Sunday, April 27, 2008

Everybody Hurts Sometimes


This is a happy community of bloggers. Once in a while, there are posts I read that linger in my mind while I’m driving. It’s coincidental that I was thinking of Julie and Lynne while I listened to R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts on the radio. Julie has a special healing friend, Shila. Julie might not realize it, but she’s a healer, too. Sweet Lynne lost both her Mother and her Sister within months of each other. A rough time for Lynne… A friend in Pennsylvania has had her life turned upside down recently and she has cried a river. And every time I hear this song, I crank up the volume and sing along, uninhibited, in my croaky way…

When the day is long and the night,
the night is yours alone,
When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life,
Well hang on
Don’t let yourself go,
‘cause everybody cries
and everybody hurts sometimes…

... ‘Cause everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends.
Everybody hurts. Don’t throw your hand. Oh, no.
Don’t throw your hand.
If you feel like you’re alone,
no, no, no, you are not alone.

Hold on, hold on, hold on…

We all get too much sometimes.


You think you’ve lost your sense of humor


and realize that early spring turned into summer overnight, the weeds are growing and the gardens need color; your waistline expands; the dogs need bathing and a pedicure; the house needs a good cleaning; you’re overcommitted on the job; there are ants in the bathroom; the windows are mucked up with pollen and dirt and you think you might have a toothache, or is it a headache?; everything and everyone needs your attention; and, you discover a plantar’s wart on your foot…

The days are too short, you’ve run out of time, and everything happens at once.

You worry about your children every day, no matter how old they are, wishing them a content, happy life. You miss the sound of your Mother’s voice as the image of her face slowly fades over time. You miss your Dad in his nursing home, who might not remember you when you visit soon, and feel guilty for not seeing him often enough. So, we all cry sometimes.

Join me while I escape from it all which I often do,

and cheer for the little Brown-Headed Nutty who beat the belligerent Starlings to the worms.


When I tire of the mundane, I go searching elsewhere


for a Great Egret.

Oh, the bird can run away from me


but it certainly can’t hide.

Tomorrow is another day which might contain a pleasant surprise – so SMILE.


Bek said...

Great for putting the song lyrics in your post! From time to time everybody needs this kind of reminder that we are not alone with our pain and that it's not as unbearable as it often seems to be.

Kathie Brown said...

Mary, another well written post from the heart. I love the egret photo. Yeah for the Brown-headed nuthatch! I didn't know Lynne's sister passed away. I've been checking her blog but haven't seen any new posts. Now I know why. If you are in contact with her, send her my hugs. BTW, if you want to read an iteresting post about pond sex, go to Out With Ari's blog. The link is on my blog under "Maine Blogs."

Kathie Brown said...

BTW, that last photo would be great for Sky Watch Friday!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Deep, very deep. I was just thinking this morning about life, how short it is, and how precious the little things are. Thanks for the pictures. They indeed show us that no matter what, there is beauty in the world.

Cheryl said...

You opened up a lot of emotion there for me Mary.....

I always smile though, it is one thing I am good at.

Lovely post, I am sure it will reach a lot of people as your posts always do.

JeanMac said...

Good reminder, Mary. Someone is always dealing with pain far worse than one's own. Good pics, too. Enjoy your Sunday!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Hi, Mary-
So nice to meet you. I'm delighted you stopped by my blog--otherwise, I might never have found this wonderful site. I'll be back often. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You've hit on the insidious nature of pain - it makes you think you're all alone and it's all there is. Thanks for the reminder (and visual cues) that life is there for us.

The grackle (?) with the peanut in his mouth made me laugh aloud.

thailandchani said...

Very nice... as always. the pictures are a refuge.

Five tries on the word verification. Apparently they've made a deliberate effort to obscure the letters.

I can't do it.. but I will still be reading! Your pictures and thoughts are always so soothing.

beckie said...

Mary, I too loved the post. And your right. We all have our pains of one kind or another. Blogging has helped me so much. The writing and the reading of lots of others can take you out of yourself and connect to to so many wonderful people. Your site is one I come to for beautiful pictures of nature, for a bit of soothing, and of course for your great sense of humor. Thank you for all.
The photo of the egret flying and his reflection is frame-worthy!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an inspirational post Mary. Thank you for taking the time to express this.

Phoebe said...

How nice to have that song course through my head. Thanks for thinking of me. Though I didn't know it, the Upper Peninsula had the cure for what was bothering me. Ahhh. It's so good to sleep! It sounds like you and I are feeling rolled under by the change of seasons right to riotous summer. Nice, but too much sometimes. Thank you for that gorgeous egret, and the peanut-eater.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Ah, I see that somewhere in Ohio, my little carrot-top is logged on...that was me, not Phoebe!

Anyone else notice that Word Verification is virtually illegible? I have NO IDEA what these letters are.

Mary said...

