Monday, April 06, 2009

Have I told you?


There have been cloudy sunsets lately. Temperatures are plunging as I write this and headed for a killer freeze this week. Chloe is barking at nothing in the background.

There is some good coming up.


After a slow, painful start, I’ve rekindled my friendship with walking to music. The great news is that I recently discovered that it doesn’t feel good until I pass the mile mark. That’s fantastic and means I can add a mile to the end of my one-mile shin and calf burning warm-up. I remember when it was that way, long ago. I’m liking this. Since quitting the cigs, I've become plumper (more plump?) but I think the plumpness shall pass. I hope.

I make good use of my walking time. Head up, daydreaming, I remember things I’ve seen on Facebook, think about my blogging community, work, life in general, and even come up with a few things to blog about.

Like blogging.

From Oklahoma, Debby at Drawing the Motmot was interviewed by Wren at Nature Blog Network today. Stop by and visit Debby, a gifted artist and researcher of birds and nature in general. I marvel at her artwork and learn something new every time I visit her blog. When Wren interviews the Nature Blog community she always inquires, “Why do you blog?” Made me think about it again during my walk this afternoon.

I believe our desire to share is a common denominator. We blog for business, for fun, out of loneliness, or for all of the above. Yes? No?


No one near me would care that the Bluebirds haven’t been seen here in two weeks, or would care to see up close, how lovely they are.


Who would share my interest in what the House Finches were doing on the front lawn? Or care about the Pigeon, Toad, and Dove porn I've published?


He was plucking cherry tree petals (in love me or love me not style) and showering her with them while she stood firm and fussed at him or at something else… See her at the bottom of the photo? Her nest of eggs are on my front porch again.

Who would care?

Those who read this blog might care.


While I examined a Brown Thrasher taking a dust bath, I looked up and far away to see my first Butterfly of 2009.


Ahhh, camera in full zoom. I was trapped behind a thicket of wild raspberries. Rats! Zebra Swallowtail made me whisper, “Holy crap, a Zebra. Be still.”


If I don't share things like this, I'll explode. When I find the Pawpaw tree, I’ll share that, too. It would be great to share butterfly and hummingbird stories with co-workers or neighbors but they're all a bunch of hermit crabs.

So I use tools.

1. Camera
2. Blog

Too often, I whine and complain about blogging. The time and commitment is a lot to handle but I surrender to its charm more often than I should.


There are no Bumble Bee fans who are friends of mine. None. Except for some of you.


Do you know that the number of Bumble Bees and Honey Bees here is astounding this year? I can hear buzz-powered evergreens ten feet away if it’s above 70 degrees. I’m in shock.


I have plenty of bugs I can’t identify, too.

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? Y'all share so much good stuff! Thank you for patiently listening to my ramblings and for caring, if you do.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You darn tootin' I care. I would be very sad if you decided not to blog. I blog for some of the very same reasons. The people that would want to know about nature things that I like are few and far between. Love the colors in that first photo. A rare combination of colors. That last bug is an odd looking thing. The web site What Bug Is This might be of help if you really want to know.

Heidi said...

Aw Mary :) Man, that bluebird pic is way cool with it's sister 2D posing. I'm very glad you share with us... and I understand the explode thing too.

I'm so glad this quitting smoking thing is working out for you, and yes, the pounds will shed, especially if you keep walking like that. Way to go!

I didn't really think I had anyone beyond my family to share these things with, but I put a bunch of pics up on my screen saver and I get lots of comments and have discovered a few people who are also nature lovers. None of my close friends get it, not even the ones who like to hike, but that's okay. I have you and the blogosphere too :)

Dawn Fine said...

Tee hee..I love the photo of the bug on your finger..
and OMGoodness that bumble bees eyes look like glass!
Keep walkin and talking and bloggin...

Kim said...

I love coming to you blog and seeing a glimpse of what you see. I know all about your nemesis Heron, the fish in your pond, the house sparrows that torment you and the bluebirds that decide to pay you a visit on occasion. It is wonderful to see and I totally understand why you blog for I do it for that reason too.

Love your butterfly shots! I can't wait to see my first bumble bee either because I am itching to take a photo of one.

Congrats on the quitting smoking and keep walking! It really does get you thinking and it very therapeutic.

Diane AZ said...

I love seeing what's happening in your yard. The blue bird is so pretty! I've never seen one first hand, but your picture is the next best thing. I do get to see bumble bees here, but not up as close as you are able to show. Seeing your first butterfly of the year must be a thrill after waiting so long.

KGMom said...

That fuzzy bumblebee is great! Amazing what these creatures look like when we get up close.

Anonymous said...

