Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Low Light


There’s something to be said about the drama of stormy skies. Sometimes they put a spell on you and cast a warm glow that drenches the atmosphere.



I didn’t miss the sun’s constant glare on pond water and liked feeling chilly enough to wear a jacket. I went about my business of removing the backyard bird feeders. It’s a sad ordeal…


It just became too much to bear as I was missing my favorite backyard birds for a long time.


They’re overwhelming. Fifty at a time, driving away the birds we all love to see and finding a way to eat everything in sight, no matter how difficult the feeder. House Sparrows are unstoppable. Oh, and add thirty pounds of pigeons to the mix.


So I’m lonely, as the feeders are stored in the garage for a few months


and she’s only a memory.

My blogging style is usually light and airy but for a minute, I have concerns to air, namely the nation’s incredibly botched up economic state. So let’s look at that sunset again. Will there be light?

There’s always something going on here… The drought, the gasoline crisis, the scary, stinking economy, and the buy-out of a monumental financial institution in Charlotte we heard about on Monday makes my hair fall out.

Our Gina has done everything right. She works hard to make her own way as an independent young woman and has been a homeowner for a year, sacrificing much for the honor. She’s directly affected by that institution’s demise I mentioned above. She works there and my heart breaks to see her fret over something out of our control. There are times when I just want to pack her up, bring her home, and swaddle a twenty-six year old. A Mom’s instinct never fades and because of that, I know she will be alright. This unfortunate crisis will trickle down to affect every business and citizen in this country for a long time and boy, it’s getting me down lately.

You know? And now I don’t have birds. I believe the last hummer headed south this morning.


I’m trying to lighten up


and play hide and seek whenever I can.

So, friends, if you don’t hear from me often, it’s because I’m over-busy and all twisted in a tight ball of nerves. I would have posted this yesterday but on arriving home from work I found that dear old Chloe did an artsy job of decorating the carpet with dark Hershey squirts.

Got a chill pill to share? :o)


Ruth said...

What a dramatic and stunning photo at the beginning of your post. I do hope all turns out well for your daughter and for your country. We survived the recession of the 1980's and my husband's loss of work when our twins were 6 weeks old. (remember the double digit interest rates?) I am sure that if Gina has half your spunk and drive, she will be a winner.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Hang in, Mary.
I'm hoping we'll all feel better in a month or so.
I pray.

Julie has a remedy for Chloe--and a chuckle for you, too!

NatureWoman said...

I'm sending you some chill pills. And I love your photos, Mary! I feel for your daughter. I've been there. She will recover.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Happy October!
There will be tricks and treats.
All will be okay.
We just do not know what okay means right now. I expect it will be expensive.
I am eating apples. They are very tasty.

Carol Michel said...

You know I just know you from your blog but I believe since you raised your daughter, she will be alright. It has been a tough week and then some for many people.

I hope Chloe is okay!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Corey said...

Mary . . relax. No matter how loudly Chicken Little yells, the sky is not actually falling. While Gina may end up working somewhere else after all's said and done, she'll no doubt be better off for it. We learn from the choices we make, and this will be no different.

Now, tell me what that butterfly is, it's striking. The girls and I walked today and counted over 30 Monarchs on the butterfly bushes here in the neighborhood. Your birds will come back . . take this break as an opportunity to enjoy the migrating Monarchs.

I too thought I had seen my last hummer, but a lone female has been seen at the feeder each of the last 3 days. Perhaps she'll stop by your neighborhood on her way South. Chin up!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Mary, I've got plenty of hummingbirds up hear near the VA border on their way to your yard! Just the cure for crappy economy blues (at least for a minute, anyway).

About your house sparrow/pigeon problem: Maybe ditch the feeders for good and focus on growing plants and trees that birds love. Stuff with berries, nectar, and the like. Plus that pond and maybe a dedicated birdbath. My flowering plants are getting way more action than the hummingbird feeders, and even when the Ultimate Platform Feeder is empty, the rest of the gang is busy deseeding rudbeckia and tickseed and de-berrying pokeweed. House sparrows and pigeons won't touch that natural stuff.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Don't fret so Mary. You are a great safety net for your daughter. You both are mightly blessed. Take a deep breath of this crisp fall air and try to relax.

Your pictures are beautiful as ever. The sky sort of shows how you are feeling. I see bright yellow sun trying to break through, and it will. Hang in there.

Give poor Chloe some kaopectate or peptobismol. It will help. Poor girl.

Dog_geek said...

Ah, Mary... "This too, shall pass." (At least that's what Chloe said....)

KGMom said...

I don't know what's in my chill ills--I only know I take them with RED WINE--a full glass.
Sorry about Gina--and oh how I understand your bundle her up urge.
Our daughter--newly graduate master's degree owner--now looking for a job. In art museums--when money dries up, no one funds museums. So far, she's had no luck.
Sad times.
Thank God storm clouds still clear and the sun bursts through. That (and wine) may help us through.

possumlady said...

Oh Mary I know what you mean. We are in scary times. Being single does make me feel more vulnerable. If something were to happen to my job, what then? No one else's income to help me weather the storm. But your daughter has you and her dad as a refuge if she needs it, but I'm sure she'll be just fine.

Now, you know what I do when I need some comfort---make fudge!! That chocolate sugar high will just melt all your troubles away.

Unknown said...

Ah Mary we will all get through this. Breath deep. Your photos are awesome so don't give up the photography. So sorry you have to put away the feeders. I for some reason still find comfort at looking at the sparrows. I don't get the pigeons like I used to. I think the Cooper's hawk drives them away.

