Thursday, July 05, 2007

Signing Out for a while

Too much of a good thing isn’t good, so they say.

My blog gives me great joy. When I have good thoughts and great photos to share, my spirits lift, I quicken my steps, and I find myself on a natural high during those inspired times. When I decided to start blogging last October, my original intention wasn’t to educate or research like many in my terrific blogging community who are inspiring people and full of incredible talent. I love and admire them. My intent is to post about what I see and how I feel because that’s who I am – a feeler. Nothing has changed since then. How do I feel right now?

Perhaps I’m running out of steam. I’ve been posting less often lately and viewing my blog as a part-time job and that’s not good. My simple writing style and repetitious photos are irritating me. How can I sit here and write with a poor attitude? Not well. A change of scenery is what I need and the time to find it. I try to inspire my own self, “Get out of the yard, Mary.” I walked on campus this morning before the sun started baking humans and what did I see? Japanese beetles in swarms, getting tangled in my hair. Weeds taller than me. A lacrosse camp for kids and a daycare field trip. No birds, no flowers. Just dry earth. And lots of fire ants and poison ivy. How interesting is THAT?

So, I’ll be visiting everyone and enjoying your fantastic posts until I get my crooked nose in line and adjust my attitude. HA! Below, I’ll leave a few photos of my favorite things.

In the interim, I’ll be dusting the house (eww), keeping up on laundry and dragging the garden hose to sustain life outdoors. Maybe I’ll watch Modern Marvels to learn how Hostess Twinkies arrive at the supermarket on time. Better yet, I’ll watch King of Queens and sink into no-brainer activities after work and take an evening nap. Of course, I’ll keep my camera close to me. I’ll be back sooner than later.

I’ll still take your “eyesores” via e-mail. I have a few, so far. They are definitely worth seeing.


I giggle at toad porn in the pond skimmer. “Holding on tight for Afternoon Delight!” I help them out every evening.


The baby House Finches fledged today!


Love all bugs.


Pond…costly therapeutic device.


Flowers without a load of beetles? What a surprise!


Challenging but sweet, my Chloe.


Not challenging but sweet and flatulent, my Bel-Bel.


Was Cooper responsible for the young rabbit beheaded in the yard today? He has been perched on the feeders lately… My dogs were excellent and lead me to the crime. They didn’t touch. I removed the poor young rabbit who was still limp and warm and placed it near the feeders in view for a vulture… There was commotion among the birds today after work. I’ll remove the young bunny very soon. I am glad I wasn’t a witness but I would love to know what happened while I was away.


Isn’t she lovely? I’ll get the male in a photo and he’ll be very close to me.



Cathy said...

Sweet Mary - I so understand the 'need-to-take-break' feeling. I've marveled at your consistently funny, beautiful and entertaining posts. I'll satisfy myself with these current pictures of the pups till you get a fresh wind in your sails. (Give them a kiss for me:0)

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Mary--how you can find the most beautiful pictures going about a normal day's "work" has always amazed me. I beat the bushes to find pretty pics--yours seem to cross your path.
Take some time to refresh --take refreshment from others for a bit--would love to know you'll be back when your cup runneth over.

NatureWoman said...

Mary, I love your photos, and totally understand your need for a break and the bored with yourself feeling (I get the same way). I've been kind of breaking myself, blogging only when I do something away from my backyard. Take care Mary - I'm looking forward to reading your blog when you feel refreshed again!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Dear Mary,

Don't feel guilty or pressured for a minute. Just don't. This is a gift you give to all of us and we aren't paying for it in anything except cheers and nice comments. When it starts feeling like a job, it's time to forget about it for awhile. How I wish I could send you some of the 1 1/2" of rain that's given me a new lease on life. Beautiful thunderstorms. Go ahead and rest. We're not going anywhere, and we all understand.

RuthieJ said...

Mary, I'll miss you.
I recommend knitting during your hiatus (you could get 2 dog sweaters done before winter)
A big HUG to you--we'll be here when you get back.

cat59 said...

Hi Mary, Sounds to me like this dry, hot summer has really got you down. I sympathize. You and possumlady got me into this blogging thing. It's still new to me and I am exploring others blogs. It does take a lot of time!! Hope you feel refreshed soon :-)

dmmgmfm said...

Mary, your writing style isn't simple, it is heartfelt. I devour every word. I understand the need to take a breather, but please don't ever think that your blogging isn't inspirational, because it is.