Is anyone else having problems with these damned word verifications?!!? They are ridiculous!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

May, Thanks for thinking of me. Birds are a wonderful escape.
Birds AND good friends.
And maybe booze. (kidding!)

Ruth said...

Lovely post Mary. And your pictures are a joy to behold. I just had my daughter help me with word verification on the last post I commented on. I got it wrong 3 times. And this one is illegible too. I don't bother with it at all.

Anonymous said...

Love all your photos and I have seen REM in concert 2 times! It has felt like spring turned into summer overnight!

KGMom said...

Mary--I had to laugh at the squirrel tail. I am having my battles these days with squirrels.
As for word verification--I am taking mine off tonight. I have noticed that Blogger has gone wonky with the way it shows the letters. Did I say "shows"? More like--obscures.

Alyssa said...

Yes, we all have things that really suck in our lives on occasion. Or sometimes all the little stuff piles up and makes the day endless and kind of sad. Your pictures would help to cheer any one. The egret is marvelous!

I really enjoyed your previous post about the drug and bomb dogs. They are just amazing and so are their human partners. You caught everything they did just perfectly and I felt I was there.

Also the post about your tree was a study in a tiny ecosystem. All of the many creatures that use and need that scruffy old willow. You are such an insightful person and your posts are a joy to read!

(For a person who was taking a "needed vacation", you've certainly been producing a lot!! Yea!!!)

TR Ryan said...

Mary thanks for another beautiful post and a touching tribute to life. You create so much beauty in so many ways. I will be all eyes tomorrow looking for that surprise.

Now, if you can get my word verification off of crack cocaine I will call you Saint Mary.

10 mins later: I am now on my seventh attempt to post this. Wish me luck

Jayne said...

It reminds me of the quote from Barbara Johnson.... "Pain is inevitable, misery is optional." Yes, there will always be pain, but it in some ways, is what makes the joy that much more intense. We can find the beauty and the joy, even in the pain. Thanks Mary for a beautiful post.

Jayne said...

P.S. LOL... I thought it was just me! Matter of fact, that is my post today... about the wonky word verification. Glad I am not totally looney!

Kerri Farley said...

Oh a FABULOUS post Mary! Gosh, I can soooooooo relate to all of this! I have been "stressing" over a lot of things in my life, too. The only time I feel "destressed" is when I'm out and about communing with nature.

The shot of the Egret is absolutely FANTASTIC! All of your bird shots are!

Hope your week goes well!!!!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you for this post. We never know when a smile or a kind word can make the difference for someone. Being a good friend is being "there" when we are able to be. Thank you for your friendship, not just to me but to Lynne and Julie too. You give and give and give some more. Thank you!
Keeping a sunny disposition helps me with the daily life pains. There is always something that is a bother.
I too go to Mother Nature to find peace, tranquility and laughter. Your Grackle is funny, Brown-headed Nuthatch so sweet and the Egret is beautiful and dignified. Very nice photos.
You ARE the Goddess of the Endless Summer! Glad you have finally received adequate rainfall. Having water restrictions removed will be so nice. The hose can come out again.
Thank you again for reminding me when I am in pain I am never alone.
Thank you for being "here".
Sherry, who dances with the bees and serves party trays to the Orioles

Stacey Olson said...

Beautiful post from a woman with a big and beautiful heart.. Mary you are truely a gift.. you care so much.. Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Your kindness is impressive. Thank you for the car you show to all of us.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Very touching post, Mary. Your pictures are beautiful, and you always find the best things to write about.

Now if I can figure out what these scrambled letters say, you might get to read this. They are getting so hard to read.

Annie in Austin said...

The poetry of the lyrics, the poignant stories at the links and your own words and photos add up to something special, Mary. Friends to share our hurts and connecting with nature seem to be pain remedies we can all use. Thank you.

Annie at the the Transplantable Rose

Donna said...

So true, Mary, everybody hurts sometimes, and that's a great song with great lyrics. Love the photos, nature always seems to heal.

I enjoyed your previous post also with the K-9. They are amazing dogs. And what I loved most was when I scrolled to the very bottom and saw your dogs! They make me laugh everytime!

Rose said...

Mary, Your photos are stunning as always--love the picture of the nuthatch with the worm. And you have such a way with words. This is all so true, so true.
On a more trivial note, glad to read all the comments about word verification. I thought I needed to get my eyes checked!

Anonymous said...

It's like you've been living in my head these past couple of weeks! Thanks for reminding me that it isn't just me. And what a fabulous BHNut photo!

Larry said...

Thanks for the nice message.-I know I've had my share of those days as we all have.Great photos to go with it too.

Susan Gets Native said...

God love ya, Mary.

Unknown said...

Hey Mary, you never run out of words. Beautiful post and of your photos are awesome.

Mary said...

Beautiful post! The photos of the birds are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.


anita said...

Hello from Oregon,

I'm new to your blog, and just wanted to say hello. I especially love this post. It reminds me what a balm nature can be. Thank you!