Sunday, September 14, 2008

Enough of Summer


Summer isn't waning here. Most of the annuals are showing signs of exhaustion as I am.


My days of summer sun-loving are gone. That's funny, since I’m truly a summer person at heart. It’s been my favorite season for decades and I still wear a palette of cool summer shades throughout the year…soft white, cocoa brown, mink brown, aquarium blue, powder gray, smoky gray, smoky rose, cameo pink, pastel violet, sky blue, French blue, good old navy, mauve, amethyst, grape, plum, aqua, banana yellow, ocean spray green. I’ve added shades of red to my wardrobe. Red speaks volumes when you're so inclined. Oh, and black for those damned puffy days. Does anyone remember “Beauty for All Seasons” parties in the 80’s? I do. And I still have that palette in my nightstand.

For years, I’d constantly seek out the summer sun, close my eyes and let it wrinkle my smiling face. Now I look for shady patches outdoors, in a hurry. Evening shade is the best, where I prefer to spend my summer.


Bring on autumn already! Socks, sweaters, soup.


The sun at high noon in November through March is sweet. The bees will return.


A stroll behind the campus surprised me. While tip-toeing around fire anthills the size of loaves of bread I found this. Odd…

I found some autumn colors there.


What a lovely green spider. A lifer ;-)

There are certain summer treasures I’d rather not let go…

We’re getting close to exit interviews. What a joy they are.

Anyone ready for cool breezes through open windows and blankets at night?


The Quacks of Life said...

I'm first for once!!!

I'd like a summer please!! honestly its been awful grey grey grey and wet wet wet

still i got some sun this weekend

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

It's feeling like fall here in Minnesota today- 59 degrees, gray skies and rain. The forecast is for a low tonight of 44 degrees!!
Do-do-do-do dooo! I'm lovin' it!!!

What's with the crime scene tape car? It looks like those weeds are growing through the side of the car.

I'm sending some of our cool/wet you way May. :)

Kerri Farley said...

We actually had some cool days a few weeks got down to 48 one night. I do love Fall temps...but I really don't like Winter temps!

Love the Monarch shot...and of course the hummer!!

Carol Michel said...

Wow, Mary, you've got quite a color pallet there for your wardrobe. My pallet is "green". I could obviously use a color analysis. I do remember those, but didn't have one done for me.

I would like summer if it would be like July was here this year. Quite pleasant. If it is going to be like August, "good bye"! But it's not the fall that I mind, it's that darn cold winter that follows it!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

BJ said...

Oh yes! Please some quickly Fall! I am so over the Summer and we didn't even have a really hot Summer in Maryland. I think today might be one of the hottest though. I'm so done with it....I want cool nights, open windows and light blankets on the bed. I want leaves changing colors into those vibrant orange and golds.

Your pics are fab! Keep 'em coming!

Ruth said...

Come north Mary!

RuthieJ said...

Hey Mare,
it's 52 degrees here as I write this....finally I can wear sweatshirts again! But like you I'm reluctant to say good-bye to those sweet little hummers.
P.S. I think you and I are the same color palette!

Heidi said...

we're already having those cool breezes at night with blankets... but then again, that's pretty typical spring, early summer, late summer, and fall. only July and August are no fun.

As for those color parties... I remember, lol. I was/am a fall. Although my favorite season is spring, my favorite colors to wear are red, dark red, orange and browns. Well, that is of course usually with black my very favorite "color".

Hope you get your fall soon - but with a few straggling hummers :)

Alan Pulley said...

Hey Mary,

YES, I'm definitely ready for some cooler weather. We had temps in the mid 90s today. I know you guys were probably hot today also being that your just a little further south than I am.
However, your photos look great!

NCmountainwoman said...

After so many hot and dry days, we are definitely ready to see summer go. We have relatively mild winters, and the sun shines on a regular basis, unlike Wisconsin when the winter brings grey days and bitter cold.

My aunt made a quilt for me and I can't wait to cuddle on the couch sipping my wine and watching the fire.

Great photos. You must find more details about that crime scene.

NatureWoman said...

It's hot here, too, Mary, and I can't wait to get back to nice cool nights. I love to cuddle up under blankets!

Debbie said...