And as always, your photos are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

No worries and I think many of us are lacking in doing our postings on a daily basis. You always do such wonderful photos!

Susan Gets Native said...

Stepping away intentionally is a good way to reclaim the life you have been blogging about. I tell myself that "I won't blog tonight...I will give it a rest" and I end up down here typing away.
Take the time, take the pictures and take care of yourself. Just think of all that you will share with us when you return. Love ya, Mare.

Jayne said...

Take a breather Mary. It should never feel like a chore. I think we all reach that point now and again. We'll be here when you get back, all refreshed in mind and spirit. :c) Hugs to you dear.

Mary said...

Dear Everyone,

I needed to intentionally "sign out" or else I'd do what Susan does - find myself posting again :o) You all understand. I can't possibly be the only person who gets tired of the time blogging uses up in a day! I won't be away for long because I enjoy it too much. Just need a little time to slink around the house and be lazy. Thanks for your kind words. I'll be back soon. Hugs!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Mary- I understand completely. No need to say any more. Everyone runs out of steam. I love you to pieces and will be waiting for you when you FEEL like it!

Hugs to you!!

Elaine Cougler Author said...

Oh, Mary, I'm going to miss you, and your wonderful photos. I do understand how one can get in a rut. Maybe try surfing blogs and see what others are doing?
I do hope you'll come back to us soon with a renewed energy. Ta!

possumlady said...

Boy do I understand! After just blogging since February with only posting a few times a week I feel the pressure. I can't believe how you posted almost every day and when you said you took around 40 photos a day!! Yikes! Yes, renew and recharge. When you get a thought for a blog, just jot it down so you can come back to it rested and ready! I'll miss Bella and Chloe, but I'll still get my Chet Baker fixes--hopefully!?

KGMom said...

I was going to say--you can "sign out" on one condition--post the pups' photos occasionally.
But, that wouldn't be fair--a break needed is a total breal.
After all--it is summertime. Kick off your sandals, put on the bunny slippers (marked L and R as I recall), grab a steamy book and R-E-L-A-X!!

KGMom said...

Make that second "breal" a BREAK. Sorry--fingers not cooperating.

Mary C said...

Mary, I want to ditto what everyone else has said. You were the one who inspired me to get started blogging and I thank you for that. I so enjoy all your posts as well as your comments on my blog. BTW, as I was beginning this comment, a female oriole (probably a Bullock's) landed on the window hummer feeder I have where my computer is located. How cool is that? This is the first time this year I've seen one stop by and visit. Have a nice break! Love ya!

Annie in Austin said...

Please let yourself rest before you burn out completely, but don't give up, Mary! While you refresh your spirit [and also dust!] keep telling yourself that you're the boss of the blog, not its servant.

Then please come back to enliven our lives with your wonderful photos and stories when the time is right, but just when you feel like it, not from some sense of obligation.

I do so hope the rain will come to refresh you soon.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

sonia a. mascaro said...

Mary, I love so much visiting your blog and I always enjoyed your witty and well humor text and wonderful photos! Mary's View is a great pleasure to me!

Mary said...

Dear Everyone,

More thanks. I think I'll enjoy reading your posts at a slow pace. I've become quite skilled at speed-reading! LOL!

Jess Riley said...

Enjoy the break, Mary! It's well-deserved. We'll all be here when you return. :)

Chrissie said...

Oh Mary, that's why I enjoy blogging so much :-) We don't get fire ants here and I may never see one in real life but if you post yours I can share them :-) I do understand the need for a rest though and I don't think I could stand your constant heat. The sun has popped out today for a little while here but the wind is still chilly. Please sit back and watch and then come back refreshed. See you soon. :-)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
"Summertime and the living is easy.
Cat fish are jumping
and that 'ol cotton is high.
Your Daddy's rich and your Momma's good look'n.
So hush little darlin don't you cry....
One of these mornings you're gonna rise up singing..
You're gonna spread your wings and your gonna take flight."

Just felt like singing a song to you today!

Iced coffee?
Deck time. Bring a hat.
I will see you in the moonlight!

Mary said...

I have only just found you What wonderful photos If only we could get some of your sun here and you could have some rain. I will be back Mary

Larry said...

Mary-I can understand taking a break.I wonder how so many people are able to come up with new material all the time.

-You do your own special thing, and I enjoy reading your blog.-Your photos are great -and your humorous captions even better.-Post when you're ready, I'll be looking forward to it.

Dorothy said...

