Thursday, February 28, 2008

A few random facts about me

A real scare on the laptop today…black monitor, live cursor, and the Dell wouldn’t turn off. Sick, sick, sick feeling. I moaned when I had to call the Dell Techie from New Delhi. I spent an hour on the phone, full of static, but I’m back in business. I cringe when they call me “Marry”. Add to that, a two-hour loss of cable TV, phone, and internet. I'm wired.

Now for the post.

I’m smitten with this wonderful world of blogging. I’ve received a number of “blogger” awards and stored them away in my notes but rarely talk about them. I should take the time to add them to my sidebar because I’m truly flattered and happy to receive them. Thanks to... well, you know who you are, and this is for you…


The memes! Too many. A post written by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, an organized gardener who churns out posts daily that inform and entertain, reminded me that it’s been almost a year since I participated in a meme. Why? Simply because there isn’t much to tell about myself. I’m an open book here, for the most part. But today, I’ll catch up and list some random facts about myself.

Religion and Politics. I won’t talk about either subject here. I usually withhold my opinions but will give them at the right time and place. Growing up in a home of political and religious debates as a child left me with some not-so-nice memories.

Cooking. I'd rather do something else. Over 50, who needs a three course meal after 6pm? What’s wrong with popcorn and a banana for dinner? If I’m hungry I can cook up good protein-rich and low fat meals, like a lean, mean stew and a great salad. I like yogurt for dinner.

Staying in touch. I don’t know how people in the military manage to stay in touch with dear friends. There are so many good friends in Maryland and Delaware that I have almost neglected for six years. I still miss them and need to reconnect more often. I’m not good at that.

Music. Eclectic. I sing and tap to everything from Janet Jackson and Boyz II Men to Beethoven, Enya, Country, and Lion King and Little Mermaid soundtracks. I swoon with Rhythm & Blues. Spent several years in the car with pre-teens and teenagers in the nineties: Dave Matthews, George Michael, Bare Naked Ladies, Robert Palmer. Love to dance to Prince. Love to dance, period. Hate rap.

Swimming. I floated my way out of a deadly riptide in Ocean City, Maryland once, in front of a crowd of 200,000 people pointing at me. Get the picture? Don’t know if I could save myself by swimming out of a riptide… As far as diving off a board, can’t to do it, but I love winging a cannonball. Never used a nose clip, but I’ve held my nose occasionally, especially on the high dive…takes my breath away.

Public Speaking. Conquered my fear late in life, around the age of 40. The dry mouth, hot cheeks, and butterfly stomach quickly diminished when I coaxed ninety disgruntled high school teachers to use in-house grade reporting. They whined and hated the idea of new technology. There was no need for a water bottle that day because their pitiful reactions got me fired up and helped me to forget how nervous I was. Now, I can talk a blue streak in front of anyone but don’t ask me to honor a retiree or good friend in front of a crowd. I’ll lose my voice and sink into a pathetic pool of tears.

Television. Don’t watch it since starting “the blog”. Exception: American Idol. Before the blog, I was a mindless, reality TV junkie. The Osbornes (yeah, my humor is a bit warped), Real World, Bachelor (ugh), AFV. Still adore classic movies, world news, Jeopardy, King of Queens, and does anybody not love Raymond?

You are all tagged.

Have I told you all how much I appreciate your visits here and entertaining, sweet comments? Oh, I do. My intent is to reply to everyone who visits me but I fail too often. I’ll try harder… A peace offering: what I saw today,







Yes. They are getting to know me ;-)


Ruth said...

There is nothing boring about you, Mary. I love your zest and passion for life. The sheep pasture is such a peaceful looking place. I drove around our whole county last year looking for sheep, but there were none to be seen.

Carol Michel said...

Oh what a wonderful post! The words, the pictures, the insight into "Mary", your very kind words about me and my blog. Thank you!

I've posted some random facts before, maybe I'll do it again soon, since you've tagged me.

And I love Raymond. I have all the episodes on DVD AND I'm watching an episode on TBS right now!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mary, I love to hear about you. I love your virve.

I think we all know it is difficult to respond to every comment. So many nice people and positive feedback.

I didn't watch much tv before blogging. I have not been painting as much since I started blogging. This disturbs me some. Life does not stand still. Not even for a blog.

thailandchani said...

I'd probably read many more books if I'd quit the blogging.

Politics and religion. Without those two topics, what in the world would I have to say?

Oh, gosh! :)

Anonymous said...

Mary . . I wish we could give you many more awards! It is nice to learn more about you and you always seem to find a way to make us smile! Well, then you have the computer . . big sad face! I know exactly how you felt!

NatureWoman said...

Awwwwww, what a sweet lamb!!!! Thank you so much for making my day, Mary! And I love the very beautiful blue sky you have there. Very wonderful photos, as always, Mary!

Cathy said...

Baby lambs? Geeze, Mare. Now how the h*** am I going to top that?!

Too, too sweet :0) And of course they're pleased to get to know you - just like us as you've shared some neat biographical details.

However. That bobbing out of the rip-tide - kinda freaks me.

I'm really impressed that you got over your fear of public speaking - but, yes - the tear attacks - I know those well.

RuthieJ said...

Oh, a baby lamb! You lucky girl! It looks so sunny and warm I'm jealous of your baby lamb AND your warm weather!

