Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stalking Gas Tankers

All is well here in Beano land, I guess. Yes, we are gasless.

When we were informed fuel would arrive, it didn’t. We’re still waiting while gas tankers stop by and randomly deliver a few gallons here and there. Panic-stricken motorists drive several miles on interstates following those tankers, wasting away their one-eighth tank, and line up at the pumps fearing the worst – the freakin’ guy ahead of you took the last drop of regular and your idiot light tells you that you’re driving on fumes. Many run out of gas before they reach the pump and kind people who already pumped their gas might help with a push; however, what made the nightly news are the battles for places in line and punches thrown. How nice! It’s yet another major hiccup in the good old US of A, revealing our increasing dependency on fuel. A ridiculous, man-made crisis, indeed.

Right now, I have one-third tank of gas which will get me to work for the rest of the week if I coast down hills in neutral, turn off the A/C, and drive under the speed limit (impossible). I worry for those who don’t have the option of working from home. I’ll probably work from home a day or two this week or buy a bike. But we don’t have bike lanes! Yay! I’m off the hook!

This situation reminds me of blizzards. Don’t laugh. We’re housebound, so I cook. I don’t even like to cook. And I certainly don’t need to eat.

There is good news! Storm No Name off the coast moved west and graced us with a slow soaker for two straight days and brought some chilly weather with it.

My bird feeders are stored in the garage for a few weeks or months. That’s another story I’ll tell this week. I found a bird, not clinging on a feeder, in the rain. Imagine that.


Hmmpf. My first autumn shower and I have an audience.

I’m a little uncomfortable here. Do you have any seeds? Where are the seeds?

No seeds? No privacy? Life sucks, man.

Stop laughing at me or I’m out of here.

Dude. Got any Brylcream?

On to dogs.


Meet Junior, a neighbor. I couldn’t resist taking this photo from my driver seat on the way to work. He’s waiting for his family to walk him to the school bus stop. I think Junior enjoys his morning quiet time on the front porch because he lives with three elementary school children. Do you blame him? Are English Bulldogs hunks of love, or what?

Take a look at old photos of my own hunks of love. It’s been too long since they’ve appeared on my blog.

My grand-dog Bam. Always happy, just to BE.

My grand-dog Mr. Biggins, Bam's older sibling. He’s a sissy under that tough exterior.

My girls. Love those googly eyes.


nina at Nature Remains. said...

It's an eye-opener--realizing that we stalk gas tankers and fist-fight for fuel.
But as sad as it is, maybe it will be the impetus needed for some changes in thinking--changes about what this country "runs" on, and where from.

Hang in, Mary, and cook up a storm! Enjoy your time housebound--I know you'll put it to good use!

Beth said...

It's all getting kind of scary, isn't it. It makes me want to stay home and cook and read and be quiet and still until it all passes.

Jayne said...

Most stations I passed last night on the way home from a work related cookout were out of gas again. I had less than 1/4 tank and decided I'd better fill up to get me through the week. I finally found a station down the highway, off the beaten path, that still had at least some regular unleaded, and thankfully topped off. As I pumped, I thought about what you said Mary. How much longer can our need and addiction be sustained? Why, in this day and time, are there not other options? It's crazy. You can't tell me we can put a space station in orbit, and yet can't already have alternative fuel sources. Please.

(LOL... my verification just now is "ppppt")

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The price of gasoline is dropping here. Down to 3.09...why we have lots and you have none is a concern.
I agree with Nina maybe people will think about how much our country needs to change. I vote for solar cars with tops that come down and stainless steel water bottles for every one.
Mr. Cardnal looks hungry sitting in a Dogwood? Lovely Autumn photos.
Your pups are the cutest.
You just might get spoilt being a work at home body! I love it.
Thank goodness you had some rain.

NCmountainwoman said...

We aren't having any fighting over gas here...we just don't have any gas to fight over! We are so far off the beaten path that last week only two stations got any gas at all.

Like you, we are hunkered down as if for a blizzard. We figure as long as we have enough gas to get to the hospital or the vet, we will be all right and ride out the "storm."

Love the cardinal in the rain.

Cheryl said...

Petrol is a huge problem everywhere....our prices are so high it is unbelievable......I have converted to LPG, its cheaper and readily available....

Your doggie photos moved me to old dog has had a stroke today....a trip to the vets, steroid jab, and we is not looking good at the moment.....

BUT you know I love your dogs and English Bulldogs are the tops.....

sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog anniversary! I am so glad to have your friendship.

I enjoyed very much seeing your gorgeous photos of nature and also your lovely photos of your dear pets.

A big hug to you!

NatureWoman said...

What's the reason they're giving for the gas shortage? What a PITA. Reminds me of the late 70's and how boring that was to wait in gas lines.

possumlady said...

Hi Mary, I was shocked when I read your message yesterday about driving around looking for gas. What is going on around here??? I'm not that far away from you all and we've not had any problems.

Love the photos of the googly eyed sisters, of Mr. Biggins and Bam. One of my goals when I retire is to get myself a rescued bulldog!

