Thursday, December 04, 2008

Brief Bird Update


They’re back. The birds are coming home again in small numbers. This round ball of feathers with a belly full of sunflower seeds gave me a one-eyed stare while I swept the back deck yesterday. I remembered the many times I accused Mourning Doves of being feeder hogs, so I felt I owed the cutie a snapshot. Yes, I’ve missed them.

Days are too short, giving me only about thirty minutes of outdoors with the birds and dogs in late afternoon shadows. I’m looking forward to the weekend to decorate the house, including two indoor tall Christmas trees - and dragging around a step ladder. Already, I'm preparing myself to be festive, to immerse myself in holiday spirit, because I'm determined to uphold my own tradition to feel the spirit during the first weekend in December. I already know what Christmas CD I'll be listening to for help. I'll take many breaks... I’ll lose track of time…when I need it…watching the birds.

It’s been a rough week. There’s so much to do. The stye that made me look like an alien is healing and I finished that PowerPoint slideshow yesterday. It’s my best one and I’d love to share some highlights of the Police Cadets in a future post.

The week is almost over. Whew!


Beth said...

Glad you're feeling better. Enjoy your weekend!


Mary said...

Thanks, Beth. When are you going to create a blog? :o)

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Corey said...

That's one fat dove! Good luck with the festive-ness.

jason said...

I'm thrilled to hear you're on the mend! Just in time for a nice bit of holiday fun this weekend with the decorating--and lots of breaks to enjoy some deserved rest and relaxation.

Your dove looks... Well, as Corey pointed out, your dove seems to be quite healthy (in the politically correct parlance). Glad to see the birds are starting to return.

Wendy said...

Doves are back already? Does that mean that winter is over??? I wish. Glad you are feeling better.
Enjoy your decorating weekend. I made shortbread today. First batch of Christmas baking of the season.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Piggies or not, I love MODO's. I think they're kind of sweet and gentle (and dumb!)

Which CD will you play? I'm cranking up Josh Groban on the Bose.

My word verification is "misters"

Kim said...

Glad you eye is better. You must feel so good being close to done w/ the PP presentation. Now you can enjoy the weekend and your birds!!

Love the mourning dove pic. He looks so handsome. Almost like he was posting for the camera.

Carol Michel said...

Yes, it's been a long week, even without having a sty! Good for you getting your PowerPoint presentation done!

I'll be putting up my indoor Christmas tree this weekend, too, probably with a holiday movie or two playing in the background.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I've seen a few doves but they're not coming to the patio like they did last year.

Glad your eye is getting better. I'm sure your presentation will be awesome!

BJ said...

Love this pic of the dove! I have never seen one of this color. A little red-feathered friend! The gray are the only ones I've ever seen. And I really love them. They are just so sweet & patient too.

Glad that you are on the mend Mary. And that the powerpoint slideshown came out well. Can't wait to see that.

Have a wonderful weekend decorating and getting into the holiday spirit! Hopefully I'll start the process too! I'm so behind this year.

Dog_geek said...

Glad the birds are coming back and te sty is leaving, and everything is returning to te way it should be.

I'd absoluetly love to see some of the cadet pics and catch up with Johnson!

A New England Life said...

I love the coo of a Mourning Dove. It will be sometime before I hear it again.

Glad your eye is better and the powerpoint came out well. Sometimes we work better under stress ; )


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have fun decorating this weekend Mary. It will be fun. Put on your favorite cd, keep the hot chocolate going and you can get lots accomplished.

We did that very thing today. It was fun yet tiring.

Anonymous said...

sigh. my birds are still holding grudges. so sad. I'm wondering if my feed went bad or something. I can't imagine why they won't come and eat. :(

beckie said...

Mary, glad your doing better. And I am sure the presentation is wonderful If it's anything like the pictures you have showed before of the trainees(?)I am sure we will enjoy it.

Doves here only eat what the other birds drop. I see them under the feeders aa lot and am grateful to them as that means fewer weeds to come up. Yours does look quite content!

I love to put on a rousing Christmas CD when I am wrapping presents. Happy holidays!

Jayne said...

Yay Mary! I knew they'd come back to see you! :c) Glad the stye is better...ouch. Have a beautiful day.

SaraG said...

What a pretty bird!!
I am going to do my holiday decorating this weekend!!
Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!

Donna said...

Great shot of that cute little mourning dove.

Have fun decorating this weekend, Mary! I'm doing the same.

Enjoy your day,

Cheryl said...

Glad that things are improving Mary......and have fun decorating the house.....

I love that birdie pic.......

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your eye is doing better- now PLEASE be careful on that step ladder as you decorate for Christmas this weekend!!
Love the Dove,
hugs, gretchen

RuthieJ said...

Have a good weekend and be careful on that stepladder!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Cute picture of the dove, Mary... Sounds like you've been BUSY!!!!! Now it's time to slow down and enjoy Christmas..

We just got home from Arkansas today --and had a wonderful vacation. But--I missed you and my blog friends.

Take care!!
P.S. Have you had anymore TURKEY yet??? ha ha ha

Mel said...

That dove looks chubby! hahaha, so cute...

Minerva said...

That's one puffed up dove. Usually, I see them in pairs. Was there another nearby? It's always nice to hear their "sad song" outside my window.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I am so happy you have the birds back! Soon the day light hours will grow longer and you will have a wee bit more light after work to play with dogs and take pictures of the birds.
Decorating is always fun. We had our lighting ceremony this evening. It is lots of work but worth it I think.
I am "finished" for this year. I say that but will still be making things. I think a felted Christmas tree would be so very nice with felted birds and felted bugs...I really never stop.

Annie in Austin said...

Your unnecessary feelings of guilt about mourning doves led to an awfully cute photo of one, Mary. I never see Mourning Doves at this house - just the White-winged doves, who think they own the place.

Glad you were able to persevere and get the PPoint of the cadets ready for history - and also glad your eye is better. Enjoy decorating!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Tina said...

Great shot of that rolly polly dove on those shingles. I admire your desire to jump into the Holiday spirit...a little holiday music certainly helps. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I would love to see those trees you decorated and definitely some pics of your power pt of the cadets! How nice. I bet you feel so proud after you shared that power point. I have helped to put together slide shows for high school sports awards banquets.