Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Short Stories, Around the House

My life is full of non-stop thrills (joke)... Help me?


Guess who rescued a Five Line Skink from the inside of an overly cold, air-conditioned building today? I had better things to do in the office. Hmmm...not really.

Someone once told me that our last name has an Italian meaning of ‘street cleaner’. I don’t know if it’s true, but if you knew my husband, you might think it is.


Michael’s a very tidy person (except in the kitchen) and loves his toys. I watched him grin from ear to ear when he powered up his new Troy Built Pressure Washer and put it to the test. Like a child on Christmas morning, he looked to me with wonder and amazement on his face and I was happy that the 300,000 pounds of water pressure scoured away the stained concrete instantly! How exciting is THAT? After testing a dirty spot on the back patio, he hoisted that baby into the back of his pick-up and drove to Gina’s house to zap away a large black oil stain on her driveway. It bothered him. He hated that stain…


The hummingbirds didn’t like the noise and waited for him to disappear around the corner before they relaxed.

This new toy reminds me of the first time he used a snow blower in a blizzard. Every 4-6 inches of snow that fell, he’s suit up and crank up that wonderful engine again. Just when I thought he was thoroughly frozen and finished, I’d see him across the street removing snow for neighbors. All…day…long.

Back to the pressure washer, I hope he realizes he can hydro-cut his toe off if he isn’t careful. This new machine will be nice to have when I long for a snowfall. When it gets down to 20 degrees, I’ll hold the sprayer to the sky and let it snow on me while singing “Winter Wonderland”. Don’t think I won’t do it.


Chloe visited the vet on Saturday for a booster shot and check-up. Dr. Sarah and I laughed at a note on Chloe’s chart, “Hates Instruments”. She massaged every part of her body for several minutes and checked her teeth, eyes, and ears. Chloe didn’t like it very much but tolerated Dr. Sarah. Her muscles aren’t rock hard like they used to be, her vision isn’t sharp, she's had many teeth extracted, but she’s arthritis free and very healthy. At the end of the exam, Dr. Sarah brought the stethoscope out and Chloe took a growling shot at it, just as we expected. We laughed and agreed it wasn’t worth it this time. Her distemper shot was a three-year booster. This means Chloe will be 14 when she needs another booster… I plan on being there with her. She's a determined lady who will live beyond her expected years (please).


We thought it would be nice to allow Chloe & Bella to enjoy the view from the hill in front of the house so we bought a sturdy Evenflow baby gate for the porch. If they see a dog, they go wild and shout, “Hey, we’re up here! See us? We have hula-hoops and balls!”


There were two, now there are eight. I wonder if my neighbor knows what's happening on her rooftop. In almost two years, I've only seen her outside three times. Isn't that sad?


Goldfinches sit on the hanging planters (which are empty because of the heat we’ve had for a long time). This was taken inside the house through the blinds.


Our pond plants are growing so fast and I’m so pleased! I have never had a pond with so much life. It’s work to keep them under control every day and I don’t mind at all if my knees are stained black from mulch. I’m loving it.


Did I mention how much I love my pond?


A few weeks ago I asked for submissions of your "Eyesores". I've received a few and to those who submitted, THANK YOU! However, because you are busy and I am busy during these long summer days, I'm postponing this little project until after summer ends and the days are shorter. We'll have more time then. I know I will!


smilnsigh said...

Oh thank you for postponing the submissions to "Eyesores"!

Which is cuter? Michael and his 'new toy'? Or the doggies and their porch view, now that you got a gate? I think it's a toss up. ,-)

You have a simply lovely pond! I'm sad that I've thought this before and not said it. duhhh meeeee. :-(

Yes it's sad that your neighbor is never outside. Could it be some sort of a health problem, which keeps her so housebound? -sigh-


Chrissie said...

Your pond is looking wonderful, Mary. I love the lilies, its a shame the flowers don't last very long but they are so delicate aren't they. Great pic of the bird on the hanging planter! And Chloe stretched out in the sun :-)

Mary said...

Mari-Nanci, no, she doesn't have a health problem. She's retired and plays golf with the ladies twice a week here in the community. She would call a Cardinal a "red bird".

Chris, thanks. Cloudy, storm threatening evenings are limiting me and my camera. You know all about that dilemma!

KGMom said...

Awwww-- you are postponing the "eyesores"?!? I want to know who has something worse than I!
No pressure--don't give it another thought.
Love your girls--cute black & white pups. Always make me think I should get one--after all, the breeder is close by me--about 1/2 hour away.

Mary said...

Donna, her name is JANE (on my sidebar) and is a wonderful breeder. Of course, you know that by now since Chet Baker is famous. When you are ready, check in with her. If you don’t want the puppy work, she may lead you to a well-bred young adult. Tee-hee. Life is good with BTs.

Dorothy said...

Mary I just love looking at your pictures. Your house and grounds are so pristine...so perfect. Your pups are so precious..that photo of them looking through the porch railings. I'm envious of your pond and the variety of birds who visit you daily. A Troy pressure washer? My DH has gone through 2 pressure washers already..I'll have to keep that brand in mind for the next one.

Mary said...

Dorothy, it's good to hear from you! You must have been on vacation "again". :o)

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Mary I so look foreward to your posts. They feel like we're going for a walk while we chat. I love your "girls" and the descriptions of their antics. Your pond is drop-dead gorgeous! I have MAJOR pond envy. Art loves bid power tools and machines and gizmos too.

Carol Michel said...

I love your pond, too. It looks like a great place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. And that is sad about your neighbor never going outside. She should move to a condo.

LauraHinNJ said...

Thanks for the extra time on the eyesores. I have to find the ones stashed in the basement!