Dear have such a gift for writing and photography. You deserve a well-earned break! Echoing everyone else....we'll all be here, we aren't going anywhere. Catch up on your reading...just rest. You deserve it...and don't feel guilty!
Sending hugs your way!!

LauraHinNJ said...


(Laura sticking her tongue out in protest)

I'll forgive you a short break, but keep it short!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've only just found you via Mary Contrary. Now you want a break! Well that's OK but please don't stay away too long. If you can write like that when you are getting bored with yourself, I will have to read your 1st posts to find out the real you. There is nothing wrong with the way you write. Have a nice break, please visit me in Australia.
Cheers for now
Jenny (aka Jorja's Nanna)

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary - I understand completely how you feel. Sometimes fun things become chores. And with blogging - though fun- comes a sense of responsibility which can be just "one more thing" to worry about. Good idea to take a break. Sounds like you're feeling stressed and need to simplifiy for a while. Do some meditation, have a glass of wine, play with the pups and drop some of your "responsibilites" for the summer. With the Fall and the cooler weather things will seem a lot more positive.

Feel better soon.


JeanMac said...

Just found you via Laura's blog! Kind of curious what only beheads and doesn't eat the rabbit. Usually a larger bird would carry the prey away.Don't be away too long.

Mary said...

Hi Jean,

I've been wondering about that, too. Only the head was missing. Birds of prey carry their meal away... Thanks for stopping by!

Mary said...

Jorja's Nanna, thanks for visiting from Mary Contrary! She paid a visit today. I won't be gone for long...Just need a little break, that's all. Australia is a great place!

Susie said...

Hi Mary,
I totally understand your need for a break. I hope the time away is renewing for you. I truly enjoy your photos and posts...

The French Nest said...

Hi Mary,

Just wanted to say I love your blog and enjoy looking at all of your beautiful photos. Taking time to relax, rejuvenate and get inspired is a great idea, and I look forward to reading your next post when you return!


smilnsigh said...

"My intent is to post about what I see and how I feel because that’s who I am – a feeler."

My hope is that you'll move right on through this "kinda'-down" time. And onward, to a more "up again" time. Ups and downs are just another part of life, after all.

No life is totally full of "up time." If people sound that way, they are putting on a false front. Common sense says so. Or....

As with me, I just happen to choose to do my "Pretty Blog Land" blogging, without much of the "down" stuff in it. And that's a personal choice.

Maybe a time away from posting, is what you need now. Or maybe a totally private kind of blogging... Where you can lay it all out... the "up" and the "down" stuff.

If you want this kind of posting to be for your eyes only, if that feels best... Well, actually, since I don't view any form of Net blogging as totally private, doing that kind would probably be best, done on paper. Then you know for sure, that it's for your eyes only.

Whatever you decide... How ever you decide to continue blogging or not... I wish you well. I hope you will stop by my blogs, once in a while and say Hi when you do. I'd really like to know you're stopping by... I only just met you, you know.


smilnsigh said...

You take fantastic photographs! Please don't stop doing that. And please keep putting them somewhere on the Net. Phullleeeeeeeeze. I simply do not want to have to exist without Frog Porn!!!!!!!! -giggggles-


smilnsigh said...

"I’ll still take your “eyesores” via e-mail."

OK, I'm dense. But what do you mean by that?!?!?!?!? "Eyesores"? "Via e-mail"? You lost me, Hon.


Cathy said...

Hi Mary - I just dropped by for my pup picture fix. You just kick back and relax. You'll know when it's time to his the blogging trail again. Meanwhile - I'll just meander over to your previous posts for B & C smiles:0)

Mary said...

Cathy - they're comin!

Mari-Nanci - You are too kind and funny! I appreciate your comments as they are true. I don't intend to post "downers" for everyone to read and when I'm down, I'll step back. Regarding your question about "eyesores", I seriously doubt you have a hideous piece of art or object in your view!!! LOL! But if you want to send me a photo of something in your home that you would like to eliminate with a baseball bat, feel free to send it to me with a little narrative. I'll gather everyone's ugly stuff and post about it in the near future. It will be a lot of fun with many laughs attached! I'll past this message to your comments section.

Chrissie said...

Hello Mary. An invitation to play Tag when you feel up to it :-)

smilnsigh said...

Thank you Mary. I'll look for something but I don't know where to send it to you at. You could give me an email addy, by writing to warrrmmm at yahoo dot com, please.


LauraHinNJ said...

