Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mockingbird Magnet


So I begin with an American Crow. Without backyard bird feeding action, I find myself raising the camera at anything, anywhere.


Rushed to the edge of the deck. A HAWK? Pffffft.

It’s quiet in the yard but there is one bird who hasn’t left. Not for an hour. Not for a day. I must be a Mocker magnet.


I’ve posted numerous Mockingbird photos in the past, some of them quite good, and have rambled on about them several times here. Why? Because wherever I go, they’re always with me, eyeing me up and posing for a photo. They’re dramatic, flashy, and aggressive but sing the sweetest melodies most of the year. Now is their quiet time.


Don’t think I don’t see you, weird lady.


Here’s a Mocker,


there’s a Mocker,


everywhere, another Mocker.

Last spring, there was one territorial guy who bullied the rest of the birds away from all food. This went on for several weeks while no one ate except him, and during that time I found a pile of gray feathers in the grass after a Cooper attack. Before I examined the feathers closely and discovered there was one less Mourning Dove on earth, I remember feeling overjoyed about the possible death of that one Mockingbird. To this day, I regret wishing the worst for him… How could I ?


Could this be the same bird I see every day? I don’t know as there are so many. It’s on a constant vigil, perched on a feederless feeder post. Perhaps it’s protecting the berries nearby.



It’s a banner year for berries here. Last year there were none and now we have quite an assortment.


Got any grapes? I pose for grapes. Or toss me some Skippers I can grab in midair. I'm up for it.


How about some peanut suet or those little worms I like? Huh?


Wait! Don’t take my picture just yet.

This is post #401 since October 2006, for what it's worth. In my usual haste, I breezed through #400, forgetting to mention this tidbit of info. It's been a very long and challenging week at the office. I nearly fell asleep putting this post together but there's only one day to bear before the weekend ;-) Enjoy!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I like your Mocker May!
Hang in's almost the weekend...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just love mockingbirds. I can't imagine wishing one away. They are so cocky. Ours usually come here during winter. It loves the berries in the garden. We often wonder where it goes during summer.As you asked, wondering if it is the same bird that returns or is there another? We rarely see two here. Just one spring there were two. We hoped they would nest in our garden but they didn't.

Mary said...

Almost, Linne. I am sooo tired and so ready...

Lisa, I know. I do regret my ill feelings last spring. You chose the perfect descriptive word for them: cocky! Yes!

Kathleen said...

I adore mockingbirds. I rarely see them here, but this summer a pair decided to nest nearby. What a joy it was to see them. I love to watch them dance and listen to their songs. I hope they return next spring. Mockingbirds are special and your photos of them, especially that last shot, make me smile.

KGMom said...

Happy 401 blog. I believe there is a special card for that!
As for mocking birds, they are among my favorites. I can easily recognize. . .because of their wonderful singing.
Almost fell asleep? Well, better to have that happen while blogging than while driving or some other critical activity.

Susan Gets Native said...

Mary dear, put those feeders back up. I worry for your psyche. Now you think the mockingbirds are following you.
: )

Rose said...

Remember, "It's a sin to kill a mockingbird. They do no harm but sing for everyone." I may have messed up the last part of that quote, but I always think of that line from one of my favorite books whenever I hear about mockingbirds. I love seeing all these fabulous photos of them.

Congratulations on #400; that's quite an accomplishment!

Tina said...

oh you are too funny, great post.. loved all the pics esp the last one..great capture!! Love visiting your post!Congrats!!

JeanMac said...

Yeah for Fridays!

Anonymous said...

You do have some really fantastic photographs here. And the Mockingbird is one I never get in my backyard. All my shots are of birds that fly into my back yard.

Kim said...

As always, great photos.

I am a mockingbird fan. There was one who sang all night on top of my house last year and while it annoyed me to no end, I was happy he chose my house to do it.

Enjoy your weekend and get some much deserved rest!

Balisha said...

It seems we are never satisfied with what we have...I want a mockingbird in my yard.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Love the pic's, Mary---and that gorgeous blue sky!!!!! The last picture made me laugh.. He truly wasn't ready to have his picture made, was he????? ha

beckie said...

Mary, He does seem to be posing for you. I suspect he's trying to get on your good side in hopes of you putting out feed again. Your pictures are beautiful. If only could capture a bird as close and clear....sigh. 401 posts! Hooray! Keep them coming, I love them.

NatureWoman said...

And now it's the weekend - yay!!! I love your mockingbirds, Mary!

A New England Life said...

Mockingbirds are wonderful, though a bit aggressive for sure. But you can't beat the songs they sing. Over and over again. Especially at 2:00 in the morning. lol!

Yes, you might be a Mocking Magnet. And to wish one dead? Shame on your evil thoughts Mary ; )



Unknown said...

You have a good eye Mary. I think with birds, once you tune in, the world sort of opens up. Birders are tunned in differently to the world around them: both with their eyes and ears.

Naturegirl said...

Mary I have never had the pleasure of seeing a Mockingbird up close!
I am also seeing the Coopers staring,
perched on my fence daily..I'm still feeding the birds..and it is the poor lone Dove that gets it!Usually in winter.
Mary that is a lot of posting 401!!!
Wow! I am so glad that somewhere in that number I joined your FAN CLUB!
Keep posting keep up the humor love ya!

truewonder said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you for visiting me,what a surprise to come here and find your post on the mockingbird. One(I do believe they are quite territorial-this one buzzes my peacock) comes to my farm every spring and always finds me overjoyed. I love the mocking, the squeals, the melody. Your posts and pics are beautiful, birds are sweet harbingers of all that is joyful. Take care-

Dog_geek said...

I will always have a soft spot for mockingbirds! When I was growing up, my dad had a mockingbird friend for years that would wait for him right outside the front door every morning. My dad would always have Raisin Bran for breakfast, and he would pick all the raisins out and give them to his mockingbird as he was leaving for work.

That last picture is great - it's hard to catch a mockingbird looking so undignified!

marmee said...

i have just read a few of your post and i have to laugh at the mascara one. nobody looks like that model not even her. i am sure she has been tweaked.

Sandra Evertson said...

I love the photo of the crow, I wish I knew what he has in his mouth?!
Sandra Evertson

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Mr. Mocker is a true friend!
He seems to love you!
Hope ypu can relax this weekend!