The pond looks fabulous! How happy are your fish with their new digs?

My husband is the same way with his toys. I got him this fancy ladder for Xmas - you'd think it was the best thing since spreadable butter he was so happy!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Do skinks always have blue tails? A very cool looking creature....but not as good looking as those little B&W pooches!

Loved the hummer on TOP of its feeder--they always find interesting places to perch, it seems.

Your pond is lovely, I envy the clear water which I can't seem to maintain in mine.

Susan Gets Native said...

The reason I have put off sending you a picture of my eyesore (other than I haven't been home long enough in the past few weeks to take pictures) is that I can't decide which eyesore is the worst. Why don't I take a picture of the whole house, and tell people it is just a large cover for my continuous eyesore life?

dmmgmfm said...

Your pond is absolutely beautiful. I can see why you love it so much.

If you'd like, I can send you photos of "his" stained glass tiger or the chalk drawing of a deer that he has on the wall of the living room. You can post it right next to the picture of the velvet painting I sent you earlier. Actually your whole post could just feature my roommates living room. (**Rolls eyes**)

LostRoses said...

Wow, your pond looks great! Look at all that stuff in there! You write about so many interesting things and post so many fantastic photos that I don't know how you do it! You're amazing, Mary.

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary - During the 4th of July week my husband borrowed a power washer and went nuts!! Like your sweetie, he feels that the power washer is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Steve did the driveway, pulled everything out of the garage and did that, did some of the gutters, and finally sprayed any and all concrete surfaces we have here. And then I had to "Ohhh and Ahhh" as he showed me how clean everything is. Actually the steps look almost too bright for my tastes but I won't say anything.

Chloe reminds me of a pug stretched out like that. And they are so lucky to have a fenced in yard and porch to play safely in.

The pond is just charming and don't you love water lettuce?!


Andrea's Garden said...

oh boy, a power washer! The look on my guy's face reminds me of your story! I thought drills were the highlight of his manly life, but the power washer topped every tool in the garage and his basement shop. Your pond is beautiful. We plan on having one, but I am not quite sure where we want to put it yet. I am still sketching on paper for the best location. Greetings from Germany, Andrea

Jayne said...

A boy and his toys... OH, I can so relate. Course, my hubby's toys are more of the electronic/computer kind, but still... We have more tools than he'll ever use, but it's the getting/having them that drives him. (I'd try to mimic that Tim "the tool man" Taylor sound here, but can't find the right letters).

BEAUTIFUL pond Mary! So much work, but so much joy it must bring you.

Dorothy said...

Mary..Hey...I'm back. LOL I finally posted a new blog entry. I'm trying to keep up...but my creative side is short a few brain cells lately.

Anonymous said...

WOW mary, that pond is looking wonderful and so much work that goes into it! Very cool with your save and they are so colorful!

Q said...

Dear Mary, lover of all critters great and small.
I have been trying to get my little Lizards to be still long enough for a photo. They will not listen to me! I do not know Lizard speak.
My husband also power washes.
I understand.
Thanks for doggie update. Glad all is well.
Your pond is beautiful.

kate said...

Chloe looks adorable lying in the grass. I didn't realise she was 11 - she certainly doesn't look it.

What a difference there is in your pond! I love the waterlilies covering much of the surface and the surrounding plants. It looks really lush and beautiful!

Mary said...

Lynne, thanks. I do ramble, don't I? I don't know if I could live anywhere without a natural or man-made pond!

Carol, I don't understand anyone who doesn't even sit on the deck. She plays golf, though...

Laura, I guess the fish are OK next door. I dumped several celery plants in the little pool and will check on them in a few days :o/

Ruthie, all of the skinks I've seen have those bright blue tails. We have a multitude of lizards around our house.

Susan, everyone has at least one eyesore in their house. And don't tell me your whole house is an eyesore. I don't believe it.

Laurie, I have the wonderful piece of art you sent - can't wait to see the rest! LOL~

Lost Roses - something you said surprises me, "I write about interesting things". I think not. I work hard at *trying* to be interesting enough to blog. Tough job! LOL!

Alyssa (giggles). Don't you love to see men go wild over something like a pressure washer? I love the celery plants - they multiply before your eyes.

Andrea, I do think this pressure washer is the highlight of the decade for my husband! HA! I hope you get a pond. You will never regret it.

Jayne, was it something like:
Aaaawwwrrroooooooo? :o)

Monarch, I tried to touch him...a file folder flushed him outside.

Sherry, I know Lizard speak. They sit for me.

Kate, Chloe is really showing age but for some reason, she still has her athletic talents - just losing the stamina. She'll be fine.

dguzman said...

Thank goodness you're postponing. I gotta get on the stick...

Glad your doggies are doing well.

Love that goldfinch through the blinds photo, like he's testifying but his identity is being protected, so we'll only show him in darkened profile....

Anonymous said...

Mary, your pond is wonderful! The plants are all so lush and healthy looking... makes me wish for a pond of my own.

I know exactly what you mean about hubby and the new toys, mine is the same way. When we first got a pressure washer, I think he washed everything here in the first week he had it.. lol

I really enjoy reading your posts. :)

Cathy said...

Ohhhhh! I'm so glad we get a reprieve on the eyesores. I'm not home yet and I just know I'll have a meaningful contribution :0)

This was more fun, Mary - Michael's toy (I think you've given me a birthday present idea) AND - Your idea about creating snow with it is BRILLIANT! Be sure to get a picture of THAT.

Sweet Chloe. I'm with here. I hates doctor appointments. I'm so glad she's fit. May you have many many more years of no bathroom privacy.

I'd drift around that pond all day. It's beautiful. You may have previously mentioned that you like it ;0)