I hope you know I was only kidding you Mary.

Enjoy your time away in the shade!

Forgot to mention that my first thought with your beheaded rabbit was a great-horned owl - I think they do that.

Mary said...

Laura - really? In late afternoon? The head and tail were missing. I'll need to look that up!

LostRoses said...

Mary, we'll be here waiting for you. If you were a lazy blogger like me you wouldn't feel pressured to come up with "good stuff" all the time, like you consistently do!

Heaven help me, I have to dust too. My daughter is coming for a weekend so I have two weeks to find the dustcloth and the Endust. I know I used them at Christmas.

Naturegirl said...

Mary I hear you on needing time away! I feel the same each time I post latley. I feel I am NOT having fun and then once I get the photos and thoughts downloaded I say WHEW until the next time! Blogging should never become a JOB so when it happens you are right to step back! I so enjoy your photos and what you have to say about life around you!Good decision to step back and enjoy the summer and I am sure your house is getting attention house is so desperately neglected..with the gardening chores and photo taking etc. Mary you may be giving us ~food for thought~ in taking a break from blogging...hummmmmm...
You know we have the ~same kitchen door handles a bit different! I wish I had froggies in my pond the 2 I've had for a few yrs. are no longer here.. :(
Enjoy time enjoy
the break..look forward to your NEW posts!! hugs NG

Naturegirl said...

oops ..forgot to mention..perhaps it's racoonsre: rabbit? I know in my garden they tear apart and just leave it..I have witnessed this sad scene.My back door neighbor had a pet duck enclosed in a LARGE pen and the raccons broke open the door and the poor ducky all over so you can imagine the terror to witness this!! Last night a racoon sat at my door looking in at my two cats and this a.m. at 8 a.m. again he was standing there!!!! Has he been watching us feed the squirrels!!
Bye bye so long see ya so-o-o-o-on

dmmgmfm said...

I miss you, Mary. But I understand the need to get away. Just know that you are in my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

While I'd hate to see you go for any period of time, Mary, I completely understand the need for a break, a hiatus. I've done the same thing before and undoubtedly will do it again.

Take your time. Focus more on you and less on the audience. Find your peace and comfort without concern for anyone else. That's what matters.

Mary said...

My goodness. You are all fantastic. I'd love nothing more than to whip up a delightful post right now but there's nothing "up there" :o) I'm working on it! The outdoor thermometer read 100 at noon. I stay inside. The house is dusted clean!

Your comments DO make a difference. Hugs to all!

Susan Gets Native said...

Forty-nine comments.
And this one makes fifty.
I think people like what you have to say, Mary.
Just maybe.
Miss you.

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi Mary, I haven't popped by in a while - I know that needing to take a break feeling...have been there several times... hope you return revitalised and refreshed soon, will bookmark you so I don't lose you again...:) Katie

dguzman said...

Oh Mary, you'll be missed, but you've earned a break or whatever else you want! And wow-51 comments! That has to be a record! And it's a testament to how much we all love your view.

When I read your description of your "simple writing style" I had to laugh--MY writing is simple; yours is energetic and funny and warm! Take all the time you need to recharge.

I'm starting to feel your fatigue with the dryness and the heat; 90s in Central PA are rare, but we're getting 'em. My grass is dead and my still-green tomatoes are screaming for water.

Have a nice break, enjoy your time with your pups and your porno-frogs, and watch some CSI for me!

Dawn said...

What beautiful photos of your world. I love the plants and animals as well as your clever thoughts. You are a talented lady. Of course, it's understandable to need a break. The beauty of blogging is people like me can still see your words and photos while you have some R&R. It's all new to me and I appreciate what you've created here. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

Best to You,

kate said...

Chloe and Bella - enjoy them and have a good break!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Thanks Mary for your kind words about my Ipê Rosa tree!

Flora said also thank you!

Cathy said...

Just dropped by to say "Hi" -and send a hug.

I'm wondering if it's too late to send 'eyesores'. There's a lamp in our rental that might qualify.

Holy cow! I just looked up to ask my youngest sis who is visiting what she thinks of this lamp -

She says that my Florida sister has it in the little apartment off their house! Oops.

Mary said...

Cathy, Oops! LOL! Send it. I only have a few so far but I'll be posting reminders soon. I'm OK and looking forward to posting again, very soon. I don't have any material, but I'll wing it this weekend, probably. I think I need to have a caffeine habit during summer months. So little time.

Hugs :o)