Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Butterflies, still...


Evening northeastern sky

Autumn weather arrived last night. High winds brought the inevitable chill.

It’s so typical for me to continue to believe there are a few months of summer to enjoy when Autumn is banging my door down. Time speeds by when I’m not paying enough attention and before I know it, the street lights turn on at 5:30pm and I flip out. No!!!!!!


Hummer held on tightly to a nearly bare cherry tree outside my bedroom window yesterday.

Goldenrod is bright along the roadsides and maples are showing some shades of crimson and yellow.


Butterflies remain!
Gulf Fritillaries lately.



Purdy Swallowtail ;-)

It’s been a banner year for butterflies in the garden, possibly due to the loads of Lantana I planted. Four new, small butterfly bushes are taking root out there, too. I should become a butterfly lister.


Cloudless Sulphur

Look at them.



Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ~ time to stand back and zoom out.

About the butterflies -


Chocolate Brown Emperor ;-)

yes, they are beautiful.


Stunning Monarch

They don’t need me or my camera to show them off.

Battered Skipper ;-)

Watch them.

On their worst day, they’re still breathtaking.


Homely Dude

Can’t say the same for the birds.

Oh, my. Who chewed your butt off?


What’s so common about a Common Buckeye? I found this splash of color a week ago.



I love walking through a cloud of Grass Skippers.

Readers often say, “Wow, those are beautiful photos!” While I appreciate the compliment, I know the truth. Out of several thousand I’ve taken, there might be a dozen I admire. Downright fabulous butterfly photos are here.

Sleepy Orange Sulphur

Butterflies. If you have missed them this summer, I’m sorry.


Brown & Gold Fritillary ;-)

This is how you cram a summer of butterflies into one post. Overwhelming and awkward, I know… And I didn’t even include them all.


While summer begins to fade, I’ll keep sporting short-sleeved shirts and flip flops until my toes turn blue. Even in December. How ‘bout you?


Heading northeast soon, with steamed crabs on my mind. Mouth is watering.


Susan Gets Native said...

I think I need a new camera, Mary.

Murr Brewster said...

Holy cow! I need a new camera, new eyeballs, and possibly a shipment of butterflies. Or maybe I can just come and visit.

Susan Ellis said...

Stunning butterfly shots, and great pedicure too!

Wendy said...

Flip flops are only for early morning trips around the back yard in wet grass these days. Then they get kicked to the back of the closet as I put on running shoes and go out for a proper walk. I do still put on t-shirts, even if I have to cover up with a warm sweater. I don't like to see the cold weather coming either. {{sigh}}!

Your pics are truly stunning. The colours sureal! I wish we'd had more butterflies this year. But I'm happy to see yours!

A New England Life said...

Northeast? Where you heading Mary? Back to Maryland?

I have hardly seen any butterflies at all this year. It's been a sad affair thats for sure. There's new Daisies planted in the yard so who knows, maybe next year.

Your butterflies really are beautiful. That poor little puffed up Hummingbird...time to hit the road little one!

Those toes look like they belong to a 15 year old! I might look young but damn my toes look O-L-D! Ha haa!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you had me with the clouds!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Not too many butterflies here this year. I enjoyed your lovely post, you took some great pictures!

Enjoy your trip!

Beth in NYC said...

Dang, Mary, don't sell yourself short. Some of these are really good and butterflies are harder to capture than birds! I particularly like the skipper with the curled proboscis. The clouds ain't so bad, either.

Dawn Fine said...

Hee Hee..you are funny Mary...
of course these are beautiful...compared to what most of us take...ok to what I take...these are beautiful...
anyway even if they were blurry and fuzzy wuzzzy..I would love them because they come from you...and because you would make them look purdy with your words..

Oh and i loved the scruffy looking birds...

LauraHinNJ said...

We Jersey Girls wear flip-flops in the snow even!

(not really)

You're heading north and I'm going south, Mary. Maybe summer can last for a while somewhere in the middle.

Jayne said...

Love your flutterbys Mary! Sandals are still on, but broke out the jeans this morning (it's barely 50 out) and have on my light fleece jacket.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your butterfly collection is great Mary. I am sure the toes know it is fall.

jalynn01 said...

Hey Mary!! How are ya? WV seems so far away where I met you but I steal a glance your way every chance I get. I'm so glad you posted all those magnificent butterflies cause I sure didn't see many in my yard this year for some reason. Stunning, Beautiful!! Got my fix for sure. Know what? You have some pretty lookin toes there! I don't know if I would chance putting mine out there for all to see. haha Stay warm.. keep snapping and posting.

TR Ryan said...

These are without question the finest butterfly shots I've ever laid my pretty blue eyes on. Man, oh man. How do you do it!

For some reason I am especially melancholy about summer's goodbye. I guess since I don't have the usual work trips planned to warm destinations over winter. This will be the longest winter for me in 26 years. I have been sad since June 22 when the days started getting shorter. And like you, I am determined to wear flip flops until my toes crack off!

Rose said...

So that's where all our butterflies went! They must have heard if they wanted to get publicity that Mary was the best photographer around to show off their best side. Butterflies have been few in the Midwest this summer. Seeing all your gorgeous photos reminds me of what I've missed.

Shelly Cox said...

Beautiful images! I especially love the one of the Peck's Skipper with his (or her) proboscis curled. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever remove this post. I want to be able to get back to it on dreary days.

dugfresh said...

stunningly beautiful photos and commentary to match. you sure know your butterflys (strange...i doubt i've ever typed that word in its plural form...is it "-ys" or "-ies"?).
anyway, i've just always id'd them like this:
"wow, look at that cool blueish/black one!" and "woah, that yellow one is HUGE!"

i'm not looking forward to the early dark, either. it always bums me out.