Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I should NOT worry about Cobwebs.


It's been an endless summer. It's still beautiful, hot, and dry.

Cobwebs decorate my house and I have no plans of having a Halloween party. Cobwebs are a sign of neglect. But hey! Who freaking cares? Check out Bill of the Birds post today, written by Birdchick. Get the message. You might laugh until you cry.

Why am I talking about cobwebs? We have friends from Maryland arriving on Friday for a weekend of golf and fun. I really don’t want them to see the cobwebs, dead flies on windowsills, or toilets that need cleaning. The dust that covers every inch of living space here includes short, black & white dog hairs and whatever else floats around this house. Hey, they’re men. Maybe I’ll just put fresh linens on their beds and be done with it. HA! I will make the bathrooms shiny and pristine.

I probably won’t be posting for a few days due to sleep deprivation and having a lot to do. Bam Bam had his testicles whacked off today so we have Mr. Biggins for a night or two. We’ll share a back bedroom. Me and Mr. Biggins, with his 25-foot long legs that will push me, inch by inch, to the edge of the bed by 2 am.

Here are some photos and some of them include frustrating captions. Bear with me?


Yeah, I know it’s hot, sweetie. We have this mood thing going on. It's called LAZY.

Autumn is near but this is not a sign of Autumn. It's a sign of stress.

Stress from an extreme drought. Water restrictions might last until January.

Determined to get out of the house, I drove to the pond to see the Egret. No Egret, but I thought I saw a sandpiper! Naaaaa…

Oh, boy. What’s this? TRASH. Were these photos worth standing in baking sun and feeling sweat drip into my burning eyes?


These water creatures are worth it. Me loves my turtles.

I’m trying not to think about them leaving. After five months, I have loved and cared for them every day. I hope they remember that my house is their house and return next spring. Sigh… I have taken numerous photos that I'll treasure and share whenever I need a lift.


Long-term residents include clumsy juveniles practicing their feeding skills. Their summer pink feet are pretty.

During the weekend I got fed up and impatient. For a long time I let the pond ooze with overgrown plants to provide shade for the fish in boiling heat. I missed seeing them, and like a crazed mad woman, I forgot about my painful back and used the large net and my hands to rip out the overgrown celery plants. The water lilies have room to grow now,


and here they are, at last.

They grew inches without pellet food for two months. Hello strangers! Remember me? They obviously did...


Hey, excuse me… Excuse me… Excuuuuse Meeeeee! Go find some acorns or something… It’s too damned hot out here and you’re getting on my last nerve. Hmmmph.


entoto said...

Love that last tail shot. And you are right, just put fresh linens on, shine up the potty. You are good to go. They won't even notice.

Oh, the toes of that turtle (if I can call them toes), they are so interesting looking!

Annie in Austin said...

How old are your friends, Mary? You could just confiscate their glasses upon arrival and then your interior will have the blurry beauty of an Impressionist painting.

If any guys come to this blog their hands may be still guarding the jewels after reading "Bam Bam had his testicles whacked off today" - Yipes! What a sentence!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Susan Gets Native said...

The little shorebird is a killdeer. You can tell by the double black "necklace".

Don't break a sweat or your back cleaning for your guests. It's not like men notice anything we do.

BTW: I was outside tonight as the sun was going down, and it was almost cold. I think it had dropped to the low 60's and I thought of you sweating in NC and mentally pushed the cold air your way.

Susan said...

Cobwebs! My theory is that they are more abundant in North Carolina than anywhere else.

thailandchani said...

I still can't figure out how you take these beautiful pictures! :)

Especially those with the pond... wow... !



dmmgmfm said...

Wonderful photos, as always Mary. Absolutely spectacular.

I am so envious that you get an entire weekend of golf! I get to go on Friday, and to a carshow on Saturday, but Sunday I have to drive clear across Montana (approximately 500 miles) to go to a training seminar. Don't feel too badly for me though, the seminar is at a very nice resort in the mountains.

There WILL be pictures and if I ever get off of this rollercoaster I'm on, there will be a post about it.


The Quacks of Life said...

the tail is a little "guest" who causes similar reaction here.

what's the bird after the killdeer?

and poor bam-bam

Anonymous said...

As always your photos are the best. I love the turtle, he is so pretty. and the cheeky tail in the last one, well, what can we say. Truly beautiful moments captured on camera.
Thanks for sharing.

Jayne said...

Have a great time with your visitors Mary and forget the cobwebs. :c) Hope Bam Bam is feeling better soon and that you were able to get some sleep with Mr. Biggins. Hang tight... the fall IS coming. Sometime. Isn't it? Please?

Ruth said...

Mary- I hope your guests are coming to see you, not to pass judgement on your housekeeping. You would never have to clean a cobweb for me. My mom always said that if the kitchen and bathrooms were tidy and the bed was made, the appearance of the house would be satisfactory.

Mary said...

