Saturday, January 12, 2008

Excuses for being a lazy blogger


Okay, Okay. Enough is enough, already, right? I think I’ve had enough of Great Blue Herons, too. But I felt better today and stopped for another photo shoot. Okay?



If I could get a photo of those magnificent wings in flight, outstretched…wow. When in full zoom, I lose the bird in less than two seconds. This is very frustrating, let me tell you.

Speaking of frustration, for several days I looked for a medicinal fix in the over-the-counter medicine aisles and now I am convinced there is not one drug on the market that can alleviate cold symptoms without making you feel sick. I’ve experienced it all lately – dry mouth, insomnia from a scary decongestant I took one night, loss of appetite, and a few other side effects I won’t dare mention. Have you ever had to leave a scene because of a sneeze and cough attack that wouldn’t quit? Without notice, all faucets are open and the fluids are spewing. Me, facing the parking lot. Ten minutes later, with a pocket full of mucous dampened tissues, I headed back to my office to wipe tear stains from my cheeks and to clean up running mascara. This cold is mine and it returns every four or five years to torment me.


It flew to another tree and I followed slowly and quietly. I got this photo after using a sneak up out of the shadows technique.


What a day it was. I didn’t notice the resident red-shouldered hawk watching me until I was ready to leave.


A few days ago, just before dusk, it was dinnertime.

What really makes life grand is that I’ve been assigned a part-time job in addition to my over-full full time job. Now, ain’t that just perfect timing for a worn out woman? Our criminal justice/law enforcement department picked up Health CCE – Phlebotomy, Nurse Aide, and Pharmacy Tech, and I’m the lucky one to support those programs until help is hired. Until then, no walks on campus. No sneaking ten minute breaks to visit blogs. No lunch unless I eat at my desk. It’s a temporary inconvenience for a few of us and I keep repeating to myself – temporary, temporary, won’t last long. Two weeks? Three months? No one knows. Nothing happens quickly when you work for the State. I waited three months to be hired at the college.

Visiting blogs has been a challenge for me lately for the reasons above. When I feel uninspired and tired, I can’t produce a post, and after a while, it becomes normal and I accept it. This new normalcy is good because it’s one less thing to worry about and it’s getting to be very comfortable and easy. However... I find myself looking at the photos I’ve taken, reading my notepad every evening, and missing some wonderful, special people. YOU. So here I am again.

Let’s talk about the weather.

New Year’s week gave us a real chill with low temps in the teens. A few days later the ice melted and


the fish in our pond were jumping. We’ve had a week around 70 degrees.


A tiny lizard, less than two inches long, was sunning on the driveway. We have several species and this one is new. Moths hover around the night lights and flies and bees are awake and alive. I’d rather have a winter. January and February are our winter months here. Bring it on.


It’s Modo time on the pond every day at 4pm. More on backyard birds is coming soon...while I try to be a better blogger.


Anonymous said...

hi mary, i too have a cold, i am hoping to take some photographs tomorrow morning if there is some decent light. i like your blog and have bookmarked it.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I'm sorry you're under the weather right now. I've always heard that expression and never thought anything of it, but when I typed it it sounds dumb. Under the weather...anyway I hope you get over your cold quickly. My daughter has a terrible cold now, I'm sure she'll share it with me.

You are getting so good at these pictures, Mary! They are so clear and beautiful! You also have great models.
Take care and try not to work too hard.

Susie said...

Sorry that cold is hanging on so.
As usual your pictures are wonderful. I haven't had time for blogging much myself, but just wanted to say hi.

Susan Gets Native said...

Girlfriend! Did you notice the duck in the water behind the Stinker? The one with the "shovel"-like bill?

Cold medicine is scary sometimes. Take it easy, chicky.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. I've been sick so much this year that I fantasize about two straight days when I don't feel crappy!

Love your "stinker" shots. And, that Hawk -- he's all, "Hello! Could you please notice ME?" Too cute.

No need for excuses though -- just do what you can do and we'll be here when you're here! Hang in, girl!

Marvin said...

I feel so-o-o-o guilty. There's always something in your posts that makes me chuckle. It's not nice to laugh at a person who's ill, but your writing is very good.

I do sincerely hope that you get to feeling better very soon.

Carol Michel said...

Mary, you are not a lazy blogger, you are an inspiration to those of us wanting to do a better job of feeding birds in our gardens. Come to May Dreams Gardens to see what I've done now! And since you've had your cold for so long, perhaps it is something else and it is time to go see a doctor? Just a thought. I have been working very hard for a week with all kinds of extra vitamins and Airborne cocktails to avoid getting a cold! So far it is working.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Jayne said...

What wonderful photos of your stinker Mary! Bless your heart... sounds like that cold is hanging on forever. I agree that the cold preparations usually only make me feel worse too. Hope the added job duties are only very temporary and that you can find some breathing space. Sending love and air hugs (until you are well!) Knocking on wood that I've not been sick yet. P.S. Try starting 1000mg of Ester C each day.

NatureWoman said...

