Sunday, September 07, 2008

Muddy Waters


Bored with wicked hot summers, bored with the monitor and keyboard all day and night, consumed with concern about family, work, and post ideas, I made a decision to walk around the house aimlessly in the evenings, bonding with my camera (I love its smells and sounds), tending to regular chores, my small wildlife habitat, and without caring to visit my laptop. No rushing. Before bedtime I checked e-mail, downloaded photos, played a few games of Free Cell, and then shut it down. Done. And I liked it. I still do. My blogging community is like family to me, so I was hoping I’d hear news via e-mail if I needed to know something.

I own this cursed but blessed addiction that made me fight off the urge to post and share three times a week but I didn’t let it beat me! So here I am again with old news. I’m ready for a shot of blog.


Tropical Storm Fay finally socked it to us. During two days, 11.5 inches of rain fell at my house (yes, eleven and a half inches). Some areas nearby only received an inch but other areas had flooding and power outages. While allowing Mother Nature to tend to my garden for a few days, I spent time in the bathroom purging old cosmetics, creams and lotions, trying new ones, and sorted through sock drawers. My shoe racks needed organizing after a few weeks of kicking off my work heels and flinging them with my toes into a pile in the corner of the closet. I also spent short periods of time sitting and doing nothing. Doing nothing and loved it.


Those who receive rain regularly might not understand what this recent deluge meant to those living in a rain starved region. I haven’t seen so much rain since May 2005 when I washed ten loads of laundry during a nor'easter in Delaware and sent the septic tank into spasms. Oh, that could be the subject of another post ;-)

I sang rainy day theme songs to Chloe and Bella while we watched it downpour for five or six hours straight. Outdoor play was suspended. “It’s a rainy day, it’s a rainy day, it’s raining outside so we can’t go out and play…” (an 80's Sesame Street jingle I remember, do you?) Hey guys, it’s a Lipton’s Home Style Chicken Noodle Soup and grilled cheese night!


Many of us at the office, students included, stood at the windows silently and watched the downpours, in awe. Tending to business, our voices raised over pounding rain on the metal roof.


Most of Fay’s fury flowed down the hills into the streets… Our soil is resisting moisture but the new wildflower patches I have soaked it up.

Then, the quiet calm.

Back to hot sun and dog days.


I’ve never seen the wetlands so high and brown. A quick stop, I was hoping to see a Red Headed Woodpecker here but I only saw three Bluebirds, a Goldfinch, and a Ruby-Throated hummingbird so I headed to the grocery store pond.


Can anyone offer an ID on the green worm with swimming skills?


The only Heron.


Noisy goose and duck convention.


Don’t you think they look beautiful against a light brown background?

I had intended to show this photo of a Great White Egret on my last post,


Loving my camera.

Hanna spat on Charlotte.
We'll be watching Hurricane Ike.



entoto said...

11.5???? Wow! I am so glad you are enjoying your new camera. I loved the egret and the heron shots. I can't wait to see what else you do with that camera.

BJ said...

Yipee! You're back!

Wow! That was a heck of a lot of rain! You really got hit. Yesterday the rain and wind hit here and honestly I think we got 3-4 inches of rain. A few trees in out complex were broken off....bradford pears....they always do that. The news media had really hyped the storm up here....I'm sure you probably already know that. People were acting crazy in the grocery stores again.....scarfing up all the milk and toilet paper. And that started on Friday.

It was a different kind of storm. It would rain steadily and then you would see the sun out some. I'm glad it didn't linger too long. And the skies are so beautiful and blue today. Just a gorgeous day here.

Your pictures are so beautiful! I think you have the hang of that camera....for sure! I love coming here and seeing what you've posted. You are always entertaining and fun.

I hope that Ike does not pound the Carolina's. It looks like the Florida Keys may get some and New Orleans again.... All of these storms at one time. It's crazy, ugh?

Cheryl said...

Gosh so glad you are back, I was getting worried about you......
So much rain, that is amazing.....was there a huge sigh when it hit the ground in your garden??

I love the photos and I am so glad you are in love with your new camera......Mr P bought me a new one, I hate it, in fact it is back in the box, I never want to see it again at the moment.....

Aim said...

That sure is a ton of rain! Love your photos...welcome back :)

TR Ryan said...

Yay!! She's back!! Joy to the world. Its so good to see you back. Your photography is stunning and I could almost feel your landscape sigh with that much rain.

I finally broke my non-blogging streak as well, yesterday. Seems like you've weathered the worst of both storms -- hopefully smooth sailing from here.

Debbie said...

Wow, that is a lot of rain in a short amount of time. We just had a very pleasant all day rain from Hanna. The perfect type of rain the is gentle, steady and long lasting. Everything is refreshed. But we live in one of those areas that usually receives regular rain.

