Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About Nothing

This is a grab bag post without a story, a rant, or pretty pictures. Dear Fuji camera has collected dust for four days.


My last Monarch butterfly of the season. Not too visible, but it's there.

I promise not to whine about this again after today: When you’ve admired your feathered guests every day for many years and the fun comes to an abrupt halt, the withdrawal helps you realize your obsession. Jitters? Sweats? Maybe…


Mockingbirds still protect imaginary feeders

and keep an eye on me.

Some visitors to this blog have asked why I removed the bird feeders a few weeks ago. A large flock of pigeons and house sparrows spoiled the fun and drove away the songbirds we all love. That’s why. I’m composing a letter to my next door neighbors who have a few Starlings and House Sparrows squabbling over space in their attic vent. You might know these types of neighbors - uppity thirty-somethings who are rarely home and don’t even know they have attic vents or a large butterfly bush under their kitchen window that needs a little trimming. We exchanged a “Hello” once in twelve months. I intend to scare the you-know-what out of them with a Hitchcock story that might urge them to clean their attic and screen the vent.

I’m ready to offer some seed during the cold nights and days. Might take several weeks but the wait will be worth it.


She deserves it.

So, I traipse around looking for movement in the yard

and feathers wherever I can find them.

“He-e-e-e-re duckies…”

“Don’t toddle away, you little snobs.”

On Saturday I had a photo opportunity that I’m still shaking about…two Tufted Titmice posed for at least fifteen seconds right here:


No camera. I raised my arms like a wild women to see if they’d flee and they ignored me. My jaw hung open in disbelief.

I heard a Carolina Wren for the first time in a few months.


I slipped down a small hill to get to it. 'Twas worth the mud pasted to my right buttock. It’s good that I have a sense of humor to get me through the BLAH.

Perhaps the most exciting event of the week was when I heard a Blue Jay then saw it perched on a weeping willow near my bedroom window. I’ve seen them everywhere but not at my house.


WOW! (dang it, I didn’t have peanuts.)

I hope to be back with a post worth writing soon.


Dog_geek said...

Aww, it's all worth writing, Mary! At least, I enjoy reading your posts, regardless of whether they contain pictures of entire birds, or parts of birds, or even just places that once had birds on them.

Kathleen said...

Mary, you are too hard on yourself. I love this post! You make me laugh and your pictures are lovely - well, maybe not the shot of the Blue Jay. ;-)

Leedra said...

Love the Mockingbird and Cardinal, they are excellent photographs. Don't be sure the Monarchs are gone. I thought all my butterflies were gone and then there was a Monarch again. Had not seen a Monarch with the others in a month. I am thinking they are gone now, but who knows?

Leedra said...

Thanks for coming by, hope to see you around. Don't think you could learn from me, I am pretty much self taught. I am beginning to make myself play with those settings (after I get what I think is a good shot). I guess that is out we get out of our comfort zone.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Mary, you must be missing them sump'in' terrible!
Is there nothing you can do? What about suet feeders that mount underneath a platform--so only birds that hang upside down can feed there?
Wouldn't woodpeckers be fun?

Dogbos? My verification word is dogbos?

Mary said...

Nina, HOSP eat everything. If you have a load of them, you'd see them even picking at niger seed feeders. There's no stopping them! My woodpeckers gave up long ago.

NCmountainwoman said...

Mary, your "nothing" posts are far more interesting than most "something" posts.

Take some banana bread to the neighbors when you give them the little lesson.

KGMom said...

Keep right on writing about nothing. You're doing just fine.
We have titmice here who play hide and seek. I try to keep camera at the ready but they are just too quick.

Unknown said...

You make a really interesting point: neighbors in general aren't always what they used to be. We've sort of replaced that in part (to a small degree) by blogging. Anyhow, that's just a small "bird feeder" for thought. (And be gentle on those neighbors.)

beckie said...

Mary, you just keep on posting these grab bags! Loved the cardinal and the ducks. The monarchs have been rare here-we used to have gazillions. Good luck getting your birds coming back with out the others. And be careful slipping down those hills.

Heidi said...

It was all worth it Mary :) FWIW, I liked it.