Mary the photos are just fantastic. I'm sorry you are still not getting any rain. I operate now on the principle that dust is always there even just after you clean.I shift it around sometimes Now clean sheets and a clean bathroom with a fluffy towel and great hosts are just what everyone wants so do only what you need to and have a wonderfull weekend. Lifes too short to worry about non important things. The sun has been shinning here this week at last

Unknown said...

Mary you are gal after my heart. Love this post. I have cob webs everywhere and dust and cat hairs. Hope Bam Bam feels better soon.

As for house guest clean linens and clean the bathroom thats all. Now relax and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Wow, still with the hot weather? Poor Bam Bam! owwwww I will miss my hummingbirds also and I just know it will be any day now till they go! they were still around this morning after temps reached around 40F this morning! Poor things were still at the feeder!

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for sending me over to that other blog entry. It's great and I told her so.

And I so agree with her view! :-)

Beautiful photos again, even if you have had endless drought.


Beth said...

Ho ho ho. I wonder if Bam Bam has any idea how callously you referenced the upcoming Major Life Change he is facing?

Whack, whack.

dguzman said...

Boy, between the cobwebs and the bunny fur and the cat hair and the dust from outside and the grass clippings from mowing the lawn--sheesh, my house is a sty! Like Trixie said -- just clean the toidy and and put on some clean sheets, and it'll be like the Hilton.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Oh! Oh! Oh! The Tiger Swallowtail in the butterfly bush is lovely! I am smitten by the the Tigers this year. Gorgeous!
Cobwebs are not decorative??? No one ever told me. Natural insect control at my house. Dust??? Easy message boards. You are on water restrictions, sheets, towels and underware only! You are saving the water for the birds, right?
Miss Hummer is your friend. I bet she chats with you too.
Oh, doggies!!! Easy healing for Bam Bam.
Have lots of fun with your friends, relax and enjoy. I see rain is in your forecast!

JeanMac said...

I have a squirrel who decided my garden shed would be a nice winter home. Every day I find it in turmoil - watering cans strewn about, a cardboard box chewed. When I got the mower yesterday, he scolded me properly but I couldn't see him. Hey, who's shed is it?!

Jess Riley said...

Ha! Those pesky squirrels.

We've had a female hummingbird hanging around for the past month...whoa, she's chubby! Love it. Hope she makes it south safe and sound.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I hate to admit it, but I love squirrels. Birdlovers often don't, but I do. I put corn out for them and they are so very funny with their antics. Your pictures are so good Mary, just wonderful. Thanks for such beauty. xoxo nita

Chrissie said...

Oh Mary, I am so pleased you have cobwebs :-) We seem to always have one somewhere! A friend also told me that dust can be trusted, it will always return! Great post!

NatureWoman said...

Hello fish!! Your pond looks really nice! As always, I love all of your photos and words, Mary!

RuthieJ said...

Oh Mary, your posts are hilarious...especially your dog stories! Poor Bam-Bam and lucky Mr. Biggins who gets to sleep over at his cuzzins' house.

Good luck with your cleaning, I've decided not to clean till the holidays now (and I don't mean Halloween-gotta save those cobwebs for that!)

Larry said...

I put off many a yard chore to spend time wandering the woods and field.-What's a little cobweb? Just something to take a picture of.-Nice pitures too! I especially like the Sanpiper posing as a Killdeer!

Dorothy said...

Cobwebs add character...and dustbunnies do too! Your guests won't even notice..especially if they are men.

I hope you get some cool air soon...we're getting nice weather up here in Pennsy! As always, your pictures are fantastic! Love the turtle too.

Mary said...


I wish I had time to thank you for your enlightening and funny comments, but I must get some bed rest now with Mr. Biggins. Tomorrow I'll be making the house shine but I'm leaving the cobwebs alone :o)

Bam Bam had an emergency vet visit this evening but for now, all is well. Bulldogs are special patients after surgery. He is home.

Sherry said...


As always, I enjoyed your post. Your pond looks beautiful, great butterfly shot, and loved the squirrel photo at the end.. lol

Hope Bam Bam is feeling better!

Don't worry about the dog hair and the dust, and have a great weekend! :)

KGMom said...

Mary, I was so hoping one of this season's hurricanes would scoot up the east coast bringing just enough rain to break the drought--but not so much as to devastate the area.
Nothing yet. . .

kate said...

I've always figured that if my friends are coming to visit me, they aren't going to care overly about cobwebs and dust. Most people don't notice unless it is a real disaster zone. And from what I've seen of your house, it looks pretty much spotless.

Your fish are humongous! The pond is beautiful. I'd be happy if there was some heat. We all long for different things depending on what it is we haven't got.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

A great post, as usual, Mary! Sorry to hear you are still hot and low on water. Hope fall comes to you soon.
We are in the 60's most days, and my hummers have hit the sky road to where ever they live in the winters. Maybe they will stop at your house along the way!