Glad you were able to take a short hiatis from the blog, but equally glad to see you back.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I see you already have taught your camera to see what you see! Fay really soaked it to you! You did need the rain but my goodness 11 inches is lots and lots of rain to receive as one event.
Climate change is real...
Always good to read a Mary post.
I am enjoying the Hummers they will be leaving my gardens in about a month. Hope you are still in Hummer heaven.

Corey said...

Missed ya . . glad you're back. Stay away Ike!

Kerri Farley said...

Glad you have you back Mary! We got a bit of rain from Fay, but NOTHING from Hanna. We were hoping for some from that one.
Your shots are FABULOUS as usual! Glad you are taking time for yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to get some rain from Fay. Hoping that Hanna didn't hit you too hard. We're hoping for an early rain season here, soon. It's been crazy hot and crazy dry.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm so glad you got the rain that you so desparately need May. I'm also glad you got to "get away" from the blog. It's a good thing to do. We just got home from the weekend at Hasty Brook- no internet there! I had 124 emails (mostly comment follow-ups) and 71 blog posts to read! I'll be doing some skimming tonight. I can't comment on every blog post any more. Nope. But I can comment when I feel the need to comment and I can still read them. I can keep in touch on a regular basis without commenting every day. There. I've said it.

Wendy said...

Loved your description of kicking off your shoes and hitting the back of the closet - sure sounds like me!
Don't remember that rainy day song, but I do remember "it's wonderful weather for ducks today, rain, rain, rain...."

Loved your pics - so that's where our Canada geese have gone too! LOL!

RuthieJ said...

Hey Mare, I'm so glad you got some rain finally--even if it was more than your ol' hard ground was ready to absorb. Your flowers sure look happy and so do the geese, ducks, herons, & egrets.
I'm not totally sure on the large green caterpillar, but it looks like maybe the larva for one of the sphinx moths.

MicheleRF said...

Welcome back! Even though we live in a fairly rainy area we haven't had a significant rain until this weekend. It was remnants of Gustav I've heard. We rely on two wells and one just ran dry yesterday so we are thankful for the rain, not nearly 11.5 inches though. Yikes!

KGMom said...

Oh so glad you got rain. We did too--after a long dry dry August. However, we have not been as dry as you, so I was thinking of you during Hannah's trip through the area.

Susan Gets Native said...

Rain, glorious rain.
And a glorious break from the blog rat-race.
Good stuff.

JeanMac said...

I've been "concerned" - waiting for a post - so relieved you're ok.Love J

beckie said...

Mary, I was so pleased to see your comment on my post-had started to worry about you and then I find a new post from you!! Sometimes it does become a chore. It is just like a family. We love them all but nned our space from them too. Your pictures are even better than before if that's possible. Glad you are learning all about your new camera. I can't image that much rain-wow. I hope a lot did soak in. We finally got 2" after a no rain August. he broen grass is starting to turn green again and I didn't have to water flowers for a few days. Hope you are feeling refreshed after the rain and some 'you' time. Take care!

Jayne said...

That's the kind of rain we got from Fay. It was such a blessing from the rain gods. Glad you are finding the time away so lovely and restorative Mary, and that you are bonding so nicely with your camera. The photos are all wonderful. :c)

Rose said...

Your camera is awesome! Like everyone else, I have been waiting eagerly for your return--I knew you would have some fantastic photos for us.
Eleven and a half inches is a LOT of rain! I hope it has helped to replenish the water supplies there; the geese and ducks seem to be enjoying it:)
Hope Ike calms down before he gets to your area.

Anonymous said...

wonderful shot. Really love your work

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, you are doing marvelous with your new camera. How nice of Fay to provide you with so much to photograph! (So is your drought over?) Love the egret and the hummingbird feeder dripping with raindrops but you were right to put that white flower at the top. It is absolutley stunning! It makes me want to paint it! (or eat it, it looks so yummy!)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That is some impressive rain amounts. I know your area needed rain so that part is good. Just relax and enjoy it.

Love the herons. I am sure that worm would be a nice tidbit for either of them.

Unknown said...

Yeah, your camera is awesome...the ducks are my favorite shot!!!

Unknown said...

Well Mary are you enjoying yourself? From the sounds of it you are. Good for you. I say blog when you want and don't worry about it. As you can see we all come back. Hopefully you will get some normal rain sometime soon.

Carol Michel said...

Hiya Mary! Your new camera is taking some very nice pictures. And I'm happy to read you got a bunch of rain after all that drought!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

While you love that camera we love what you can do with it, Mary. Your area sure looks different in these early after-the-rain pictures and in future weeks you'll probably see big changes from such a huge amount of water at once...wonder if some spring blooming trees and shrubs will pop a few flowers in fall as a response to the rain?

Ike is heading toward Texas - we might-or-might not get rain from it here in the middle, but it looks like Houston may be hit badly.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose