Friday, November 09, 2007

Fashion Trends and Snarls


Thursday: Registration counter at the college.
I couldn't resist sneaking a few photos from my seat on the lobby sofa.

I…just…don’t…get it. What is the attraction to this ridiculous fashion trend? I need to gather a group of these sorry looking young folks who are too close to adulthood and pick their brains. Have a Pow Wow. Maybe I’ll find out what it all means – the stigma attached and why they think they are so cool. This young man isn’t the worst I’ve seen. Without the jacket, the look can be obscene. Of course, I don’t expect them to wear their pants Pee Wee Herman style, the other extreme.

The young gals can top the guys with their spaghetti straps, mesh-type dresses and see-through underwear, making it difficult for male students to face the instructor. The Dean escorted a little lady out of the building.

“You are nude.” said the Dean.
“But I’m late for class!” said the nudie.
“You are not going to class. Go home and put clothes on.” said the Dean.
The flirty exhibitionist never returned to school. Good!


He can only take baby steps, for crying out loud! I would have loved to yell “Fire!”

Proposed legislation in local county and state to ban this type of clothing in schools and anywhere, for that matter, has been fruitless. Do parents have the authority and guts to tell their children how lazy and immature they look? Do they introduce shampoo to them? Obviously not.

Many educators are taken aback by these sights and hope this fashion trend changes, as well as the minds of these rising adults.


On a good note, the work on our campus Wildlife Habitat has been put on hold until spring due to the drought and water restrictions. The Dean wanted to start work in some way, so we drove to the nearest Lowe’s Home Store and bought six feeders (Dean’s choice), hangers, suet, and black oil sunflower seed. She’s hot on a bird bath/spa. We’ll have one soon because the Dean gets what she wants! I couldn’t convince the group to shop at WBU because our budget is small. What does all of this mean? Mary will be working in her office at a furious pace to afford time outside during the workday! If I’m not in my office, everyone will know where to find me...filling feeders and cleaning the spa. Yes!

The mood of the day was obvious – cynical, feisty, energetic, bold.


Before sunset, I filled the feeders, stood back several feet, and waited for them to fly in.

My thought: “You know me. Come on, chicken-finches!”

And I waited longer. The leftover meatloaf in the oven was baking from golden to dark brown but I didn’t care. Dammit.


Chickadees were swarming around and away from me.
“Jee-jee-jee-jee” meant “Hee-hee-hee-hee, look at the lady, look at the lady.”


My thought: “One of these days…one of these days…Pop! Right on the kisser, you ungrateful twits!”

My thought, while listening to my camera groan and try to focus in a tenth of a second: “Oh, I’ll get you, my pretty, and the rest of ya’ll, too!”
This will be the last of the Brown-Headed Nuthatches I post – promise! While the Chickadees played catch-me-if-you-can games, the little nutties flew in five feet from where I stood.


Hello, lady! Thank you for the delicious nuts!


Take my picture!

My excited self fumbled with the zoom and this is the best I could do. Hmmm.

Snarly female Cardinal.

My thought: So, you need an attitude adjustment, too, eh?
Let’s Dish.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can't stand those clothes either. I would probably get beat up if I worked where I had to look at them because I would be laughing out loud.

Jayne said...

I don't get the pants thing either Mary. It simply looks ridiculous.

Can't wait to see the habitat you create there on campus! Aren't those chickadees just sneaky little buggers?

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The kids do look silly! Lots of room to grow.
Brown Headed Nuthatch is so adorable..They are not in my area! I will enjoy yours.
You are the perfect person for tending the feeders.
Have a most delightful weekend. Lots of outside time. The chick-a-dees are just plain fast!

Ruth said...

The mental image of you on the sofa sneaking a picture of Droopy Pants makes me laugh. He would likely be pleased with his audience. The brown-headed nuthatch is lovely.

thailandchani said...

Oh, yes... yell "Fire"! It would be funnier than I can even imagine at this moment.

I'm really sick of seeing that look.

JeanMac said...

Mary, those pants drive us crazy - they can't feel good trying to walk!

Susan said...

Great photo of the brown-headed nuthatch. Here they only seem to stay for a second each feeder visit. No time for a photo - just like the chickadees.

Susan Gets Native said...

I've seen boys walking around in the neighborhood that RAPTOR is in, and the stupid youngins have to HANG ONTO THE CROTCH OF THEIR PANTS to keep them up. So it looks like they always have to go to the bathroom. Now, I'm a child of the Eighties, and we had some crazy clothing. But at least we COULD WALK!

Susie said...

Those clothes are terrible. I can't stand the ones that show their underwear or more because they're so baggy. As you say, the girls are just as bad.
Love the bird pics, once again the cardinal is my favorite!

Carol Michel said...

How was the meatloaf? I hope it didn't get too dry, but you did get some more great bird pictures, so it would be worth it.

Judge not on the pants until you've walked in them. I think I'll go out today in pants like that and see how it feels. It might be very comfortable overall, who knows what we are missing out on?

Kidding!!! I agree, those low pants are absolutely ridiculous! And I have too much to do to be twaddling along like a penguin today!

Have a good one!
Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Unknown said...

Mary you make me laugh.
You always say the things I am thinking. Don and I just shake our heads when we see boys walking down the street trying to hang on to their pants.

Do you have a tripod for your camera?
I have to use one because I shake to much taking pictures.
Love seeing your bird photos

Anonymous said...

I am one who likes to wear my clothing a little baggy but that is more for comfort! I prefer also wearing a belt! Also, love the fact that you volunteered to manage all of the birdfeeders! Can't wait to see the pictures you get!

NatureWoman said...

That is actually the lowest crotch I've seen on a pair of pants. I so don't get the style either. This guy I used to work with used to have at least three inches of his undies hanging out at the top. I told him I could see his underwear. He told me he forgot his belt. The next day he wore a belt and it was the same, at least three inches of undies. I really don't care to see anyone's underwear. I don't understand how they keep their pants up with them being on their butt like that. And don't get me started on butt crack and cleavage on women. I don't wanna see it!
Can't wait to see what you do on campus!

Cathy said...

Oh you are wicked, wicked, wicked! Yell 'Fire!', indeed. Bless you Mary for your candor regarding the undressed look. Talk about 'in your face.' I think that may be the whole point.

I've never seen a Brown-headed Nuthatch. Click away.

Larry said...

I guess they're just trying to be anti-establishment or whatever.-Funny photo to look at though.-from baggy pants to birds.-You're blog is always great fun!

KGMom said...

I think you've struck a nerve, posting about the pants.
Supposedly they imitate the zoot suits of the 20s. Of course they are influenced by hip hop and rap singers' garb.
When guys walk in pants like that, I don't think they take baby steps. To me, it looks like they crapped their pants, hence the droop and the walk. Sorry if anyone is offended, but that's what I see.

Mary said...

Donna, Wa ha ha ha ha! You said it, girl!

Annie in Austin said...

Somehow I doubt whether any of us, your readers and commenters, are the target audience for that look, Mary... no young people care what we think. And I'm happy with that.

But the idea of you sneaking the picture is delicious!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Chrissie said...

Hello, Mary. You have to smile :-) I agree with kgmom. I wonder if they suffer from chaffing in the cold weather :-)

Mary said...

Lovely birds but shame about the pants!!

Verena said...

Hi Mary,
I totally understand what you mean about all this dressing-stuff. Although I have to say, that I´m afraid that if parents tell their kids how ridiculous they will dress much more like this, I don´t like this kind of dressing at all. I hope if one day I will have children by myself, they won´t dress like this!!!
Maybe it depends on what you study, because at my law school in Graz now freshman dressed like this.
Lots of greetings, Verena

cat59 said...

Well, everything that can be said about the pants has been said. I agree. I just don't get it. Walking looks like such a hassle--not to mention ridiculous. We have brown-headed nuthatches, too. We've also seen a few bluebirds lately. We must be on a migratory path for them because we saw them in the spring, as well.

Anonymous said...

Mary, have I told you today what a gem you are? No? You are a gem. Love the shots of Mr. Droopy. I always wonder what these kids will think when they're in their 60s looking at their old photos.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Liam made precisely the same observation Donna made about the droopy diapers on Mr. Rasta. I especially appreciate your framing--getting the oh-so-clean-cut guy in the picture on the wall in the same shot! Tee hee!

I think the whole point is to make people like us mad, actually. But when fashion interferes with free movement, there's an undeniable problem, Houston. Every once in awhile we need to run--to get out from in front of a speeding car, to catch a bus--maybe even to help someone who's in peril.

Keep shooting, evil one. And you can't bore me with brown-headed nuthatches!