Thanks for sharing more about YOU, Mare, and the lovely photo of that Red-Tailed Hawk.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

It's nice to learn a bit about you, Mary! You're always coming up with such fun posts, and you deserve every award you receive.

Looks like we have like minds. I went to a farm today, too. Love your pictures!

Naturegirl said...

Hello Mary coming at you from New Mexico! Weather is high 70's!!
I saw so many calves with their mums out in the fields..all I saw was cattle and horsesas we drove through Texas!! I also saw so many Cooper haawks but we didn't stop to take photos..will wait until we arrive in AZ!Just want to pop in.
Hugs aNNa

kate said...

I enjoyed your random facts - we get to know each other over time don't we? You make me laugh regularly, just as you did calmly mentioning floating on a riptide. You amaze me!!

I'm with you on cooking - mostly because cooking for a 15-yr.-old boy means pretty basic food. Repetition seems to be key for him.

Thank goodness your computer woes were short-lived! And it's almost the weekend!

Granny Sue said...

Beautiful photos! I followed you here from Julie's blog because I enjoy your comments there.

We took out the TV and put in satellite internet (no DSL out here in the boonies). I'm happier blogging any day than tubing on the couch.

Unknown said...

Yea someone else who likes American Idol. It is my weekly TV viewing.

I got bored with cooking till Don and I decided to try new foods and dishes. Now it is not so bad.

I'm so glad you shared a bit more about you. You do make us smile.

Anonymous said...

Great post Mary!! It seems that the sheep are getting used to you now. Thanks for sharing some facts about you. And I love Raymond too but Robert is my favorite.


Cheryl said...

Loving the post as always...and its good getting to know you.
Our sheeps still havn't lambed and I hope they don't for a while. The weather is now wet and cold, although if its too bad they will take them into the barns to keep them warm. As soon as the lambs are there I will uploading them on my post. I go to the gate every day now to see if they will get used to me, they still don't like me. Must be something about my face!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lovely heart!
And thank you for those sheepy photos. I had a dream about sheep last night and here they are!

Mel said...

Hi Mary!
Great post as usual ;)
That calf is so cute!

Mary said...

Ruth, I enjoy watching them graze at sunrise every morning. I'd like to stop but the traffic won't let me.

Carol, I enjoy the Raymond reruns and will laugh just as hard each time.

Lisa, get those paint brushes going, girl.

Chani, you make me laugh. What WOULD you talk about? LOL!

Monarch, a black, lifeless computer screen is frightening! Thanks for your compliment.

Pam, I've never seen bluer skies that here in NC. It's amazing.

Cathy, by the time the lifeguards got to me, I was floating to safety :o) Since then, I haven't gone passed the breakers :o/

Ruthie, actually, it was 22 degrees when I took those photos. Cold here - warm for you, I guess.

Sandpiper, I could spend a whole day visiting roadside farms.

Anna, you must be enjoying the warmth and sunshine. You deserve a nice long vacation!

Kate, 15-year old boys... My brother, at his age, would eat four hotdogs as a snack before dinner :o/

Granny Sue, Welcome! I could do without TV fine but my husband would need to camp out at an appliance store every night.

Toni, if my husband would agree to different dishes, I'd be happy to try new things. He's too much of a creature of habit when it comes to food.

Angie, now that you mentioned Robert, I think I enjoy him more than Raymond. The whole show is loaded with great characters.

Cheryl, they might know me after a while, but they still don't like me, either :o)

Anne, the heart on the lilypad is one of my top ten best. I've posted it twice.

KGMom said...

Awww-love the lamb and momma.
So, how did you get your computer to come back to life. As you know, I hooked up an external monitor.
I have yet to call my computer store--since I can at least work with it. But it IS supposed to be a laptop and portable. With a screen hooked to it, it's not that.

Mary said...

Donna, I learned how to shut down the computer when it refused to - even after completely unhooking it from power and bluetooth, etc. - the mouse was still live. I held down the key "Fn" while holding down the power button for 5-10 seconds. It forced the computer to shut down. After turning it on, I was back in business but Dell ran diagnostic tests. He did not give me a reason for the problem but I think it just froze up!

Jayne said...

Awwww Mary... love those photos. :c) And love you too. So nice to know you are as real as we all knew you were. Have a beautiful weekend dear friend.

Susan said...

Love the sheep and lamb! Showing my age here - I loved Shari Lewis and Lambchop when I was little.

Susan Gets Native said...

And why hasn't anyone sang,
"Mary had a little lamb.....whose fleece was white as snow" ?

Chrissie said...

Lambs :-) Definitely a sign of spring!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
March looks as if she is coming to you like a lamb! Maybe she will leave with thundershowers.
I love the area of the country you live in. So many delights, blue, blue sky! Wow!
Thank you for telling us a little bit more about you. I enjoy reading your memes, even though you do not do them very often. You deserve every award. You are a delight to know.
Always I enjoy your photos and your friendship.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

That was a fun post, Mary. I love the lamb pictures!

I don't watch TV either and my blog is just a hobby blog so I try not to discuss things that might be offensive to anyone, including politics and religion.

dguzman said...

Oh Mary your lamb pics almost made me cry! So sweet!

Larry said...

I ignore the rule about religion and politics-I think that they're too interesting not to talk about.