Your photos are so wonderful, Mary! And yes, I had to leave class one day last month because I couldn't stop coughing / crying. It was so freakin' stuffy and hot that's why. So I went to the bathroom and I almost puked because they have this flowery smelly stuff in there. Just freakin' lovely sight, I know.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Mary, you have to try a neti pot! (they sound crude, but, oooooo, the results!)
And, I'll never tire of your Blue Heron shots-- All I want is a photo--ours on the pond takes off as soon as I even walk out there!

TR Ryan said...

Mary, this perfect post was well worth the wait! The feathered world seems very patient with you -- you seem to have such willing subjects. You've got a magic touch and your images prove that.

As far as the cold, sometimes you just have to embrace it and be one with it. Big ones like this are fine tuning your system -- and you'll be better than new when it finally parts.

dguzman said...

Oh Mary, we miss you too! I know that cold well, and those "Please excuse me!" moments. Ugh. I hope you're better soon. I usually drink as much fresh (or from frozen concentrate) OJ as possible, plus an echinacea/astralaga decoction I get in the hippie-natural section of my grocery store.

I hope your job situation improves; I start school on Tuesday and I'm terrified (one more calculus class). But at least it's just one class--you have about three jobs!

I can't wait to go birding with you so I can learn your stealth techniques. I try so hard to be quiet and sneak up on birds, but I almost always spook them. Someday, we'll get the Flock together again!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Always your posts are interesting and funny and full of marvelous birds. Never will I weary of Blue Heron photos.
Red Shoulder is wonderful!
Cold be gone! You are so brave to keep "going"! I drink lots of organic herbal teas. I like Cold Comfort. It does seem to help.
Too much work! Way too much. You already have job and house and birds. Now for them to add on another duty is just too much. I hope they are giving you a big bonus for all the added stress.
Crazy weather! No wonder you have a cold. Lizards in January??? Moths are frozen around my house.
Rest and lots of water and no worries. Your photos just keep getting better and better...the birds do love you.
So do I!
Be well dear friend.

Mary said...

John, oh, I enjoyed your website so much. I hope you were able to get out this morning and find more falcons in NJ!

Robin, thanks. I hope you stay healthy and can ward off this ick.

Susie, HI, I'll stop by to see how your Grampa is doing..

Susan, yes, I did. Female mallard? What is it?

Liza, I need to be more like you - stricken with a multitude of stuff this winter, you keep on going...

Marvin, hey, laugh all you want. I did, while writing this post :o)

Carol, thanks for the advice, doc. The worst is over and I think I'm on the mend. I learned about Zicam and Airborne too late!

Jayne, Ester C - yep. Will do.

Pam, LOL! It's freakin' disgusting, it is.

Nina, I had to look that up. Hmmm. A sinus cleansing - worth looking into!

Tim, oh, it been a hard week but I can breathe again. I knew yesterday the worst was over. The Heron cooperated, too!

Delia, sweet Delia - My hat is off to you. I couldn't even tread water in a Calculus class. Sink. My stealth techniques don't always work, either :o)

Hi Q! If I can make it through the upcoming week, I'll be OK. I'm taking Thursday afternoon off to visit the hair salon and have a little pampering. Yes!

entoto said...

Oh Mary, I sure wish you could feel better. And yes, OTC remedies can sometimes be scary. I hate the ones that make my heart race. YIKES!

No need to apologize. I am certainly not one to put the whammy on you. Just be you, however that it is. Okay?

Nice stinker and shoveler.

Mary said...


So that's a Northern Shoveler. Ooops. It's a migrator...:o/ Not expected here. Oh, well!

KGMom said...

Where to begin? your cold--must be the season: my husband has had one for about a month.
Your new "extra" job--really? do you get paid for the extra work? And what if you said--no, can't do it?
Your "lazy" blogging--nope, that one I am not accepting. Your photos are great, and the image of your sneaking up is too precious! Wish I could see it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mary take care of yourself. You don't want to get worse.

Loved the photos you posted. You will get the shots you want. It might take a little longer but you will.

I liked the lizard. I don't know if I have seen that one or not.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

You photos have really been stunning recently! I so understand the blogging side! Ugg

David said...

Hey Mary--I'm not sick yet, so don't breathe on my blog, OK? Hope you aren't too swamped at work. Great Heron pictures. You have a knack for getting great shots!

LauraHinNJ said...

Hi Mary!

Glad you're still alive!


Things are sure to get better so long as you're patient enough.

Well... I hope so at least.

Beth said...

Mary - so sorry you are not feeling well. I'm with Nina - consider a neti pot. Never thought I'd do it, but I tried it recently and it relieves symptoms surprisingly well. I'll email you more details if you want 'em...

LOVE your pics - absolutely beautiful. You are a GEM!!!!

Unknown said...

Mary this cold will pass along with the 'quote' temporary jobs.

The photos are stunning. I love the fish and the last one with the morning dove.

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with blogging. We all know we are out there and read when we can and post when we can.
your health comes first. So take care dear friend.