Loved the cute bunny... hope it didn't eat too much of the garden.

Cheryl said...

For me Mary....it is always worth you writing.....you always manage to get my imagination going and I love your bird shots........

Jayne said...

It will come.... be patient my friend. There will be a time when all your yard visitors are back and the mean ones crashing the party will be long gone. :c)

Unknown said...

Mary always worth the read. Keep writing.

Richard said...

You seem to have plenty of wildlife to photograph as winter nears.
I have been visiting family not far from atlanta, georgia, and I have only seen one bird, no other wildlife in 5 days.

A New England Life said...

A post worth writing soon? Mary, I loved this post! And I love the Mockingbirds! We used to have them all the time, now all I see are Catbirds : (

We also have plenty of Blue Jays, which I think are so gorgeous, and they never bother anyone else. Love the Wrens too! Each Spring I look forward to the return of the House Wren. Their song is like no other.


Rose said...

Your posts are always worth reading, Mary! Anyone who is willing to slide down a muddy bank to get a photo of a special bird is a true lover of wildlife! Beautiful cardinal--I haven't seen one for awhile, and I had a loving pair here all summer. Hmmm, wonder where they went? I do have bluejays at my house, though, but I wouldn't be able to take even a fuzzy photo of them:)

TR Ryan said...

Mary, I have the same damn neighbors on BOTH sides. They look at me like grandpa and roll their eyes when I say hello. They smiled once, I've recorded the date just in case I need it for evidence later. I once got their mail, bills, it had been in my box for over a week and walked over to hand it to them and you would have thought I had invited myself to dinner. Write your letter. Stand your ground. Life is too short to ignore your neighbors. What has the world come to?

Anonymous said...

Mary, that Fuji is doing your proud. Such crystal vivid photos. I'm glad you chose it. Are you feeling at home with its features? Love that shot of where the titmouse were.

dmmgmfm said...

The bunny pic made me so hoppy!!

Big hugs and keep writing, Mary, I'd be lost without ya.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mary this is a very creative post. Especially for someone that wasn't in the mood to write.
Our mocker protects the pyracantha bush out front. It is fun to watch and listen when other birds try to horn in on his berries.

Wendy said...

Your pics are clear and beautiful. I really enjoyed following you around your yard. Little bunny, ducks, and cardinal looked so sweet. I will send you some bluejays - we have an abundance of them. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you lots of Blue Jays for a couple of bluebirds..LOL. Great pics Mary!


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Looks as if the birds are checking to see when their favorite feasting spot is reopened.
Soon you will be able to set up again and spend the winter playing with the birds.
I also think the last of the Monarchs have come through. They are beautiful!

RuthieJ said...

I've been seeing lots of grackles the last week or so, but I think (hope) it's the tail-end of the migrants being blown south.
I hope you can put your feeders up again soon Mary, but in the meantime it looks like you're making good use of your time, camera and sunny days.

BJ said...

You are just too funny! Love all of the pics. Your camera & you are doing a terrific job.

Neighbors! I could tell you stories about mine....I should have re-thought condo living....watch every move you make.....post notes about breaking down boxes....I could go on and on. So...don't be tooo hard on them. LOL

JeanMac said...

Oh, good post - I'm not fussy - I am entertained every time.I have a lot of flickers and blue jays I could send your way.

Unknown said...

I liked the 2nd image a lot, great details and beautifully composed

MicheleRF said...

Your "About Nothing" title reminded me of Seinfeld, "a show about nothing" but quite entertaining nonetheless. I live considerably north of you and was quite excited to see and photograph not one, but two Carolina Wrens this past week. I will be posting that today I think.

Naturegirl said...

Very interesting Mary you never get to see a bluejay close up and I have more than enough here but then you post the amazing variety of birds that I never see here..well not in my garden!Sad to know that there are "youngns" that are NOT in tune with nature..living next door.
BTW...I love every post you take time to share withus! Always with your sense of humor!!

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, my heart aches about you having to take in your feeders! Drat those seed hogs! Glad to see you are moving out to the countryside to search for birds in the wild. They are out there just waiting for you to arrive, camera and all!