You bet I care! Love to visit your blog and see a new post and your beautiful pictures. I had my first hummingbird today!!

Angie in SC

A New England Life said...

Glad you are still finding some wonderful things to blog about Mary! Spring will certainly bring out a sense of rejuvenation!

All the photo's are wonderful, except the one with the big bug eyes! ; )

How I long for my phlox to be in bloom!

Anonymous said...

It's mutual, Mary. It's so nice to be able to share nature, photos, and stories with others whose eyes do not glaze over after two minutes.

That first photo is super!


You hit the nail on the head with your thoughts on why people blog. I think about it a lot myself.

Vickie said...

Lovely, Mary, the photos and the message. You've hit upon what we all share and care about.

I can't believe you've seen a zebra. I saw my first tiger swallow two days ago but it flew way up over my head with no hope of a snapshot. A hard freeze is headed out way too. I'm afraid everything in bloom will be zapped.

Mary C said...

Mary, I'm so grateful that you share your interests with all of us. I'm so glad you were able to capture that beautiful butterfly. The other day I was walking around the grounds at work with a colleague of mine, (my walking buddy). This was one time when I thought I didn't need to bring my camera along. And wouldn't you know it!! I came across a beautiful tiger swallowtail, and it sat still for the longest time. And we all know that if I would have had my camera with me, either I would not have seen it, or it would not have sat still for so long. At least you have photos to document your treasure. Here's hoping I'll get a second chance to digitally capture that tiger swallowtail.

PSYL said...

I'd care because you have such great stories and photographs to share! Don't know why anyone would not want to hear/see them. Thank you.

Love that tiny insect at the end.

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I care, too--for the mix you always share here.
Your outdoors gives me a preview of what's soon to come my way.
Your indoors, the life you lead every day.
It's that combination, the way they fit (and sometimes, don't!) that I can relate to.

I think many bloggers may see reflections of themselves.

Jayne said...

You KNOW we love it and want to see more, more, more of Mary's View in her world. We love you and share your excitement about the beauty around you dear friend. :c)

Anonymous said...

Ramble away Mary. I'll be listening. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

TR Ryan said...

Our desire to share is common. One thing I have learned through all my travels and from experiencing a multitude of other cultures is that our need to create beauty, whether through words or image or both, is an inherently human desire that most of the planet shares and celebrates. Still, far too many suppress or disregard this desire out of fear or discomfort. So brava to you for expressing your divine humanity right here for all of us. It feels good when you do what you were designed to do!

NatureWoman said...

There'd be a bunch of us looking for you if you didn't blog, Mary!! Your pictures are absolutely fantastic, OMG. Such a wonderful sight for winter weary eyeballs.

Cicero Sings said...

What a great array of spring you've shown us today. Spring sure can make the heart sing. We had our first, REAL springlike day yesterday and I tell you I was silly and giddy ... ready to do a happy dance.

I think blogging forces one to look more closely at the world around one ... at least that's what it did for me. Plus, the exercise of writing up the entry helps one hone their writing skills. My D says blogging is worth it for our own info if for no one else's. But I must say, the last couple of months were demmed discouraging on the blog front. I've learned some very interesting things from some of my fellow bloggers! AND, who else could I share my pictures with?

Your own blog is very interesting and worth keeping up. A nice mix.

I too am glad you have quit smoking. It must be hard but keep up the good work! Walking is so good ... me Mither was a great walker, right up until she was 90. I attribute some of her longevity to her walking. Now that she is in a home, she only has the grounds to walk around. She is 94 soon to be 95.

Sherri said...

Great post today, Mary. I enjoy the photographic blogs as well as the text blogs -- and especially love yours because it is a good mixture of the two. I enjoy blogging and Facebook find the interaction with family and friends -- and here --complete stangers-- fascinating, educational, and rewarding. There is always room in my life for another interesting friend. :)

Love the blue bird and the pictures of the dogwoods.

Cheryl said... know we all love you.....the comments say it all.....

Beautiful bumble bee....glad that you have so many around you, lifts my spirit .....
I have lots of bumbles here to but not so many honey bees (sad)......

Glad you are feeling good....keep it up......

Cindie Ulreich said...

There are some blogs I go to every couple of days, hoping for a new photo or bit of writing. These bloggers have become my online friends, even though they don't know me. Some I lurk on, some I post a comment on occasionally...if they don't update their site for a couple of days, I go into a sort of withdrawal.

Why do we blog? I think for all of the reasons you mentioned. Keep blogging, Mary.

Anonymous said...

You are so many weeks ahead of us as far as spring. I think in about three weeks, the fruit trees will be blooming.