Mary, we are there, here in northern NY. It has been warmer and humid that last few days, but we had several nights lastweek in the low 40s with a couple days barely sneaking into the 60s. The trees are changing here and there and the birds are flocking up. I have seen a hummer or two, but they don't seem to be using my feeders anymore, just partaking at the flowers. Soon they will be gone. I enjoy fall, but not so much our very long winters that follow.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so ready for soup, sweaters and bowls of popcorn.

KGMom said...

I am a cold-weather person at heart. I am constantly hot, and just love it when fall and then winter rolls around.
By the way, I hope you plan to explain that car. A crime scene? A tree growing out of it? What?

JeanMac said...

It's still hot here in the daytime but very damp and cool at night. Tomorrow is to be 27 or about 84 - I'll take it as winter's snow will follow.Lovely pics, as usual, Mary.Wayne really enjoys them, also.

Anonymous said...

Me! Me! Me! I used a blanket last night! Of course, we're expected to be back in the 90s by midweek... Love that shot with the pale blue salvia-like flowers.

beckie said...

We have had a taste of fall with temps in the high 40's and 60's during the day. But then Sat. was in the high, high 80's with 100% hunidity. UGH! Then Ike's remnants hit and we had 5' of rain with much cooler weather. Gee, I don't know what season to expect next!

Yes I had my color done and I am a fall. And yes, I still have all the swatches of different colored cloth in a little black book that looks like a business card holder. The funny thing was I was already wearing those colors and still favor them. Your bees and hummers are beautiful-aren't you happy with that new camera!

Jayne said...

Mercies Mary, that last photo should be in Nat Geo! Girl, you are rocking with that new camera!!!

Yes, I am now ready for the hot temps to go bye bye. We're supposed to only be in the eightys this week. Whew.

Dog_geek said...

I am SO ready for summer to end! Autumn has always been my favorite season - bring on the crisp air, fleece blankets, and campfires!

Angie said...

Oh sister, I can hardly WAIT for this heat to breezes, soup, fire in the woodstove---bring them on!! :) But I WILL miss my little hummers. :( There are only a couple left here.

Rose said...

Ohmigosh, that last photo of the hummingbird is just amazing!
I am ready for fall--as long as it's fall and not early winter--but I'm not ready for the hummingbirds to leave yet.
That crime scene car has me intrigued; how long has it been sitting there?? I hope you can do some sleuthing and find out the story on this:)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Mary! I am sooooo ready for cold weather. We had a little tease last week. It was way to short. Summer is not ready to release her grip on us yet. We have had very hot humid days and the a/c had to go back on.

The only thing I ready miss when summer finally does depart us, are my hummers. They were plentiful around here a couple three weeks ago. Now I only see one occasionally. Very depressing.

When the weather cools down, my first thought is to make a pumpkin cake. Second turkey dinner and third a nice pot of soup. Hopefully I will be enjoying these soon.

Well take care and think cool. Lisa

Larry said...

Enough of summer indeed! I am not a summer person at all.-The only part of summer I enjoy is whem the mornings or evenings are cool and all mosquitioes have been eliminated.-Oh nice photos by the way.

Unknown said...

Hi Mary, I was beginning to wonder if end of summer would come but today it did after a hot muggy Sunday. Remnants of hurricane Ike blew through last night and knocked power out for quite a few. Don and I are lucky we didn't loose power. My Mom did and was told it would not come back on till Thursday. Oh well I am rambling here. I can see you are loving that new Fuji camera. Sadly my hummers are gone so enjoyed looking at yours.

Corey said...

What's with all the Yanks rubbing their fall temperatures in your face? Bastages. I too am sick of summer . . makes migrant-hunting very uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful series of macro photographs. Great work

Suzanne said...

Love the photos you have posted. As Spring is starting here I am looking forward to summer. I think you get weary of seasons by the end.
Autumn has such nice colours.

SaraG said...

Wonderful pictures.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Hi Mary! Just saw you over at A New England Life and thought I'd follow the link to see your pics. I pretty much broke down when I saw the hummingbird shot. My grandma had those exact feeders in her backyard. Man, I miss that and her.

Also... my mom totally sold Beauty for All Seasons. Wasn't it all the rage? Funny memory!

Glad I stopped by.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great macro photographs you have captured. really impressive

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Little Hummer is so sweet. Fantastic picture.
Yes, I am very ready for sweaters and socks and soup!
Great post.