NCmountainwoman said...

I think every person in NC was stunned with the big bank merger. It affects everyone, although none as much as the employees. We'll think positive thoughts for your daughter.

I did hear that our gasoline crisis would be improving. THEN I heard "not so fast." The metropolitan Charlotte area is going to get your gas instead. So THANKS A LOT, MARY, for taking my gasoline! (In reality, I'd rather sit here without gas and have good birds, than to have gas and only house sparrows.)

Take care. I totally agree with Donna. A glass (or two) of wine will help. That, and the Licker Sisters.

Wendy said...

Your photos are beautiful. So clear. I also am sad to take down the birdfeeders.
I also worry about the economy - you are right to voice your worries. Your posts don't always have to be light.

Oh, I understand the need to swaddle your 26-year old. I still want to do that to my 30 year old son. And my 33 year old pregnant daughter whose first child is not well. A mother's instinct never wavers.
Keep your chin up, Mary. We've survived upheavals in the past and will do so again. A loving family helps tremendously.

Susan Gets Native said...

You need chill pills?
I think I have some Percocets around here somewhere.

Poor Chloe...and you. Maybe a big bowl of pawpaw puree?

Rose said...

Where to begin--the nation's economic crisis or Chloe's artwork? I always say deal with what you can--hope you had some Resolve on hand!
It galls me to think we may have to spend $700 billion to bail out Wall Street, but whether we do or not, the effects are definitely going to trickle down to us "average Americans." I'm sure your daughter will land on her feet again, but it's too bad the greed and mismanagement of others can affect so many innocent people.

Oh, and I haven't seen any hummers for the last three days--I'm so sad I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Taking down the feeders sounds like a good thing. The sparrows are here in droves right now too. They are so loud! I should remove mine too.
I saw a hummingbird today, I'm sure they will be gone any day now.

I'm sorry about your daughter's job. These uncertain times can be depressing.
Hang in there, Mary.

beckie said...

I'm sure you miss your birdie friends and that has to add to all the 'things are out of control' feelings. As Rose says, deal with what we can, and pray for the best. Hope Gina finds a way-she has a great role model. And tell dear Chloe I hope she is better soon.

Jayne said...

((((Mary)))) This too shall pass, and all will be well again.

Anonymous said...

Great photo, Mary. Love that first one, even if the light is low.
I don't understand why you folks are without gas. There has been plenty of time to bring it in, hasn't there?
It will be interesting to see how the rest of this year goes, won't it?

Elaine Cougler Author said...

Hi Mary
As always your blog struck a chord. I get so tired of having to figure out a way to live/survive in a world continually messed up by things I can't control. Do you sense a little control-freak frustration there? We make our plans, we think of the future, we save, we try to do what's best, and then planes hit towers, hurricanes hit cities, and the punch decks us all.
Today it's raining here but I see the sun trying to burst forth so I'll concentrate on its steadfastness. You, too?
Have a good one.

Donna said...

Oh, Mary, sorry you're feeling down. Hope things get better soon.

I've had a bunch of unwanted birds in my back yard, so now I only put out safflower seed and finch seed. I happened to see a hummer yesterday at the feeder! What a delight.


Balisha said...

Good morning my friend,
It's a brand new day.
I hope things get better
For this I did pray.
May all of your problems
Be out on their way.
On this bright Thursday morning
That starts this new day.
Balisha :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary......I think we could all do with a chill pill at the moment.....our economy is in a dreadful state, my son works in stocks and shares and has been told this week there will be redundancies in November......

My daughter is also struggling.....

Strange you say bring them home....last night I was thinking just the same....if it reaches its worst conclusion they will have to come and live here with me and Mr P.......Am I a drama queen or what???

As for the house sparrows, if only there was a way to ship them here....we have so few and miss our chirpy friends........we have plenty of other birds at the feeders..........and I am pleased to say I do not get any pigeons apart from a pair of wood pigeons.......

Hang on in there Mary......

JeanMac said...

I have some Charlie Chemical.
In all the upset, Mary, just gaze on that stunning sky - I looked at your pictures, speechless. Remember last yr. when the hummers left - but before you know, they'll be back!Love and a hug.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Duuude. Look at all your cyberfriends. You are wallowing in riches.

The moon is in spazz. I did my weekly shop tonight and it was worse than Superbowl Sunday, lines snaking through the grocery aisles, everyone jabbering on cellphones, shelves empty of just the thing I wanted to buy. But I could buy it, had it been there, and I have my little family here on the couch, and Bacon is licking our cheeks as we stare at the TV. It's like watching a bizarre Roman Circus. It's an odd time, perhaps one of the oddest I've seen. I share your nerves, if that is any comfort at all. Wish I could send you some pawpaw pulp for poor Ms. Chloe. Rice, I guess, will have to suffice.



Cindie Ulreich said...

The storm cloud picture is amazing. Sending good vibes your way, Mary.

Lola Enchanted said...

what great pictures!!!!!
You took those???? they blow me away!!!!

PJ said...

I'm feeling that too! Let's stay with our views and birds...afterall, that is what counts :) ...not that I'm ignoring what is going on, but at times I feel overwhelmed too!

Anonymous said...

The water pond picture is just simply stunning!!!!

Anonymous said...

ah Mary, no matter what the future holds, you will still have us- we aren't going anywhere!
love and hugs, gretchen

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