Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello, It's Me


Hello, it’s me.

The nectar lady.

I’ve thought about us for a long, long time.



For the words and ideas to come.

Oh, I didn’t plan to be here this evening.

Not at all. Whimsy is nice.

Spontaneity is awesome, sometimes.

I have so much to share

but I’ve been preoccupied.

Also busy and sort of stressed for a long time.

Having 40 hours in a day would suit me just fine.

Holding on.

I miss it here.

I miss you.

To be here again sooner than later is what I intend to do.


if I stay away too long

it’s more difficult to come back. I feel shy.

I’ve embraced the concept of “Blogging Without Obligation” even though I have not officially endorsed it here. It’s a good, important notion. At the same time, however, I’m trying to resist the urge to say “I’m sorry.” Because I am.

Oh, well.
Thank you.

A rant or two or ten would suit me just fine, too.

For instance, about those damned ants.

The ants are conquering the yard this year

and pissing me off.

Flicking one off my forearm.


Where’d I put the ant spray?
Gotta go.


Dawn Fine said...

Oh hee I the first to say hello there and welcome back?..

Well hello there..
Welcome back..if its just this time the rest of the summer..thats cool..
go after those damn ants..war with them and win!

I have been having blogging issues this summer as well..its a long story so I wont go into sure is a crazy thing this blogging..and it takes up allot of life...eats it ..
gobbles it and well sometimes ya just need to do other things..
anyway thats what i am thinking without going into long story..
hee hee..
this isnt short is it?
well gorgeous photos to say hello with..
hello..see u!

Mary C said...

Mary, how strange that we should both post today after a hiatus! Is it really you, my friend? OK, is there something that two people named Mary and born and raised in the same county have in common? We must be on the same wavelength. Love your post Mary! And NEVER feel OBLIGATED to post. But I do know how you feel about one's hesitancy in posting after a break. I have felt the same way. Good to hear from you my friend!

KGMom said...

I think all of us run down from time to time on the blogging thing. I keep thinking--didn't I blog this before. Will I bore them?
So, now I spend more time on FB (true confession).

Iris said...

Welcome back, and don't sweat the break. I barely blogged this summer. Like you, been living in the real world and on the other side of the camera. Did get some great cicada and mantis shots this week, so maybe I'll post 'em before the month is out.

Ants abound up near the VA border too. Something about this summer is great for ants. The frame of my beloved hammock? Stuffed with ants! Can't flop on it without becoming hostess and site of the ant parade.

Susan Ellis said...

Lovely to see you again Mary and fabulous photos! Stay as long as you like, leave whenever you want, this is a virtual world with no obligations...and on that note, because I think we all think our 'bleaders' - (to borrow a term from Julie/Julia)- really depend on us, here's a poem from Canadian poet Miriam Wadsworth that pretty much says it all (for me at least)
"We are not one- but two,
We are not two- but four,
We are not four- but many,
And sometimes, we are not any."

A New England Life said...

Howdie there Mary! So nice to see you back, if only for a moment.

What an exquisite Hummingbird shot! Wow, I've never seen anything like it! You do have an eye and great patience for your feathered friends, especially the hummers.

Well, you take care and enjoy the rest of the summer. Maybe we'll be seeing you soon, who knows.

Sharon : )

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh. Hi, Mary. Were you gone?

*Okay, I totally and obsessively checked your blog every day to see if you were back. And Isabelle has been, too. Just today, she asked if you were okay, since you hadn't put up anything new in so long.*

My demon is Facebook. I love that instant gratification, the throwing out of small ideas like bread crumbs to ducks.
I used to blog every day. There were a few days in the beginning (almost FOUR years ago!) when I might blog TWICE a day! That's just crazy. Especially considering I hardly had anything going on worth blogging about in the first place.

As Katherine Hepburn once said, "Never complain, never explain".
At least I am learning that last part.


Beth in NYC said...

Welcome back, Mary! I love the cold-blooded critters! More, please, if you're able. :-)

Q said...

Where are the Yellow Shafted Flickers???
They will eat those ants.
It is delightful to have you posting.....
Hummer is that a tree frog?

Julie Zickefoose said...


Beth said...

Missed you, Mare. Welcome home.


TR Ryan said...

Replying via I-phone - my only connectivity from the lake... So I'll be brief:


Kathie Brown said...

Mary, welcome back!!!!!!!!!

Cute post. Great photos.
Careful with the ant spray. It might kill a bird! Boiling water works great. I speak from experience. Pour it down their holes!

LauraHinNJ said...

Mary Mary,

(kinda contrary!)

I miss you!

(glad to see you're still alive!)



Jayne said...

Hello friend. :c) Love your little hummer, and you. We can only do what we can do, but it's good to see a post from you, truly. You are missed. Hugs!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Mary, Glad you are feeling like visiting. Don't be shy. Love seeing that you are hanging in there like these lizards.

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mare, it's so good to see a post from you again. I love your pictures! You've definitely mastered that new camera.
Hugs from Minnesota!

Rose said...

So glad to have you back, Mary! I can see you have been hanging in there:) I like your notion of "blogging without obligation." Sometimes I think how much time I spend on blogging when I should be doing something else, but I do enjoy it. That's why I haven't gotten into Facebook; I need a real life, too! Hope those darned ants leave you alone and less stressful days are ahead.