The weather has been so crappy here all winter and spring that I haven't been getting my after work walks in. Oi, my shooting gets behind and it's a struggle. But when it all goes right, I remember why I do it. I know what you mean, when you have something you want to share with people, you just cannot get the post up fast enough. Then I wonder if anyone will see it. Oi!

Unknown said...

Hopefully the freeze doesn't do too much damage to the buds. Aprils showers bring May flowers, but April freezes ... that's another story.

Wendy said...

I care too! I enjoy your blog and love your sense of humour. Pics are quite unique!
Blogging is sharing and I'm loving it.

Glad to hear you're out and walking. It's good for the soul (and the body, if you survive foot blisters, screaming muscles and cramps). LOL!
Happy Spring - your pics say it all.

Meg said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful photos. Amazing.

Minerva said...

Your photos are a bright spot in my day. Who cares? I do, and apparently lots of others!

Ruth said...

Such beautiful birds and flowers!!! Spring is all over your area and the pictures cheered me up. I would be outdoors all the time. We have 6 inches of snow on the ground :-(

jane augenstein said...

GREAT pictures Mary!!! The one of the close up of the bee, WOW! What eyes they have, love all your pictures and your wonderful stories!

Angie said...

What awesome photos and a wonderful post!! Yes, we DO care---and miss you when you don't blog. :)

gretchen said...

I care, I care, I care! Every heartfelt word and every gorgeous photograph you share is SO very appreciated, Mary.
love and hugs to you, gretchen

Unknown said...

Mary : This is a spectacular series. The first shot is a beautiful shot given the overcast skies. The series on the birds perched on those dogwood trees is awesome and finally the butterfly and the bee is just cool.

In summary a beautiful series.

Tina said...

Wonderful walking with all that you see in front of you and all that you see and say in your mind's eye..
it is difficult to find a group of people who understand loving nature..and wanting to photograph it and care for it..everyone is sooo busy..I was the same once..but with retirement..another story.
Love having the time to blog and read that of others...
a small snipet into another's world at my leisure to read and view!!
it can't get any better than that!!

Lovely pics, as usual, adorable little blue next to an art shape of blue..and those zebra striped butterfly pics..oh sooo nice!

Keep walking, keep thinking..keep posting.. I love getting my Mary's View fix..

what was that last bug..anyhow??

Anonymous said...

Your photos are lovely. When we moved back to NC after a decade in the Upper Midwest (which is not bluebird country) I saw a bluebird for the first time I could remember since I was a child and I burst into tears it was so lovely. Since then I've never been without a bluebird house.

Have you ever been to WingHaven?

mon@rch said...


Corey said...

Man, that bumble bee's eyes are freaking me out.

Are you monitoring the House Finch nest for NestWatch . . a good Citizen Scientist would be.

WORD VERIFICATION NIGHTMARE TODAY! Edit: Coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

Rose said...

Mary, We appreciate you, too! Your photos are always stunning--what a fantastic picture of the bumblebee!

I was listening to my usual radio newstalk show this morning, and they were joking about everyone who uses Facebook and Twitter, suggesting such people were essentially narcissistic. But I don't think that's necessarily the case, especially with blogging. Like you, nobody here cares very much about an opening bud or the praying mantises that were all over my garden last summer--well, they were amused by my picture of the two mating. Blogging provides me with a community of like-minded friends who understand my joys in nature as well as the frustrations in gardening. Sometimes I scold myself for spending so much time here, but hey, it's my hobby and it beats watching Law and Order re-runs:)

Susan Gets Native said...

Give me an "M"!
Give me an "A"!
Give me an "R"!
Give me a "Y"!

What's that spell?

What's that spell????

Who do we care about?

Crayons said...

Hi Mary,

What's this about quitting smoking? How exciting.

What a distinct pleasure to enter the world of your photos again. And it's not just the photos, it's the loving gaze of the photographer. It's the knowing technique. It's the super expensive camera.

I love the photo of the bluebirds. I'm a city girl, so I've never seen one in the flesh.

I'm excited to visit your blog regularly again. You are a very special person.

J.G. said...

You are so right about this! Seeing is fun. Sharing is even more fun. Sharing with people who are also excited about the first butterfly of spring is the best! (That would be me, among others.)

Julie Zickefoose said...

Sometimes you just want to know someone's out there. That's as good a reason as any to blog. I miss you bad when you're resting, Mare, even as I know you need it. Spring is a tough time to blog, with all the new yardwork to be done. As readers, we must always remember that this is something you're giving away for free, and you don't owe it to anyone. And it is beautiful!

Endment said...

Whatever you do - keep blogging
us lurkers wouldn't know what to do without having a chance to share spring with you-
Our spring is just beginning - so ...
We have to share with you.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.