy. Speaking strictly for myself, when you hit the mid-century mark, pieces of your brain go soft and you find yourself needing things you didn't know exist. What we all love about you, Mare, is the way you turn the lens around on yourself. That, and the way you turn the lens on beauty.

Timmo. Everyone needs a Timmo, but only the lucky get one. You find out who loves ya sometimes, don't you? But I'd bet good money--$34, in fact, that Debbie didn't mean that anywhere near the way it came out. Y'all play nice, now.

And John, take your black-market Viagra and go get yourself a big tube of vibrating mascara.

Oh, I loved this post. Home run.

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, I can't believe you bought it but I hope you enjoy your new toy for awhile anyways! That's quite a show the leaves are putting on. The one of the orange and yellow maple leaves is positivly glowing! By the way, did you get the "free" bag you wanted?

dmmgmfm said...

You really must take some pics of your eyes after applying your motorized mascara.

Your photos, as always, are beautiful. The fall colors really are amazing there.

Fall always was my mom's favorite time of year, mine, not so much. However, in the past few years, I have decided that I am a fall kind of gal...and it is now my favorite season.

I wonder if that's because I'm in the fall of my years...


Anonymous said...

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Marimoy said...

came here via Wendy's site and I'm in love! :D This was quite hilarious and your pictures are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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