Cindie Ulreich said...

I've missed your posts! I'm one of those people that check a whole bunch of blogs abouat once a week for updates and I'm thrilled I've found your update today!

I hope you've enjoyed your time off from your blog, but I hope you'll be back a bit more often :)

jane augenstein said...

Mary, your pictures are beautiful, love the close up of the hummer face. Glad you are back, I need to get posting too I am also behind, oh, well!

Dorothy said...

Hi Mary.... Welcome back. So good to see you again in my inbox!!!!
Sending love and blessings to you in NC!!!


nikkipolani said...

Well! Judging by the comments, I think you were MISSED! Welcome back, if only intermittently :-)

Kerri Farley said...

Oh Mary, I have missed you so! But don't ever feel obligated to post...and never feel shy with your blogging buddies!
Your pics are FAB as usual!!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

It's so nice to have you back.
Don't be shy--just be you.
It's always been enough.

jason said...

You have nothing to apologize for, Mary. Nothing at all. Life is about living, not blogging. If you're not living, there's nothing to blog about. Hence no reason to be shy.

Glad you're alive and well. I can't wait to see and read what's going on in your world.

Beautiful photos! The frog especially enchants me... Spectacular!

jalynn01 said...

Hi ya! Welcome back! Seems a lot of people are having 'blogging issues' this summer AS AM I! no time, no time no time...well you get it! Loved the close up hummer with his 'red' starting to show and the hanging on lizard. Hang in there, blog when you can and try to find a little relaxation and fun along the way. we'll all still be here..

dguzman said...

Have you tried inciting an ant war? I'm serious: someone told me that if you take a shovel-ful of one ant pile and pour it into another ant pile, and vice-versa, they'll fight to the death. It seems logical to me, though I've never tried it. Give it a whirl and let me know what happens!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...


dugfresh said...

glad you darted back in for moment. love the new photos. that frog is spectacular. is this all in your backyard? if you planning on selling your backyard anytime in the near future, put me on the waiting list...

gretchen said...

YIPPEE! So glad you are back, even just for a moment! I check your blog regularly, "just in case" and today I have been richly rewarded! This hummingbird photo is SO amazingly beautiful- I can't stop looking at it!!
THANK YOU for sharing!

Cicero Sings said...

Cute posts.

It's the year of the ants here too. I can't believe how many any hills have popped up all over the yard. Last year I had a trail of ants marching through the house. I whirred up some sugar and borax in the blender and put it along the area where they came in ... plus squished everyone in sight. It seemed to work but it took a week or so. The borax is the killer but the sugar sweetens the bait!

I haven't been posting much at all this spring/summer ... every since I got the puppy.

The Quacks of Life said...

welcome back.

somethings don't change I'm on my travels :D

Wendy said...

Happy summer! I haven't been blogging much, either. Too nice outside.

Strange, I was just thinking about you the other day. Hoping things were o.k. and you were busy.
Welcome back!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Hello there. Love the pictures (as always).

Hope you took care of those ants!

Mary said...


The ants are history (for now). I used electric tape under the nectar feeders to foil ant activity. It worked, along with a potent spray.

Love and miss you all!

I'm not "back" yet but I'm making progress.


Tina said...

Sooo nice to see you are when you can..enjoy the summer, kill the ants...and don't forget to drink the wine! Good to see you back...I'm patient, also busy, also lazy..but I just keep checking to see if you had anything Mary to say..
Loved the pics, loved your post!

Anonymous said...

Missed you Mary!! I confess...I have been checking your blog every day or so looking for an update! So glad to hear from you.

Angie in SC

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary.....I cannot imagine you ever being 'kinda shy'.....but it is good to see you back....

Lots of bloggers are taking time out, perhaps it is just good to have a break.... need a green woodpecker....they eat them by the thousands......

Minerva said...

Do they make tiny humming bird napkins? Or maybe mini-bibs?

Man, I wish we had frogs like that around here.

Glad you're back.

Mary said...

dugfresh and all, yes, all three of these photos were taken on the same day on my back porch. It's a wonderland out there, I tell you.

I am not "back" yet but sure wish I was. I have so much blogging fodder that it's eating away at me ;-) I really need to find some write.

Thank you all, AGAIN.

My word verif: angst

Anonymous said...

So glad you "blogged" in for a moment. Love the photos!! Keep in touch when you can.

Crayons said...

No obligation. I go through the same thing. I want to maintain my readership, but then I think though that there are few things worse than a sloppy, uninspired post.

Thanks for this hummingbird image. It is awe inspiring. I always love your posts.

I think many of us are learning that quicker is not necessarily better.

Richard said...

Glad to see your great pictures these definitely add color to your life....

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dmmgmfm said...

Lovely photos...and I can relate to your poem.

Glad to see you are blogging without obligation, it's quite freeing, isn't it?

Big hugs,


littleorangeguy said...

I see Jack is making the rounds. I'm glad you are, too.

JeanMac said...

Welcome back, missed you.

Murr Brewster said...

You are never obligated to us; we are happy for whatever you give us and hope your situation eases.

NatureWoman said...

I miss you and I miss your gorgeous photos, Mary! Hope things are working out for you and things will become less stressful for you soon.