Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frost on the Pond


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow is playing on the radio as I write this but frost will probably be the most we’ll get here. I’ll count on living through virtual snow storms with my friends up north.


Our days are still in the fifty to sixty degree range but the night dipped to twenty-eight. The ceramic floors in the bathrooms are numbing to bare feet in the middle of the night which makes for a mad rush back to bed!


The summer I thought would never end is a memory now as autumn is in full color and showing just how beautiful it can be. I had quiet time walking outdoors this morning, right out of bed, in my slippers, fondly remembering the pond being completely covered in green, the sounds of the hummingbirds, the variety of butterflies, the bright Zinnias, Marigolds, and other hardy flowers that battled this drought and survived through October. I forgot to mention the sweat on my brow and the beauty of it all. It ended so abruptly.

Saturday was a long day, on the go, and I missed the yard. I woke up this morning knowing what my priority would be today.


With a roll of paper towels, window cleaner, and Lysol in my arms, I headed for my bathroom. See the view to outside?

This is why it took two hours to clean only half of the bathroom. Two photos taken through the window,



and I can see a drink dribble on her chin.


The pond needed a good clipping.


The tall Cannas that shielded the filter behind the waterfall will return in about five months. Most of what we cut today is piled beyond the fence and near the feeders as a safe haven for the birds in case an ice or snow storm might happen.


My first thought was that I would need to fasten a screen over the filter to prevent debris blowing into it


but I think I have changed my mind because this lovely Song Sparrow seemed to enjoy the new pool.

If you know me at all, you will know the following photo was a highlight of my weekend. Yes, I did smile from ear to ear!


Taken Saturday, just before sunset. I was filling the feeders.
An impatient Carolina Chickadee was watching.


thailandchani said...

Just perfect pictures! I really do like your pond best of all.

Would you be interested in Sacred Life Sunday? Your posts would be so perfect for it.

(The link's on my sidebar)

Veery said...

Your chickadee photo is marvelous! I don't blame you for opting to watch birds instead of the tub! :-)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Miss Chickadee is charming. She posed for you! Wonderful photo. Will you print and frame for your desk? How very exciting! I am so pleased for you.
Pine Siskins are darling little birds. I am smitten with them.
Your frost photos are very pretty. I also spent the day outside with the birds.
We have Indian Summer now. Like you I love every minute outside.

Anonymous said...

So love your chickadee photo also! And frost!! Seems just like the other day you were talking AC!

Mary said...

Your photos are beautiful! I think it would have taken me all day to clean the bathroom because of the view.

Thanks for sharing. Be sure to stop by my blog and participate in the Christmas book giveaway.


Unknown said...

Congrats on your gorgeous Chickadee picture! YAY! Well worth the wait!

JeanMac said...

Very unique pics, as usual, Mary. You should compile a bk.

The Quacks of Life said...

summer gone then. lovely pictures as usual.

Alyssa said...

Hi Mary, I didn't know it got that cold where you are. I don't think it's been 28 here yet. But Fall can be just as beautiful as summer I would say. The view from your tub is fantastic! Not far from where I live a Mango hummingbird was spotted this summer and made birding history here. It didn't fly south, so someone captured it and it will now be in a zoo. I thought of you whenever I read about it. Your pictures are so nice to see and I'd love to send you down some of the scads of chickadees that visit our feeders. They are such a fearless and inquisitive bird. When Steve sits in his tree stand, he's had one perch on his bow while he's hunting.

Mary said...

Alyssa, you made me laugh because I do have loads of Chickadees - they fly all around me but usually refuse to sit for a photo! LOL!

dguzman said...

Amazing how fast summer left us, to these frosty mornings. Now I miss the heat and the sun already.

Susie said...

What an absolutely gorgeous view you have from your bathroom.
Your pond was beautiful in the summer, but I'm guessing you'll enjoy it all through the year!
No frost here, it's 70º as I write this!!

entoto said...

That chickadee does look impatient. Such wonderful birds. Thanks, Mary!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mary, I would never have a clean bathroom if mine had a window with a view like yours. ;)

Chickadees are the sweetest birds. Very difficult to photo too they never stay still. You can even see the highlight in its eye. Good job.

And you water feature. Great. I would love to have a larger one. Mine is tiny, birdbath size.

NatureWoman said...

Wow, you've got frost! I'm sure you'll get sick of the snow photos us northerners will post for you Mary!

Anonymous said...

Just curious,
I live in PA and I have canna bulbs that must be dug out of the ground and stored inside.
In North Carolina can you leave your canna bulbs in the ground year ground?

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

love the frost pictures. and you little pond with the birds. xoxo nita

KGMom said...

My favorite photo? Your puppy proudly standing atop the pond walls.
Look at me, look at me--I conquered the great mountain.

Mary C said...

Mary, I'm so glad you finally got a chickadee that cooperated and posed for you. Great job!

Mary said...

Hi Rachel,

Yes, in NC we rarely have a deep freeze so we don't dig them up. Our nights get below freezing but out daytime temps are usually well above freezing during the coldest two months of winter (Jan-Feb). We've been lucky for two years as they come back and multiply!

If we have an ice storm, that's another story...

Thanks for the visit!

LostRoses said...

Mary, I'm glad I'm not the only gardener who changes their plans to do something because the birds like it the way it is. A very nice little pool indeed. Oh, and a very clean bathroom, and what a view! I'm envious.

Susan Gets Native said...

Dirty tubs can wait...the birds won't.

That's my philosophy and I am sticking to it.

kate smudges said...

I love the photograph of the Song Sparrow ... it's amazing how quickly we look back and miss the days of summer, our ponds and the greenery!

At least it's way warmer there than here. We're expecting more snow any one of these days!

kate ox

Anonymous said...

Great shot Mary of the lil' seemingly 'a.d.d.' bird. Have had some mountain chickadee's I've been trying for weeks to get a good shot of here in UT., do know they have taken up winter quarters in one of the house's tho, so hopefully some day soon will get some good shots, among many of the other's about. Also have parigan falcon (sp?) or 2 who unfortunately find our back yard their smorgasbord oyee...

Do so enjoy your pictures, and descriptions!!

Jayne said...

Awww... just LOOK at that chicadee-dee-dee posing for you!! YEA!!!!!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

The idea of you enjoying a soothing bath, while your birds bathe on the other side of the window is clever.
It makes me smile to think of the similarities all living things enjoy.

Lucky you--the chickadee posed very nicely!

Mary said...

Lis, thanks for commenting. You will need to start a blog and share your photos, too!

Chrissie said...

I hadn't realised your seasons are soooo varied! So hot and then so cold! I do love the pictures of frost on leaves, living by the coast we have not had any yet. Our seasons just seem to merge into each other although the nights are definitely getting chilly.