Mary said...

Hi all,

Pam and Chrissy are wondering and you might be wondering how this happened. I see Sherry is paying 3.09 for gas in Missouri! We were paying 3.70 until Ike hit the Texas oil refineries. Within 24 ours our gas prices soared to 4.19. Two of the refineries there on the Gulf (I think there are 8) were shut down. These two are the ones we count on for distribution in the southeast. So that's the story, OR SO WE'RE TOLD.

Gass-free in NC,

beckie said...

Mary, of course we need to do something about our dependency on oil and gas and I think we are working on it, but a slower than a snail's pace. What really ticks me off is how we are being manipulated by the oil companies. The possiblity of a gulf dtorm spreads panic and results in drastically higher fuel prices. But when it doesn't happen prices go down so very slowly. Now you are being told your fuel came from mostly those refineries?! What a crock! The other refineries are producing, and they can haul from those into other areas??!!

I'm sorry about the tirade, I just get so frustrated when I see injustices. I do feel for you and realize there is not much you can do except hang in there.

Love seeing the girls and the grand dogs. Biggin look like he is completely out numbered!

jason said...

I totally envy you your cardinal photos, Mary! I wish I could get that close. Perhaps if I put up some feeders with the appropriate goodies...

I'm sorry to hear about the fuel shortage. I know we've had a few bumps with that here in Dallas, what with showing up at a gas station only to find they don't have any, but it's not been anywhere near as bad here as it's been elsewhere. I assume that's because so much of the nation's gas starts right here in Texas, so it'd be difficult to explain why we don't have any when we're the folks making it and trucking it out to other places.

Still, you have my sympathies for the hardship. Hopefully it'll get better soon for everyone.

KGMom said...

Apparently, part of what is going on is a regional distribution system that allows shortages in some areas (especially when things like hurricanes interrupt the flow).
Overall--it seems the solution in part will have to be reducing demand.
For now--it is really scary.

Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for your words Mary.....more calls to the vet this evening.......Polly is sleeping at the moment but stumbles and fall when she gets up......I have a visit with the vet first thing in the heart is heavy but where there is life there is hope........

BJ said...

Well, gosh Mary! Sorry that you have to stay in and cook!!!!! That is bummers! Seriously, I hadn't realized that certain areas were having trouble finding gasoline. I just came back from a trip to Salisbury where I paid $3.43 a gallon. Seems like there are no shortages there or here in Forest Hill. My nephew in Tennessee told my sister that there are shortages there too.

Love the pictures and the commentary too. As always, you make me laugh......that's a good thing!!!!!

Ruth said...

I didn't realize there were localized gas shortages. Our prices have dropped (still way too high). Unfortunately, I could never work at home but we do have good bus service if it came down to that. I like your cardinal pics.

Wendy said...

Wow - I didn't realize there were fist-fights over gas? Whoa - what is this crazy world coming to?
Loved your pics of the cardinal.
Brylcream? Haven't heard that term in years! LOL!
Hope you have enough gas until you can fill up again.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How awful that your area isn't getting the needed gas. You will just have to stay home and enjoy your cooking time.

Love the doggies. Luna (my dog) loves to sit out on the back step these crisp mornings. I think she just loves the cooler weather.

JeanMac said...

"So far" only one particular place ran out of gas.
Always love your doggy pics, Mary.

Rose said...

Where have I been? Obviously, I haven't been watching the news--I had no idea there was a gas shortage. Our gas prices have dropped, but not as low as Sherry's. Good thing you can work from home for a couple days if needed.
Other than going to work, you don't need to drive far for entertainment, Mary. With Bam, Mr. Bingles, and the girls to watch, who needs to go to a movie?:)

Gretchen said...

Great photos! I can't imagine not being able to run to the corner and filling up the tank!

Dog_geek said...

Love the photos of the cardinal (it looks like he's trying to blend in with the red leaves) but of course I love the dog photos even more! I'll be sending good gas tanker vibes your way - hopefully things will normalize ASAP!

PJ said...

Soooooo many great pictures to comment on...not enough space ;) I love your humming bird tribute and your yard pics. I always like your acedemy pics aswell! gas....I'm thinking at half a tank I might just go get some and some coffee! thanks for reminding me!

Naturegirl said...

Oh Mary Mary Mary always make me chuckle when I stop by!! I love your heart and your sense of humor!!

Susan Gets Native said...

I'm shouting the F word a whole bunch right now, Mary. Just for YOU>

Robin's Nesting Place said...

The gas crisis is pretty frightening, as is the dire economic news.

Your cardinal and doggy pictures are a very nice distraction!


Hi Mary :o)

I don't know where I've been - I did not know there were gas shortages. (What does that say about me? Argh.)

I hope it eases up soon for everyone affected.

The dog photos are the best. Love the dogs and the accompanying text. :o)

Unknown said...

The cardinal images are incredible. This one seems to be blending with the colors of autumn.

The Quacks of Life said...

why the petrol shortage?

I find it depressing that in 2008 they can't get a car to run on something other than flipping petrol.

Anonymous said...