Thursday, December 02, 2010

Poop on The Hoop

This is Bella’s story, told in her sweetest Winnie the Pooh’s Piglet voice…everyone knows Piglet, right?


Ugh. It was not a good day. Something happened and I didn’t do it. It wasn’t my fault.


It started when I was outside with my Mother and I was playful. I always bring her a t-t-toy to play with b’cuz I’m her favorite grrrl. I could not w-w-wait to run and catch my hoop. Being the way I am, I was way up over the moon. Then…

Tut tut, it looked like trouble.


Mother made an ugly face, p-p-pointed to a spot on my hula hoop and asked,

“What is THAT, Jelly Belly?

Is that a nugget of poop stuck on your hoop?”

Uh oh. I was a very embarrassed and confused and all flustered and nervous. I didn’t do it.

She called for my Licker Sister Chloe, our official expert poop inspector, and that’s when I knew I would be doomed.

In Chloe’s snappy Winnie the Pooh’s Rabbit voice

she reported,

"Tut tut, it is poop.

Not my poop.

Bella pooped on her hoop.

She's so lame. Only a goof poops on its own hoop.


Oh my, I did not know what to do. I did not know how to fix it.
How could I play hula hoop with a nugget of poop stuck on my hoop?


I could not believe it happened. It never happened before.
I had Sad.


I would not touch it, my hoop, stuck on the steps.

Usually, if I be cute I get what I want. I am not as smart as my Licker Sister but I know what my Mother likes. I sat next to my hoop for a long time. I didn't blink any eyes. I was a statue of black and white.

I love my Mother.


It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do it.


Dat's all, folks.


Julie Zickefoose said...


Soooo cute!! Dr. Seuss meets Winnie the Pooh somewhere in NC.
I think I know who de-pooped the hula hoop.


Jayne said...

"I had sad." Poor Bella. Glad her hoop got depooped!

dugfresh said...

that was the BEST!! so funny! you captured her expressions perfectly. loved the part about not blinking any eyes and being a black-and-white!

this was an awesome way to start the morning!

Kathi said...

The cutest! Poor, poor Bella, with the Sad. And Ms. Chloe, Official Poop Inspector, busting her Licker Sister. I loved this one, Mare.


PS: "I didn't blink any eyes." EXCELLENT!

Angie said...

Poor poor Bella, what an adorable post, Mary! :)

Catbird said...

Winnie the Poop! Poor Bella -- excitement excretion is embarrassing, but nothing to be ashamed of.

NatureWoman said...

Poor sad Bella! I love the story, but not that Bella was so sad!

Susan said...

Very cute story...I think she's very lucky to have such a nice human to scoop the poop off the hoop!

Kerri said...

Mary, I've said it before .... you need to write a book! LOVE this post!!

Bill said...

What a happy dog! You are lucky to have a good friend like this.

KGMom said...

So, how did you learn that your doggehs liked to play with hula hoops anyway? Hmmm?
Were you hooping away one day and they just up and grabbed them and said--me try?

OMG--my word verification word is SHICITSA. That's what Bella had--the shicitsas.

Q said...

Seeing the girls is a delight.
Enjoyed catching up with you this evening.
Hope December is going well for you and yours.

Kathiesbirds said...

Mary, that is one cute dog and one sad doggy face! Look at all those colorful hoops at the end. Somebody loves her doggies!

Balisha said...

I'm in love with your Bella...Such a sad face..Balisha

Margaret said...

So cute!! The close-up of that mug just makes me want to smile! Good thing she has multiple (unpooped)hoops to choose from!

mysisterdalesgarden said...

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JeanMac said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, she is so precious! I'm glad I didn't miss this one. Any dog who lugs around a hula hoop is a treasure.

PJ said...

THAT was hilarious!!! poop on the hoop...move aside Dr. Seuss!

RuthieJ said...

I think that must have been squirrel poop!
(it's so funny to see her expressions -- Sophie looks the same way when poop is discovered where it's not supposed to be!)