JeanMac said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Mary. Gotta publish a book someday. Sorry the cold is hanging on - and more workload, that helps:)
The only thing that helped with my horrendous cough was Rx cough syrup with codeine.Only used it a few nights and I was "cured".Take care now.

Alyssa said...

Mary I think you are an excellent blogger. I find the responsibility of blogging can be a burden sometimes and I understand how you feel. Your pictures are really good (as usual) and inspire me to buy a newer camera. I would like to get such clear close-ups like you have.
I hope you can shake that cold soon so you can "have no life at all" with all of the new duties piled upon you. Keep your chin up and what is the name of that cute little lizard?

sonia a. mascaro said...

I hope you are felling better, dear Mary!

Love ths photos of the Great Blue Herons!

PS: Come to see your dogs on my current post, about my friend's pets.

Donna said...

Hi Mary,
I just found your blog and I'm lov'in it! Your pictures are fabulous. I love birds so I've enjoyed reading some of your other posts too. So sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you will feel better soon. I just got over a horrible cold too.
Take care.

Peg Silloway said...

Mary, let me add my voice to the chorus...feel better soon! And as for too many blue herons - that's no more a possibility than too much chocolate. Your photos convey such calm and appreciation of their subjects - no wonder birds pose for you.

Please take good care of yourself. There are a lot of us out in blogland who find your words and pictures a refuge.

Anonymous said...

Mary, Mary. I'm just amazed at the beauty of your photos even when you are feeling wretched and are OVERWORKED. I'm sorry the work schedule is as it is and I know we'll miss seeing you around. But I know you will hang in there and beat the cold and keep on photographing. That first shot of the herring is just gorgeous. The detail in his beak and eyes is amazing. And the image of the fish surfacing with water rippling against them - genius.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Feel better MAy- I'm just coming down with a cold now myself. Dang!

Larry said...

Too bad about the cold but it doesn't seem that you were sneezing when you took those great photos.-Sneaking up out of the shadows technique? Maybe you should have been a Private invetigator.

dmmgmfm said...

My brother has been sick as can be with the cold/flu bug. My dad also got it and he's supposed to have surgery to repair two hernias on Friday, so I really hope he's well enough to go through it. He's pretty miserable with it all going on but still the sweetest guy you've (n)ever met.

Here's to you and he getting well soon!


RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
I'm glad you're starting to feel better.
Never too many pictures of the GBH. I still stop whatever I'm doing when I see one fly over--they're so much fun to watch.
I'm sorry about your job--it's no fun having to do the work of 2 people in an 8-hour day. Hang in there! As Red Green says, "I'm pulling for you--we're all in this together."

Cathy said...

Ah sweet Mary. I needed this. Pictures of the feathered and finned and water that isn't scared stiff by the cold. Speaking of colds - my hubby had that killer thing you've had. He was practically hooked on his Codeine cough syrup.

I love all your pixes, but Fred and Ethel are so wonderful and that sweet Blue Bird - Johnny. Awwwww . . .

Hope you're recovered and enjoying some sunshine. If you get bored with it - PLEASE send some to Ohio.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Mare. I'm tellin' ya. The only blogger I know who can garner 34 comments from a cold.I bow before your commentaceous magnitude.

Airborne and Zicam, at the first sign. I can't tell you how many rotten colds I've turned back with that combo. Three years, and I haven't gotten a bad one since I started that regime. I treat the kids, too. Zinc stops the replication of the cold virus in your nasal passages, so it doesn't explode all through your body.

Back to the alpaca farm, where I'm lucky to get a third of the comments you get, talking about dung and orgling...yes, that's pure jealousy talking. Enjoy the Idol auditions tonight! Popcorn poppin' at Indigo Hill!!

Mary C said...

Mary, you can't possibly call yourself a "lazy" blogger. Look at me, I can't believe it's been more than a month since I last posted. It's just that things happen, and occasionally blogging has to take a back seat. Anyway, I ditto what JZ has said about the number of comments. You go, girl! And I sure hope you're feeling better. It seems there are a lot of blogging fans are pulling for you. ;o)

Susan Gets Native said...

I can't get 34 comments when I actually have something fascinating to say. Dammit.
Zick is jealous? Who do you have to pay to make that happen?

LostRoses said...

Mary, your comment on my blog inspired me to actually post again, talk about lazy! So I was happy to see your "excuses" post and know I was not alone. That rotten cold I had before Christmas really put me off my game and so I shower you with sympathy! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Chrissie said...

I really dont see you as a lazy anything, I think you like to rush around and pack as much in as you can. Just wait until you are feeling better, spring has come, and the birds are nesting. We wont see you for dust :-)

Jess Riley said...

Hey, you take care of yourself. No worries or guilt about any kind of blogging responsibilities. :)

Hang in there and feel better soon!

Kerri Farley said...

I will never tire of the Blue Heron shots...or any of your shots for that matter! You have a wonderful writing make the reader feel like you are writing with just that individual in mind. Sorry you are (were probably at the time of this comment) under the weather....and sorry about the workload. Whew...I know how that is.