Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Have the Fever


Today, White-throated Sparrows whistle forlorn notes and Juncos flock on the front lawn. (This post was written over a week ago and since then I haven’t seen a Junco.)

There is early Spring although today I’m wearing a coat. It’s 40 degrees, after 85 earlier in the week.

The furnace is running. What???

Come… on… Spring… dammit.


A weak winter remains




on certain cold evenings. Our coats and jackets are draped over the back of kitchen chairs, ready.

Seems odd to fill the hummingbirds’ nectar feeders


but they’re in the area.

I’m prepared for their early arrival.

Unlike last year when they were late coming home.

We see more green in the landscape than brown now


and sprouting quickly in the lodge. How I’d love to introduce myself!

There are bees, flys, spring peepers, moths, stink bugs, wasps, hornets, and lizards.

No ants yet, thank you.



There’s love in the air again


that you can hear and feel all around,

if you care to notice.


Foot-longs are frisky and


look who emerged from the soup


for some drying out in soft, warm breezes.

A little sweat I wiped from my brow

and brushed back my overgrown bangs to see


lily pad who had risen to the top, waiting for dragons and damsels.

Oooo, I can’t wait!



A New England Life said...

Mary's here! : )

I had forgotten the Hummers were late last year until you reminded me. Usually we hear the peepers by April 1st but I fear they will be late this year. It's too cold.

How I adore all your flowers. Warmer weather has to be coming along soon!

Mary said...

Thanks for visiting, Sharon! Oh Joy I Published Two Posts In One Month Trying to Keep This Blog Alive Somewhat. Tee-hee.

Murr Brewster said...

See, just meandering through, looking through your lens and your baby blues, that works for me just as often as you care to dish it up.

Mary said...

Murr :)

Anonymous said...

Despite 40 degrees and other signs of winter, I see you've got your eye on some gorgeous signs of spring. Beautiful!

Dan said...

How refreshing to see advanced signs of Spring. We're still experiencing freezing temperatures. Daytime temperatures are moving in the right direction albeit a bit too slow for my liking.

KGMom said...

I think we are all just waiting and aching for spring.
Here in central PA--last week of March...every night the temperature dips to below freezing.

Kerri Farley said...

I can't wait either! But it is snowing here this morning.

Beautiful pictures as usual my friend!

Rose said...

Beautiful, Mary! So good to see the bees on the blossoms. We're still cold here, too. A week ago we had temps in the 60's and even a day that reached 70. I think it was a little spring tease.

WPgirl said...

So good to see blossoms, even if it is photos. (beautiful photos.) It's too cold here in Michigan yet. This week highs in the upper 30's with lows in 20's. Brrr!!
I'm also waiting for the hummers.
Thanks for sharing.
Lynda in Michigan.

The Quacks of Life said...

Hi Mary

there are signs of spring in the UK. its been quite pleasant mid fifties/early sixties and sunny - except for Saturday :(

bees are about and butterflies are on the wing

the big give away is that I feel a holiday coming on :D

PJ said...

we had the same thing...warm temps here in CO and now back to 40's..spring is starting, but not fast enough!

Mary said...

To everyone here, thanks for remembering me. I hope your spring is fabulous! We shivering here. Ick.

RuthieJ said...

Come on spring dammit!
That's what we're saying in Minnesota too, Mare!
Weatherman said snow's on the way again and we should wake up to an inch on the ground Friday morning. DISLIKE!

Marilyn Kircus said...

Down here in Anahuac NWR on the Upper Texas Coast, spring seems to be mostly a time of sad goodbyes to the wintering birds and anticipation of seeing the migrating shorebirds and passerines. And spring typically makes it here mid February with possible retreats until mid March.

This week, new migrants include more stilts - some spent the winter here -, Eastern kingbirds and scissor-tailed flycatchers.

Wendy said...

Come on spring! We still have snow. But it's melting. Finally!

Love your pics, especially the apple blossoms. Hope you get some early hummers.

dguzman said...

We got snow today. SNOW! WTF! We had a few days of warmer weather (60s) last week, but it's been bone-chilling for the last several days. Still, it was sunny until today, when thick clouds pelted me with me sleet, slush, and snow, one right after the other.

I'm enjoying the early spring days and the lingering migrating ducks and juncos, but I'm ready for some spring warmth!

Anonymous said...

A feast for the eyes! I love seeing what you see, and with a terrific camera. These photos -- especiallyl the watery ones -- are magical for me.